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Is sleeping on the floor better than a mattress?

Floor sleeping isn’t a new concept. Everywhere around the world, people have been sleeping on the floor for thousands of years. It was only in the 20th century that mattresses became popular among people. 

Even with so much raving, many people still prefer to find slumber on the floor. For some, the reason is no back pain; for others, it’s comfort. However, a few people consider it to be a more affordable option. Besides, minimalist living also pushes people to eliminate beds and use the best floor mattress.

However, before you make a choice, how about you delve below –  

Floor Vs. Mattress 

While sleeping on bed mattresses is the most common way of sleeping, many people believe that sleeping on a foam floor mattress provides them with a better quality of sleep, improves posture and reduces pains in the back and spine. However, little evidence backs the theory that sleeping on the floor is better than a bed. 

So, to clear your doubt and confusion, below is a comparison to help you further make an informed decision.  

1. Which is good for back pain? 

While there isn’t scientific evidence that proving floor sleeping is healthier, some people suggest that the floor’s rigidity keeps their spine aligned, relieving shoulder tension and minimizing back pain. 

However, this argument is more prevalent when comparing floor sleeping with a soft sleeping mattress. Soft beds don’t offer your back the support it needs causing your spine to curve, leading to back pain. Whereas medium-firm mattresses come with enough research to provide ample support for spinal alignment, reducing back pain. 

Besides, no cushioning around pressure points on the body – tailbones, shoulder blades, hips, or back of the head – causes enhanced pressure and uneasiness when you sleep on the floor. Even if you place a mattress on the floor, it fails to provide the firmness of a bed. 

So, the clear winner, in this case, is the bed mattress. 

2. Which one is better for posture? 

There is a pretty strong possibility that sleeping on the floor might improve posture if you use a memory foam floor mattress. It is because the floor keeps your spine straight, thus enhancing posture.  

What’s more beneficial is that with a good posture, you can decrease your chances of scoliosis, migraines and headaches, joint pain, and tension in the shoulder and neck. On the other hand, good posture is something you can also get from hard or medium-firm beds since they keep your back in position. 

So, there is no clear winner here. 

3. Which is cooler in temperature?

One aspect that people can be confident of is that sleeping on the floor is often cooler. People whose temperature increases at night on a mattress would be better suited on the ground that is a few degrees cooler. 

However, advanced technologies have made it possible for mattresses to be designed with perforations to control temperature. But they could be a little expensive for most people to buy. 

So, floor sleeping takes the cake here!

4. Which keeps allergies away?

The floor shares close proximity with dust and dirt than other areas of your home, exposing you to allergens. As such, if you are prone to allergic reactions, you might find an increase in the following symptoms:

  • Sneezing and runny noses 
  • Rashes, itching, and watery eyes 
  • Wheezing or difficulty in breathing 

That being said, it is strongly advised that you regularly clean the surface if you intend to sleep on the floor, even with the best floor mattress for back pain. Additionally, keep in mind that having a floor mattress could make you more vulnerable to bedbug infestation. Make your floor mattress single or double slightly lifted from the floor to decrease it.

The majority of mattresses, including those made of memory foam or natural latex, are hypoallergenic and keep dust and dirt away from your bed.

5. Which is the most affordable choice?

Of course, sleeping on the floor is more affordable as opposed to a bed mattress. You don’t have to spend cash purchasing a bed frame or a solid foundation for your mattress. Instead, you can buy a mat, bed floor mattress or foldable floor mattress, pillow and blanket – to be ready for your slumber. Moreover, you also have a portable floor mattress that can quickly move from one place to another.

However, in the long run, without having a thick floor mattress with a strong frame, you will be at risk of back pain, uneven posture and exposure to dirt and mites. 

So, you must be ready to spend your saved cash on long hospital bills. 

Who Should Not Sleep on the Floor?

While some people sing the praises of sleeping on the floor, it is not recommended for every person to discard the mattress and start dreaming on the ground. 

Let’s highlight those folks for whom the floor is a recipe for disaster. 

  • Pregnant women or new mothers: No rock-solid evidence suggests sleeping on the floor for a pregnant woman is terrible. However, it is harder to get down and up again, even if you have the best floor mattress.
  • Older age group: With time, the bones and immune system of the human body grow weaker. As such, elderly people are at significant risk regarding floor sleeping from cold surfaces and dust mites. 
  • Limited Mobility: People with limited mobility will find it difficult to lie on the floor and get back up. 
  • Blood Circulation: Cooler temperature on the floor is a calling for trouble for those who suffer from blood circulation issues like Diabetes and Anaemia. 
  • Side Sleepers: Hard floors are not recommended to side sleepers because of poor spinal alignment and pressure build-up on the shoulders and hips. 

Ditch the Floor Sleeping with a Firm Floor Mattress Foundation 

If you want to relish the benefits of sleeping on the floor without worrying about the cold, dusty ground, it is recommended that you try the Livepure best floor mattress or the most comfortable floor mattress. The company prides itself on providing you with the best sleeping mattress.

Multi-Purpose Mattress for Bed or Floor is the best Japanese floor mattress provided by Livpure that gives your bedroom a minimalist makeover. To give you the utmost comfort and support, it has three layers of foam: memory, PU, and HR. However, you should also use a foundation or bed frame if you want a firmer surface and less dirt exposure.

The benefits of sleeping on the floor are real, but they are not backed up by research. However, a lot of people choose to sleep on the ground. To ensure their safety, those with ongoing medical issues or other conditions should speak with a doctor.

Therefore, some people do well sleeping on the floor while others do not. So, try everything and choose the best way of sleeping for you, but always keep the precautions in mind.

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