How To Ship A Mattress In India

Whether you are planning to shift from a new city or planning to post your mattress to another location, in both cases you might wonder how to do this. Surely, this thought may be perplexing if you are looking to shift your mattress. Packing off your mattress across the country is not as easy as sending out delivery to your relatives. 

When it comes to shipping such a heavy and large consignment from one place to another, there’s usually a lot of hassle involved. Moreover, you’ll also have to pay more to get it shifted to a different location. The cost and logistics can be a concern for anyone seeking this option. 

Mattresses are more difficult and expensive to ship than the majority of other things due to their size and weight, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be done. You can transport your mattress from point A to point B securely with the appropriate planning and procedures.

However, it is advisable to ship mattresses when the cost of the shifting is less than the worth of a new mattress. Let’s say you want to send your mattress at 8K from New Delhi to Chennai, Tamil Nadu. When the cost of shipping your mattress exceeds the cost of the mattress itself, it is best that you get a new bed rather than sending out the cash for shipping. You can easily find an affordable mattress in this range from here

In case you still want to go ahead with the process, then we have got you covered. With so many delivery partners available these days at your fingertips, it won’t be difficult to get your mattress shipped. In fact, you don’t even have to leave your home to get your mattress shifted in a limited time frame. 

What are the few things that you need to consider when you want to ship your mattress? Here’s a lowdown on what you need to do in this case. 

Why should consider shifting your mattress? 

First, you need to analyze whether shifting your mattress is a wise decision for you. If you have invested a lot in your mattress or it is a brand new one that you don’t give up yet, then you can consider this option.

Perform your research and ascertain how much shipping will cost in your particular circumstance. Accurately assess whether you should move forward with shipment once you have a specific figure in your mind. Here are some pointers that you would like to consider:

1. Urgency of the consignment

Figure out the urgency of the consignment that you want to deliver. Do you need express delivery for the consignment? Recognize the pressing need for this delivery and decide what is more practical for you.

2. The lifespan of your mattress

How long has your mattress been in use? Remember that, depending on how they are constructed, most mattresses last up to 10 years. If your mattress is already a few years old, it might not be worth the investment to ship it for even Rs. 5000. The same is true if there is obvious evidence of wear and tear on the mattress.

3. The cost of your mattress

How much did you pay for the mattress? What will that cost if you sell it as a preowned item? If you had splurged on a luxurious bed, in that case you would want to stick with the mattress. 

4. The cost of a new mattress

It might be a more affordable option for you to replace the mattress at home rather than shipping it. This might answer your dilemma about whether to deliver the mattress or not. It doesn’t make sense to ship your old mattress if you can buy a new one online for a reasonable price and with free shipping if you decide it’s time for a new one. Find some affordable options here. You can get great deals if you are thinking about a new purchase. 

Examine the cost of delivery 

The cost of your delivery can vary depending on the size of your product, the distance of transportation, the mode of delivery, and the service providers. The price of your shipping can increase or decrease based on the following factors: 

  • What is the distance from the location of the mattress to the destination?
  • What are mattress dimensions?
  • Consider the mattress’s measurements
  • How soon it needs to reach the destination
  • How will your mattress be packaged for delivery? 
  • Insurance cover on the delivery

Step-by-step process of delivering the mattress: 

1. Choose a reliable delivery service

This is one of the most important steps in this process, depending on your preference and budget you have to choose a reliable service provider. Do go through all the instructions provided on their website to know the nitty-gritty details to make it an easier process. 

2. Pack the mattress

It’s great if your service providers include the packaging of the product. Otherwise, you can pack it some help your friends and family members. To safeguard the mattress before putting it in a box, add an extra layer. Use a mattress protector to keep your mattress safe and prevent wear and tear. Bubble wrap or plastic wrap further to ensure safety. As the last step, put your mattress in a box and secure it with tapes. 

3. Plan the pickup and drop-off

Plan the pickup and delivery based on your convenience. In case, the delivery service offers to pick up the product, schedule the pick up at a suitable time. Also, make sure to clear the space to make way for the product to be moved out easily. 

Hope this article helps you in shipping your mattress from one place to another. If you need any other information about this topic. Do let us know in the comments.