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Our Mattress Will Make You Forget Your Nightly Pains 

All that glitters is not gold; too much honey can make the stomach turn, and an ultra-soft mattress can lead to severe nightly pains. Have you been through this ordeal? 

The spine is naturally curved owing to an interlocking system of bones. Even little pushes and pulls can jolt this system out of place, leading to spinal misalignment and lower back aches. The best mattress is generally not super soft because it fails to offer optimal support to the heavier parts of the body, such as the hips and shoulders. 

To support your spine, back, and joints and offer undisturbed sleep through the night, Livpure provides a wide range of the best mattress to buy. Keep reading to know more about each. 

Signs Your Mattress Is Causing Nightly Pains 

Listed below are some tell-tale signs that your sleep bed is causing you unnecessary aches and disrupted sleep. 

1. You toss and turn through the night 

Tossing and turning through the night happens due to stress, too much heat or cold, or, most commonly, a bad mattress. How? If the bed is too firm or soft, it fails to offer good body support while sleeping. 

This makes settling on a comfortable sleeping position challenging, leading to constant tossing and turning. A robust foam mattress should drive you into Slumberland faster! 

2. Your mornings are never fresh 

Consider this scenario – you finished work early and went to bed at, say, 9 PM to have an early and refreshing start to your day. Unfortunately, you wake up feeling drowsy, tired and aches all over your back and joints. 

Sounds familiar? After seven to eight hours of sleep, tiredness and early morning aches usually point toward a lousy mattress. Perhaps your mattress for sleep is too aged or soft and is putting unnecessary strain on your spine. 

3. Your mattress IS uneven OR threatens TO eat you up 

The two can be the same or different scenarios. Meaning, an uneven, saggy, or drooping sleep bed will force you to position your body abnormally. This will not only make sleep far-fetched but trigger chronic back pains. 

Sagging could create a gaping hole-like feel that sucks you in, or your mattress could be so soft that it pulls you in like a swamp. Both are dangerous as they won’t allow your spine to maintain its neutral position, thus causing back pains. 

Do you wake up frequently at odd hours through the night despite being sleepy-eyed? Then, it’s time to switch to a premium and reliable Livpure mattress

The Exclusive Livpure Collection 

Livpure sleep beds are available in various variants, each designed exclusively to drive away your nightly pains. Let’s explore them. 

1. The Livpure Ortho-X and Ortho Curv-X 

Want to say goodbye to all your chronic nightly aches? Then, look no further than Livpure’s innovative orthopaedic mattress – the Ortho-X. This sleep bed is available in three variants – Basic, Advanced, and Premium. 

The Basic and Advanced variants come with a breathable spacer fabric cover that hides the topmost cool gel memory foam layer, then comes the 5-inch high-resilience foam layer, followed by the final anti-skid base. 

As for the Premium variant, Ortho Curv-X, this memory foam mattress‘s topmost layer also includes the healing power of 16 biocrystals that promote deeper sleep. Besides that, this variant comes with 5D SleepTech technology which includes five powerful pressure-relieving zones to offer optimal support to the body’s heavier parts. 

However, each variant is a robust mattress for back pain because the foam layer is curved to suit the contour of the human spine. Plus, the sleep beds are moderately firm, rating a good 8 on the firmness meter. This makes them the ideal balance – neither too soft, nor too stiff. 

Finally, the mattresses and covers are hypoallergenic, keeping you safe from the impact of dust and mites. Plus, the aerospace technology introduces highly open cell foam with a cooling gel that keeps you refreshed and sweat-free through the scorching nights. 

2. The Livpure Regal

The Livpure regal is also an ideal mattress for pain because it expertly combines the best of natural latex and memory foam. Designed for a premium, plush feel and superior comfort, this variant of ortho mattress also comes in three types – Basic, Advanced, and Premium. 

While the Basic and Advanced types come with an outer Cool Touch fabric cover, the Premium type comes with an organic bamboo fabric cover. The latter also offers the benefits of 5D SleepTech technology and the healing power of 16 biocrystals. 

This memory foam and latex mattress are unique in the sense that it is plusher than the ortho-X variants but not soft enough to disturb your spinal alignment. The latex layer, being all-natural, is non-toxic and gently cradles your body while its elasticity retains a natural spinal position. 

With your comfort and deep sleep as the greatest priorities, this sleep bed is also designed using Aerospace technology which makes it highly breathable. You will naturally enjoy sweat-free, peaceful sleep through the night. 

On a side note, keep in mind that the price points of each mattress and their respective variants will differ. The Livpure regal is slightly more expensive, given its dual benefits and its bouncy ergonomic support. The prices will also vary depending on the bed size – single, twin, queen, or king size. 

With Livpure, Bid Adieu to All Nightly Aches!

Want to have a robust foundation that supports your sleep through the night? Invest in Livpure’s sleep bed with memory foam cooling gel. However, if a plush and bouncy feel is what you’re after, the memory foam + latex variant is the ideal choice. 

Stop looking for the best mattress online elsewhere! The Livpure advantage includes a sufficient 100 nights trial, 10 years warranty, easy payment options, and fast pan-India shipping. 

All you need to do is book your sleep bed from the comfort of your home and relax till it reaches you swiftly. No matter what type you choose, know that the Livpure mattress will ward off all aches in your body!