Is Your Smartphone Affecting Your Sleep – Can You Enjoy Both

Is Your Smartphone Affecting Your Sleep – Can You Enjoy Both?

It’s been a long and hectic day. You get back home from work eager to enjoy some respite from the world’s stresses. However, despite getting to bed early, you find yourself scrolling through your phone or watching a movie or web series you never meant to in the first place. Now it’s 2 AM, and you wonder if you’ll make up for the lost time. Your phone can easily sabotage your sleep even with a cosy ambience and the best mattress. But is there a way to enjoy both? This guide discusses all about it. 

Reasons to Banish Your Phone from Your Bed 

The significance of a mattress in imparting good, deep sleep can never be overstated. Even so, you may not drift off to Slumberland on time (or at all) if you allow your smartphone to be by your side through the night. Listed below are some reasons why. 

1. Smartphones Keep Your Mind Engaged 

Before your head hits the pillow and your body sinks into a plush and comfortable mattress, the last thing your brain needs is more stimulation or activity. However, this becomes impossible when you check your phone before sleep.

Your brain wakes up and delays sleep. The case becomes worse if you check social media or respond to a few work emails at this hour. Even thinking about your phone or worrying whether it will hold up the charge till the morning can trigger the same alertness. 

2. The Blue Light Technology Hurts 

Smartphone screens emit a subtle blue light which, though it may not hurt during the day, can cause sleep issues during the night. How? This light mimics daylight and makes your mind alert. Though this is good for the day, it can have the opposite effect at an hour when you should be winding down and resting. 

The human body works based on an internal clock or the circadian rhythm. This bodily rhythm is tuned to light and darkness. This is precisely why you start feeling more lethargic post-sunset compared to early morning. 

Why throw your body off balance unnecessarily, right? Maximise the benefits of mattress by keeping your phone away during the night. 

3. Disturbing Content That Evokes Strong Emotions 

Before bedtime, the mind should be relaxed and free of intense emotions. Unfortunately, engaging with your smartphone at a late hour can disturb your inner peace. 

Discovering content that makes you upset or causes anxiety is not uncommon on social media. Such emotions further delay sleep or can leave you tossing and turning through the night, throwing off the advantages of a mattress you could otherwise avail. 

How Long Before Bed Should the Phone Go Away?

In any case, a smartphone uses an hour or two before bed is not recommended. It’s wise to establish a bedtime routine that works best for you and stick to it. 

Try to complete all phone-related tasks for the day an hour or two before bedtime and prepare yourself for a peaceful retreat. This could include creating a cosy bedroom ambience, taking part in a relaxing activity like a warm bath, or using blue-light filtering glasses if avoiding your phone altogether is not a practical choice. 

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The Livpure Collection That Guarantees Good Sleep 

Livpure mattresses are designed using the power of both nature and technology. They take care of unique sleep requirements to ensure you enjoy stress-free sleep before starting a new day. Browse through the sleep-inducing mattress collection. 

1. The Livpure Naturale

The Livpure Naturale is an ayurvedic mattress that combines the benefits of memory foam mattress. Being an India-first kind, this sleep bed is made of non-toxic, chemical-free, natural latex foam infused with sandalwood and lavender to keep dust mites and bacteria at bay. 

This Livpure foam mattress comes with an outer herb-infused excel fabric cover, a pure cotton inner cover, then a natural memory foam layer followed by natural latex having pin cores, all sitting on an anti-skid base. 

The mattress’ journey from farm to foam makes it ideal for enjoying deep sleep without the fear of sagging, even after prolonged use. 

2. The Livpure Jeeva 

The Jeeva is the Livpure best latex mattress powered by the healing nature of 16 handpicked biocrystals. The mattress comes infused with citrus essence to keep allergens at bay. A natural and breathable cotton fabric cover is provided that keeps your body cool through the night. The latex’s elasticity maintains proper spinal alignment, and the pin core structure enhances breathability. 

3. The Livpure Ortho-X 

For everyone who suffers from chronic joint and back aches, the Livpure Ortho-X offers the ideal firmness. Being a memory foam orthopaedic mattress, it contours well to your body, relieving pressure points for sound sleep. 

Offering the ideal back support, this mattress also limits motion transfer significantly. Each variant comes with a breathable outer fabric that is hypoallergenic and skin-friendly. You need not look further than this Livpure sleep mattress for robust spinal support. 

The Livpure Regal 

When you purchase the Livpure regal mattress online, you get the best natural latex and memory foam. This mattress offers superior comfort and is suitable for chronic back and joint issues. It also comes with a Kooltex outer fabric that keeps you cool and feels soft against your skin, ideal for summer nights. 

Besides these, you can also enjoy the premium comfort offered by the Livpure smart mattress, which is reversible and allows you to select the ideal support level. Its 3D mesh construction is designed to provide calm, relaxed sleep. 

Let Livpure Improve Your Sleep Quality!

All electronic devices, especially smartphones, can significantly affect sleep quality. So, to enjoy sound sleep, you must banish them from your presence an hour or two before bedtime. 

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