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Top-quality sleep and supreme comfort are almost farfetched dreams for many, given today’s sedentary lifestyle. However, the damage goes even deeper, leading to numerous health disorders such as fatigue, insomnia, deteriorating mental health, etc. 

Fret not! Livpure orthopaedic mattress is the ideal solution to ward off such problems and offer your musculoskeletal system the rest and comfort it deserves. Made using movement-absorbing memory foam and a highly resilient polyurethane layer, the mattress eases body pain, drives away body heat, eliminates the roll-together effect, and offers the right amount of firmness needed to maintain good posture. 

Read on for a detailed Livpure ortho mattress review.

Livpure Ortho X Mattress Features 

The Livpure orthopaedic mattress comes in two variants – Basic and Advanced. In general, it is an orthopaedic memory foam mattress useful for those suffering from chronic head, neck, and back pain.

The Livpure mattress has four layers, including the outer breathable fabric cover (which can be changed and washed). The topmost layer (underneath the fabric cover) is a 1-inch cool gel-infused memory foam. The foam’s cooling technology ensures a more breathable sleeping surface throughout the night. 

Then comes the Livpure 5-inch mattress foam. It is a high-density support foam offering great resilience. This layer is made of polyurethane, providing a quicker response than memory foam. This means if you or your partner is accustomed to tossing and turning multiple times through the night, the other will not have to endure sleep disruptions as a result. 

Finally, the lower-most anti-skid base ties it all together so that the Livpure ortho mattress does not slide off but remains firm on the bed. 

On the firmness meter, this Livpure bed rates a solid 8, which makes it suitable for chronic body pain and posture issues. It is also the most ideal for the summer season, given its cooling gel-infused top layer. Also, the spacer fabric cover has a plush feel, is crush-resistant and skin-friendly, and uses a 3D weave construction technique to keep you cool. 

Though both the Basic and Advanced variants are more or less similar, the main difference lies in the outer cover, which, in the case of the Advanced variant, is a bamboo fibre cover. This Livpure mattress is available in Single, Twin, Queen, and King sizes. 

Mattress Foam Type 

The orthopaedic mattress or Livpure sleep mattress comes mainly with an outer cool gel memory foam layer. The memory foam offers optimal movement absorption to ensure nobody’s sleep is disturbed due to the other’s tossing and turning. So, whether you own a twin, Livpure queen size or Livpure mattress king size, the limited movement transfer will prevent you from waking up due to a restless partner.

Also, by moulding itself to the person’s body, this is Livpure best mattress for those afflicted with spinal and back pain issues. Not only that, but the mattress offers the best of both worlds. 

The cool gel infused within the memory foam adequately absorbs body heat so that you do not have to deal with night sweats. Further, the mattress is sufficiently firm to ensure pressure points do not form on the body, contributing to unnecessary body aches. 

The second layer is also a foam layer, but one that is more resilient than the topmost memory foam layer. The support foam is a high-density foam layer more responsive to bodily movements. This layer offers unmatched comfort as the high-density foam evenly distributes pressure throughout the mattress. 

Mattress Outer Cover 

All Ortho X Livpure mattresses (Basic) come with a breathable spacer cover made of fabric. The cover can be easily removed, washed, and reused. The cover increases the longevity of the mattress by protecting it against accidental spills, unexpected stains, dirt, and more. 

But its function is not limited to that – the mattress’ cover is made of a rich fabric that offers a plush feel. Being super soft, it keeps your skin safe from rashes and allergies. The spacer fabric cover is made using an advanced 3D weave construction technology that further works towards keeping you and the mattress cool. 

Finally, the cover is highly resistant to crushing. So, even after several washes, you should not find many creases. As for the Advanced variant, which comes with a bamboo fibre cover, the benefits will also be slightly different. 

The bamboo fibre cover is super soft too but is also extremely lightweight. The cover is anti-bacterial, so it is ideal if you’re sensitive to developing allergies. Natural bamboo also offers up to 97.5% UV protection. Finally, the cover is moisture-wicking, which naturally makes it anti-odour. So, you can say goodbye to a foul smell, especially from moist fabric! 

Also, each Livpure bed price will slightly differ because of the different cover materials. 

Care Instructions 

For both the Basic and Advanced ortho mattress, simply wiping it with a soft, dry cloth is sufficient to remove stains, dirt, etc. Keep in mind never to wet the inner foam layers. Besides making the mattress super uncomfortable to sleep on, moisture offers breeding space for mould and mildew. 

As for the outer cover, wash it separately using warm or cold water. You can wash it manually or use the washing machine. In the case of the former, do not use a brush as it could prove to be abrasive to the fabric. If using the washing machine, run on a Gentle cycle. In each case, do not use bleaching agents; all that is needed are mild detergents. 

The fabric must not be given for dry cleaning or ironed. 

Livpure Has All Your Needs under Check!

Over the course of 20 years, Livpure has developed an array of advanced, next-gen sleeping solutions focused on delivering quality sleep, better posture, and unparalleled comfort, all at budget-friendly prices. 

The Livpure ortho X mattress is the ideal solution for those who need respite from their chronic spinal and body ache issues. Well, maintaining good posture with uncompromised sleep is just a click away! 

You can purchase the Livpure mattress easily online, which will be delivered to your doorstep. Find multiple easy payments, free shipping, and easy exchange options. And what’s more, is that the Livpure beds comes with a 10-year warranty as well as a long 100-day risk-free trial period. 

When good sleep is now within your budget, will you not avail of it?