Lumbar Mattress: Is It Really Worth the Price?

What is one of the most common problems related to sleeping other than insomnia? It’s lower back pain and can start as early as adulthood and last well into old age. While it might be brought on by poor sleeping habits or posture, your mattress might also be a factor.

A top-notch lumbar mattress can alleviate lower back pain caused by your mattress. While you sleep, these mattresses support your spine and your entire body. A lumbar mattress with layered support for spine alignment can stop the onset of lower back pain, whether you sleep on your side or on your front.

Livpure sleep products with lumbar support can help alleviate or reduce existing back pain to a great extent. 

What Is Lumbar Pain? 

Lumbar pain, to put it simply, is lower back pain. However, you must first comprehend the lumbar region in order to comprehend the depth of this area of your body. This will aid you in choosing an excellent lumbar mattress and other important decisions that will support your lower back.

The five vertebrae in your lower back make up your lumbar spine. This spine supports your weight, safeguards the spinal cord, and enable fast movement of your body. All three areas—weight, spine, and range of motion—will be impacted if your lumbar region does not receive adequate support.

Consequently, you will develop issues like lower back pain and many more. Since we spend 1/3rd of our life in bed, finding an excellent supportive mattress-like mattress livpure is key to living a pain-free life.

How Does A Mattress Lead To Lower Back Pain?

The cause of lower back pain results from sleeping positions, sitting positions and various lifestyle factors. One of these is a mattress that lacks to support your lumbar or lower back spine.

One of the common conditions that may arise due to a poorly supporting mattress is lumbar or lower back pain. Hence, sleep experts around the world have weighed in on ways to ease the discomfort. 

They have developed lumbar mattresses with built-in technologies like sleep zones to provide spine support while sleeping. A Livpure foam mattress with lumbar support helps relieve lower back pain to a great extent.

Know about lumbar mattress

Do you need a lumbar mattress? The answer is yes. It doesn’t matter whether you have back pain or not. All human bodies have natural curvature, hence everyone can use a lumbar mattress. 

If there is a gap between the mattress and your lower back, you will suffer from lower back pain sooner or later. A lumbar mattress is specially designed to support your lower back while sleeping. 

It helps promote good sleep posture by simply contouring the body shape while sleeping. In simple terms, it fills the gap between the lumbar spine and mattress so that your natural body curve has 100% support.

Qualities Of A Good Lumbar Mattress

A mattress should adapt to body curvature while remaining flat for the rest of the body. Some other qualities include the following-

  • A pleasant spring action
  • Uniform body support
  • Good ventilation
  • Material – Not too warm or too cold. 

These qualities significantly influence the spine’s natural configuration during sleep. For example – if you sleep sideways on a hard mattress, only your shoulders and hip are supported, and the spine bends downward.

On the other hand, your hip and shoulders will sink on a soft mattress while the spine will bend away from the mattress. In the case of sleeping on your back, your lower back gets minimal support in both hard and soft beds. Hence, a lumbar mattress will provide 100% support in all sleeping positions.

In a survey of orthopedic surgeons, 95% believed that mattresses played a part in managing low-back pain.

Best Type Of Mattress For Back Pain 

The best type of mattress to relieve back pain or avoid the development of the same is a lumbar mattress. A livpure foam mattress with lumbar support a lumbar latex mattress allows for an equal distribution of contact pressure over the pelvis and lumbar areas.

Pro-tip: The ideal position to sleep is sleeping on your back. This position ensures even pressure distribution on your back. The next best position is sleeping on your side. Furthermore, doctors do not recommend sleeping on your stomach. However, if you sleep on your stomach, the best supporting lumbar mattress livpure, will significantly help.

How To Choose A Lumbar Mattress For Back Pain?

To choose a mattress for back pain, you must consider these apart from the lumbar support.

  • Size – If you sleep with your partner and children, go for a livpure mattress king size. This will give you space to sleep freely and comfortably by avoiding movement restrictions. Livpure sleep mattress
  • Material – A livpure latex mattress provides a comfortable and good night’s sleep. Latex is known to be durable and comfortable and provides pain relief. The livpure latex mattress helps in spine alignment while sleeping.
  • Smart mattress – Many mattresses have multiple sleeping zones that act as pressure-relieving zones. Livpure smart mattress comes with 3D contour foam to provide spine support.
  • Online availability – You can buy a livpure mattress online to save time and money. You can check out Livpure’s official website for deals.
  • Price of lumbar mattress – You must keep your budget in mind while buying a mattress like a livpure bed mattress. You can check livpure mattress prices online for the best prices.
  • Reviews – Before buying any mattress for back pain, you must go through livpure sleep products and livpure sleep review before purchasing a livpure bed mattress.

About Livpure

A lumbar mattress will be a lifesaver if you are experiencing lower back pain or are scared of developing it. Livpure mattress has built-in sleeping zones and 3D sleep tech for uniform pressure relief.

You can buy the best lumbar mattress online. Livpure sleep mattress with lumbar support is built with the best quality foam with patented EGAPA Fresh tech to neutralize toxic VOCs.

Check the price of lumbar mattress, and then you can go ahead with buying a livpure foam mattress with lumbar support. You can check the livpure mattress king size for bigger families and read the livpure sleep review to make the right choice.

Finally, invest in a high-support lumbar mattress if you are ready to eliminate that recurring back pain.

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