care of mattress

How to take care of mattress?

Like any other product, a soft sprung mattress or a foam bed mattress depreciates and loses elasticity. Its capacity to give spine support decreases with time. Like your car and house, your mattress also needs regular maintenance. It is not too time taking or expensive.

No matter the quality of the mattress, regular and heavy use will lead to wear and tear. Moreover, your mattress will accumulate dust, dead skin, and even trapped sweat with prolonged use. For better mattress longevity, you must take proper care of it. 

So, here are some easy maintenance tips to care for your mattress in its prime condition. Read along to uncover the secrets to using your mattress over its lifespan and saving money. But first, you must understand the importance of mattress maintenance to know what can happen if you don’t maintain it properly.

Why should you clean your mattress?

Although your mattress won’t usually create any problems without the slightest care, you must take steps to clean and prime it. Here’s why –

You might be sleeping on a pile of bacteria

You spend at least 7-8 hours on your foam bed mattress every night. This is almost one-third of your life in your bed. Over time, your mattress collects all the dead skin, oils from your body and bedtime lotions. Sounds yucky, right? It doesn’t get over here. 

Dust mites will feed on them, and soon, you will sleep on a pile of microorganisms invisible to the naked eye. Moreover, these organisms release their excretions into your bed. You can now imagine that not cleaning and maintaining your mattress can harm your body more than your bank account.

Chances of allergies will increase

If you are prone to allergies, sleeping on an unclean mattress will aggravate them. A dirty or old bed will cause a runny nose, watery eyes, and even sinuses. You might also start developing skin rashes, infections and acne. 

Even new mattresses can have dust mites within the first few months. You cannot buy a new mattress every year. Hence, it is wise and safe to regularly clean your soft sprung mattress or firm mattress for back pain queen and keep it bacteria-free.

Chronic body pain

You bought a new mattress but back still hurtsWith time, mattresses begin to sag in the middle or at the places you regularly sleep on. When you keep sleeping on that depression, you will develop body pain, especially in the lower back. 

Spine experts say this condition is the perfect formula for chronic back pain. Further, your pain will progress, and you will no longer be able to sleep soundly because of both the sagging and the pain. 

A vicious cycle forms, and the only way to solve it is by popping pills. Who wants to do that? Hence, look for the best mattress for spinal stenosis and nip the problem in the bud by taking good care of your mattress.

 Steps to take care of your mattress

These are a few simple steps that you can employ to maintain your mattress for better sleep quality and health. 

Regularly flip and rotate your mattress 

Sleeping on the same mattress creates pressure on the coils and foam inside the mattress. They lose their tension, and soon you will see a massive depression if you are heavily built. Hence, it’s best to flip your mattress every six months and rotate it after completing the next six months. 

This allows the mattress to expand and relax to its neutral position without damaging the insides. 

Use a protective mattress pad

Invest in a washable mattress pad. This pad is a barrier between dust, your body sweat and the mattress. You can either buy a cotton or memory foam mattress pad. Both of them have slightly different benefits. However, the cotton one is easily washable. 

Further, these pads provide extra comfort, and you can skip vacuuming sometimes. For the best buy, go for water-resistant mattress pads, especially if you have children.  

Vacuuming the mattress 

Your mattress tends to collect and absorb dust and dirt from the atmosphere and your body. If you are prone to dust allergies, you must vacuum your foam bed mattress every 2-3 months. If you are a sucker for cleanliness, you can do it once a week. 

You don’t have to spend lots of money. A hand-held vacuum will do the trick. 

Some quick tricks to ensure the quality of your mattress

  • Buy fitting sheets – Buy bed sheets that do not touch the floor. Bugs can crawl up the bed sheet and reach the mattress in no time.  
  • Use a stain cleaner – You can use any stain cleaner to remove stains or spills on your mattress. This comes in handy if your kids are prone to wetting the bed. Read the instructions carefully because you should not use more than the permitted dose.
  • Leave your mattress empty – When it’s vacation time, it’s bed sheet removal time. Leave your mattress without any sheets for air circulation. It also removes any odour by the time you come back.

Pro-tip: Avoid drinking and eating on your mattress. Further, do not use dry chemicals to remove stains because they can damage the mattress material. Finally, do not fold your mattress ever! 

Which mattress should you buy for back pain?

Are you sleeping on hard mattress? This might cause you pain in the long run. On a similar note, you must have gotten a new mattress but back still hurts .In this case, the best mattress for spinal stenosis is a thick floor mattress or a soft gel foam mattress.

Factors to consider while buying a mattress

  • Check prices – You can look up king-size mattress size, Dunlop mattress price for bed mattress best prices. Check for mattress quality and price before purchasing.
  • Mattress for back pain – If sleeping on hard mattress is causing you and your kids’ difficulty, go for a firm mattress for back pain queen
  • Foldable mattresses – If you live in small-sized apartments, buy the best foldable mattress that is also a single soft memory foam mattress.

Wrapping Up

Although a mattress looks like a simple box of cushions to sleep on, it comes with responsibilities. You have to take care of it so it can take care of you. It is essential to follow the Don’ts more than the Dos.

Further, you must buy a thick floor mattress or soft gel foam mattress for a cosy sleep. You will find the bed mattress best prices on Livpure’s website. If you have kids sharing a room, you can buy the best foldable mattress for sleepovers.

Finally, manufacturers recommend avoiding jumping or standing on mattresses to prevent damage to the coil/spring. It’s a mood spoiler, but it’s practical advice. However, if you don’t like saying no to kids, you might have to replace your mattress sooner.