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Most Comfortable Mattress for A Good Night’s Sleep: A Quick Guide

At the forefront, a mattress may seem like a simple product, and therefore, many don’t pay much attention to the one they bring home. They believe that every Comfortable mattress is more or less the same. 

The truth, though, is much more different. And that comes out when you lay on your bed, ready to leave the hectic woes of life behind and enter the realm of dreams. But that doesn’t happen – instead, you spend a major part of your night tossing and turning around, finding sleep between moments and waking up sore and tired. 

All because you did not give careful attention at the time of mattress selection. 

It’s time to rectify this mistake and bring home the most comfortable mattress that will offer you restful and undisturbed sleep. 

In this post, you will learn what comfort means in the mattress world, why it is essential, and which are the top rated most comfortable mattress

Let’s not wait for any more; dive in!

What Does “Comfort” Mean in Mattress World?

Undoubtedly, every sleeper has preferences and needs, which determine their decision on mattress selection. However, comfort and support are two key features that affect quality sleep significantly. As such, every mattress, irrespective of its type and design, must provide users with these two things. 

However, the question arises what exactly do you mean by “comfort”?

Defined by the feel of a mattress, comfort is the ability of your mattress to allow your body to sink into the bed. 

You will find manufacturers of sleeping products providing different levels of comfort to meet the varying needs of customers. So, comfort is precisely ranked on a four-level scale – plush, ultra-plush, firm, and extra-firm. As the name suggests, ultra-plush means extreme softness, while ultra-firm stands for excessive firmness. 

With this knowledge, you can take home a mattress with a comfort level that clicks with you and your sleeping position, offering you the perfect rest. 

That said, remember, the most comfortable affordable bed will vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. So, don’t make the mistake of assuming that a plush mattress from one will feel exactly like the plush mattress from another brand. 

It is best to test by sitting and touching the mattress to find the softness level.  

What Are the Benefits of Soft Mattress?

Research suggests that you spend half your life on it, and poor-quality sleep is the cause of it – yes, it is your mattress! 

Nice comfortable beds lure you in and take you into the land of dreams in no time. And as such, you wake up refreshed and energized, ready to take on the day. That said, their benefits don’t end here. Take a peek below.

  • First, since these mattresses are not firm enough, they are ideal for those with back pain or problems. The reason is soft mattress helps in relieving the pressure on joints and muscles. 
  • Next, they are ideal for those who sleep on the sides as they better cushion an individual’s hips and shoulders. Plus, they align your spine too in this sleeping position.
  • Soft mattresses contour per a person’s body shape, and you feel much more comfortable as no specific part of your body feels pressured. 
  • Light sleepers may find it difficult to close their eyes on a hard mattress as it won’t end up compressing them. 

Top Rated Most Comfortable Mattress

In today’s market, the five common types of mattresses available are – innerspring, hybrid, latex, foam, and airbed. However, let’s talk about the “soft” or “most comfortable” mattresses instead of focusing on all. 

1. Innerspring Mattress 

The Innerspring Mattress is old-school, made from a single wire interlinked to create S-shape coils. As such, the mattress suppresses when pressure is applied and springs back quickly when it is removed. In this way, the Innerspring accommodates the sleeper’s body weight for superior comfort and support. 

The responsive feature of the coils makes this mattress bouncy with a tendency to transfer movement. 

If you plan to invest in the most comfortable innerspring mattress, remember they are low-budget but make squeaky sounds because of coils. However, that does not stop it from being the most comfortable non memory foam mattress.

2. Air Mattress 

The most comfortable air mattress comes covered in layers of foam for utmost comfort and features adjustable air chambers, making it perfect for couples. 

Each side of the airbed features a separate air chamber. This permits people to set the firmness of their side to their liking without messing with their partner’s side so that no one compromise on their needs. 

That said, this most comfortable air mattress makes way for the most comfortable sofa mattress as they are incredibly lightweight and effortless to move around. 

Plus, since they are soft and airy, you can easily fold them around, giving air mattresses the honour of the most comfortable roll up mattress. Take a look at Livpure Multipurpose Mattress, which is available as the most comfortable king size bed as well. 

3. Memory Foam Mattress

Memory foam is one of 2020 most comfortable mattress since it conforms to the shape of your body while distributing weight evenly on the surface. This feature alleviates pressure from aching joints and muscles. 

Plus, memory foam is a temperature-sensitive material that adjusts itself per your body’s temperature. If you feel hot at night, it will enhance air circulation to bring down heat levels and make you feel cool. Plus, it is ideal for sleepers of all types as it offers medium-level softness –not too much or too little. 

That said, it is one of the most comfortable mattresses for side sleepers, thanks to the cradling and hug-like feeling it creates. For instance, look at Livpure Ortho CurvX: HR + Memory Foam Mattress, which is ideal for the side and other sleepers and is the most comfortable portable mattress because of its lightweight. 

Final Thoughts 

Is it time for you to replace your mattress? You may have been due for an upgrade for a pretty long, but you are ignoring it. A word of advice – don’t do that! Good sleep is a distant dream without a good mattress. 

Plus, soreness and stiffness will make a more profound presence in your life with a bad and uncomfortable mattress. 

So, if you feel stiffy and grumpy after waking up, it is time to bring home the most comfortable sofa or bed mattress that complements your sleeping position and offers restorative sleep. At Livpure, you will find the best, easily and quickly, the most comfortable mattress at an affordable price.