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Is It Safe to Buy Water Purifiers Online in India?

Yes, it is safe to buy a water purifier from an online marketplace. They not only bless you with infinite varieties but also offer perks like EMI, exchange, return etc. A detailed description of features is icing on the cake, even better than the explanations of a salesperson.

The necessity for water purifiers is growing by the day. This hike is influenced by numerous factors, a few of which are explained below.

The need for water purifiers

A fundamental human right is access to pure, clean, and safe drinking water. However, in light of the widespread contamination of water bodies and reservoirs, it now seems a luxury. The process has been made worse by a growing population and environmental damage.

We are in a nation where the majority of the water that surrounds us is contaminated. This is the scenario even when water gushes from seemingly safe sources like pipelines and tube wells. 

Therefore, it is more important than ever to be informed of the purifying methods used in water purifiers. Let’s look at the ‘must-have features in a water purifier before homing one in.

1. Small yet strong

water purifier should go in with your modern kitchen as an appliance. Therefore, it should have a simple look without sacrificing technology.

If you’re searching for the safest water purifier in India, you might consider a model with an LED panel. It should also have an automatic on/off switch, bright indicators, and other cutting-edge features.

Additionally, long life is guaranteed if your machine filter is constructed from premium materials like ABS plastic.

2. Dual electric mode

RO water purifiers, for example, remove dissolved solids (TDS), which soften hard water. However, UV-based water filters kill microorganisms.

You have nothing less than the most incredible models available for you because brands are working feverishly to include fresh features. The technology on the bridge exposes a wide range of features, such as independence from the source of energy. So, even in the event of a power outage, your safe water purifier will continue to function without any hindrance.

These types are appropriate for places that experience frequent power outages. As a result, they keep providing you with a steady stream of pure, hygienic water.

3. Worth the money

When looking for the best water purifier for home use, one crucial factor is whether it fits your wallet. Fortunately, water purifiers are designed to accommodate a broad spectrum of clients. They are available in affordable and practical alternatives to luxurious versions.

Manufacturers like Livpure provide some of the most economical water purifiers to provide instant safe drinking water for consumption.

Livpure safe water purifier is one of the safest and most affordable options for middle and upper-middle-class families.

4. Evil elements

Contamination in your ordinary piped water is inescapable when contaminants enter our water bodies unrestrained.

Some of the typical pollutants in water include bacteria, nitrate, dissolved pesticides, and lead. To ensure that your water source is free of toxins and bacteria, you need to install a RO+UV+UF filtering system.

The UV action kills all viruses and microorganisms in household waters by incinerating them. It also penetrates within their cells and diminishes their capacity to multiply. In order to make water safe for consumption, the RO membrane filters out these dead pathogens and pollutants.

5. Investigating the water source

RO filtration is only necessary when the water reaching your house or workplace contains a high level of Total Dissolved Solids (TDS). Typically, concerns are raised when their range surpasses 550 PPM.

The Bureau of Indian Standards states that the highest TDS level for safe water consumption is 500 PPM.

To ensure clean drinking water, you must buy a RO water filter if the TDS level exceeds 500 PPM. It is crucial to keep in mind that a RO purifier will only serve to lower the TDS further if your water supply already has a low level.

You will then receive filtered water that is devoid of vital minerals. Minerals like magnesium and calcium are crucial for our body and well-being. These are the minerals that our organs demand optimal functioning.

6. Hassling over the options

You have alternatives to RO water purifiers if the TDS level in your water supply is already minimal. Affordable gravity-based water purifiers are simple to purchase. These water filters are excellent for eliminating dust, cysts, bacteria, and chlorine from water.

The filters that come with gravity water purifiers are numerous. Ultra-fine filters (UF) and activated carbon are the two basic filters. A gravity-based water purifier may be your best investment. This is the case when you have access to flowing water because the likelihood of mixing inorganic substances like arsenic is significantly decreased.

7. Save water, save life

We must cut down on water waste as much as possible in light of India’s imminent water crisis. For every litre of cleaned water produced by an RO purifier, roughly 3 litres of water is wasted. 75% of the water is discharged as sewage, and just 25% of the water is cleansed.

Your purifier produces more wastewater if the TDS of the water it cleanses is very low (below 150). As mentioned above, if the TDS in household water is already extremely minimal, you shouldn’t buy an RO filter.

In addition to increasing water waste, a deficient TDS level is harmful to health since it lacks vital minerals. Not only would raising the TDS to improve the quality of the water for drinking, but it will also decrease waste. Purchase a water purifier with a TDS controller knob, so you have the option of raising the TDS level.

Before bidding bye

Consider a few aspects that might make your plan successful before heading out to purchase an India-safe purifier.

Consequently, a UV water purifier needs to be cost-effective, sturdy, and provide long-lasting functionality. Additionally, it gives you access to clean, safe water so that your family may stay healthy. Moreover, you could wish to verify the warranty as the majority of products have had it for a few years.

A small investment in a home water filter may significantly impact your family’s safety and well-being. Moreover, you can shop for water purifier online from the extensive stores of Livpure. You can get the finest water purifier right now without any hidden fees or limitations and pay for it in flexible instalments.