How your mattress affects your work performance

How your mattress affects your work performance

Sleep- it’s something we all love and want, yet we don’t always have it. Too many folks either don’t get enough sleep or don’t get quality sleep. And if your career depends on focus and productivity, your lack of sleep may be holding you back, professionally. There can be many reasons you are not sleeping properly-  bad bed or mattress, depression, stress, etc. Let’s explore some more regarding the topic in discussion. 

The Relationship Between Sleep and Productivity

In the past few years, successful organizations have finally begun to view sleep deprivation for what it is- a productivity killer and employee health issue. As a result, they’re actively pursuing ways to softly encourage their workers in the right direction. A growing awareness of the hazards of sleep deprivation on health-  and so, its impact on insurance costs and worker productivity- is prompting companies to undertake to boost their employees’ rest. Some companies have even brought in sleep experts. Still, businesses care for the idea of statistics and facts, not feelings.

Until Harvard released a study in 2020 on the connection between sleep deprivation and work productivity, smaller businesses and firms that lacked healthy budgets weren’t doing much to deal with the matter. The Harvard research study found that, for the typical worker, insomnia results in the loss of 11.3 days’ worth of productivity each year. That’s the equivalent of $2,280. For the countless professionals that suffer from a scarcity of sleep, this lost productivity could mean the difference between landing that big promotion and mindlessly stumbling through your career without enjoying steadily upward mobility.

Unless that’s something you’re okay with, you will have to actively seek ways to attain better sleep.

A new mattress results in less stress

A 2009 survey found a large difference between sleeping on an old mattress and a brand new one. First, subjects slept for 28 consecutive nights on their regular mattresses, then another 28 nights on new, medium-firm mattresses. Later they were asked to gauge their stress levels and supported a range of things including worry, racing thoughts, nervousness, irritability, headaches, and trembling. The new beds resulted in a significant decrease in stress, consistent with the study, which sleep scientists posited was possible thanks to the related increase in sleep quality and reduction in pain related to the firmer setup.

That stress directly affects performance at work and within the boardroom. Those who sleep more are scientifically proven to possess better emotional responses, work more efficiently, and are ready to better remember new techniques and learned materials. Meaning that if you’re cutting it short with yourself with a foul mattress, you’re going into work with one hand tied behind your back. Not only is that a dumb thing to try and do to yourself, but it’s also ultimately a really easy fix. And with mattresses now more cost-effective than ever before, it looks like a no brainer to be going into your meetings, refreshed, recharged, and willing to satisfy any challenges with a brain that’s as sharp as your mattress is comfy.

Keep your bed and mattress space sacred

The temptation then is to utilize your mattress time as yet again to answer emails, work from home, do freelance work, or perhaps land up something that you simply should have left within the office. Resist that temptation! It’s so important to stay at that point in your bed exclusively for sleeping. Besides the fact that there are all types of research that after you train your brain to try other stuff in bed that keeps you awake, there’s also the thought that blue-light is the absolute worst enemy of the potential sleeper.

When you get a brand new mattress for your bed, it’s a change in the way you view sleeping. You may not even realize without delay what proportion it’s affecting your work, but you actually will the instant you lie on a brand new, replacement one. If you’re even questioning if your mattress is just too old and affecting your performance and sleep, then it’s a decent idea to grab a replacement one. It’s never been easier, and also the results will certainly represent themselves. Get to it, sleep well, work better, feel fulfilled.

What kind of mattresses will improve your performance at work?

Add some inches to your mattress to climb some inches on the ladder at work. With an 8-inch mattress from Livpure- Regal, you would not only feel like you are sleeping on the clouds, but you will also wake up happier, refreshed and ready to conquer the world. It’s a memory foam mattress and a latex mattress wrapped in one, with cooling gel technology to keep you chilling all night. If you are not all about the inches, try a 6-inch memory foam mattress- Ortho-x, which is about keeping your body cradling all night with maximum back support. It is the best deal for people with back problems and body aches. 

We understand if you are all about simplicity, and we support your choice with our 5-inch mattress- Vital. It gives you the best of both worlds with one side having a high resilience foam layer and a medium soft foam on the other side. You can switch between the two whenever you feel like it in the most cost-effective way possible. The size doesn’t matter in this case, with the 5-inch mattress giving you the most performance-enhancing sleep possible. 

Don’t skimp on sleep anymore

It’s important to notice that your sleep needs will change over time, as well. Even as infants, toddlers, and teenagers all demand different sleep schedules and durations, so do adults. As you age, you’ll find that your body performs differently. You would possibly need more sleep, less sleep, or perhaps a nap or two within the middle of the day to hold you through. Listen to the signs your body gives you and don’t be afraid to form adjustments. Sleep and productivity are directly intertwined. You can’t expect to enjoy the latter without committing to an appropriate amount of uninterrupted rest on a daily basis.