Our Mattresses Will Make You Forget All Your Pains and Sorrow!, 11 Tips to Improve Your Sleep , Do You Know Your Body Temperature Also Affects Your Sleep?

Our Mattresses Will Make You Forget All Your Pains and Sorrow!

Are you aware that what you sleep on affects your sleep quality? Probably, not!

Well, it’s time for a lesson. 

The mattress is where you spend at least 33%, which is eight hours of your day. But not many people spare second thoughts regarding its purchase. What’s worse is that most people do not even think about changing their mattresses until and unless they have literally broken down. Nothing to be proud of, though! You might be saving on mattresses price but, eventually, be losing out on health. 

It is well-established that a good night of rest is most important for your health, so having a supportive bed is primely important. And it’s not just proper sleep your soft mattresses offer; its benefits go beyond that – let’s keep reading to find them out. 

How Does a Good Mattress Benefit your Life?

While many people don’t pay much attention to mattresses, as experts suggest, they are an important part of your bedroom that affects your sleep quality and, likewise, your health. 

If you do not believe us, take a look at the benefits of a good mattress below – 

1. Hola Quality Sleep

Topping off the list is the most crucial benefit of the mattress – adequate, undisturbed, and restful sleep. 

According to the Study conducted by the Sleep Foundation, your mattress directly impacts your sleep quality. If the surface where you lay is poor, saggy, and sinking – how can you expect to close your eyes peacefully? 

At the same time, when your mattress is soft and comfy – why won’t you find sleep?

2. Say Goodbye to Soreness & Pain 

Do you often wake up with body pain or soreness? And you are left wondering how it is possible since you have not engaged in any rigorous physical activity or had a stressful day. Well, here, the culprit might be your mattress. 

A poor-quality mattress leads to increased pressure on your body which causes either back or neck pain and muscle soreness. Not to worry, you have the best mattress for back pain available. 

An orthopaedic mattress is a mattress for back pain that conforms to your body shape and relieves pressure. 

3. Good Posture and Form 

Every person has their sleeping position, and most are unaware of it. 

Having not just a good but the right mattress that fits your sleeping position helps you maintain and improve your posture and form. For side sleepers, the best mattress would be the memory foam, as its responsiveness maintains spine alignment and provides cushion to pressure points. While for stomach or back sleepers, a natural mattress that is medium-firm would be a good pick. Unlike memory foam, it won’t envelop them but will provide stable and motion-isolating support with little softness. 

4. No more Drowsiness 

You will feel drowsy throughout the day if you have spent your entire night tossing and turning around because of an uncomfortable bed. Sleep provides your body with the rest it needs to function energetically. 

Moreover, a lack of good sleep also affects the ability to retain information, develop new ideas and even pull-out information from different parts of the brain. So, is it not worth investing in the best mattress for undisturbed sleep that leads to refreshed mornings and productive days? It is!

5. Tackle Snoring 

Snoring happens when the upper airway passage present at the back of your mouth is partially restricted. It is often because of sleeping on the back, but your mattress could also be responsible for this problem. 

When your mattress sags too much, it won’t support your head and neck appropriately – this will lead your throat to constrict, starting the snoring.

Choosing a medium-firm kingsize mattress is best if you want to enjoy snore-free sleep

6. Keep your Weight in Check 

Believe it or not, mattress, sleep, and weight is all interrelated. For a healthy weight, you need to exercise daily and eat healthily. However, if you wake up tired, you won’t be in the mood to cook, let alone workout. Moreover, studies show that lack of sleep increases leptin levels (which makes you feel full).

So, if you have a poor mattress, you won’t get proper sleep, making you hungrier and crave high-calorie food that increases your weight. 

7. Maintains Emotional and Mental Well-being 

Having a bad mattress is a recipe for disaster in the long run. At first, you might only have sleepless nights, but every night sleeping on a poor-quality bed ultimately will lead to sleep deprivation. What’s worse are the following side effects of improper slumber – 

  • Lack of mindfulness and sharpness
  • Daytime grogginess 
  • Constant mood swings and irritation 
  • Poor cognitive functioning and performance 

That said, sleeping on a comfortable mattress increases your chances of sound rest, and you are less likely to experience the above-listed health issues. 

8. Get a Handle on Your Runny Nose or Sneezes 

Old mattresses are like a haven for dust mites that often trigger allergies – runny noses, congestion, sneezing, and swelling in the throat, to name a few. 

It is because when your mattress is way past its prime, it weighs down and becomes saggy, making it easy for allergens to create a home. On the other side, a new mattress has a denser structure that doesn’t provide room for these mites to live. This means fewer sneezing and more snoozing!

9. Creates a Relaxing Space 

A good mattress plays a key role in creating a relaxing space where finding rest won’t be a constant struggle for you. After a tiring day, your body automatically looks for the bed to relax and forget about the day’s hectic woes. 

Besides, if your mattress is comfortable and supportive, in no time, you will be transported into a dreamland. You won’t need to go the extra mile of adding a scented candle, drinking warm milk or listening to soft tunes to find sleep because the right Livpure mattress King size will provide you with what you need to find complete peace of mind. 

Is it Time to Invest in a New Mattress? 

Well, absolutely!

A mattress is your ultimate sleeping companion, responsible for healthy sleep and a healthy you. With a good bed, you are more likely to experience a wealth of benefits first-hand. All you have to say is goodbye to the old and bring in a new mattress.

At Livpure mattress store, you can find a numerous variety available, from memory foam to natural mattresses, latex mattresses to regal mattresses, among others. Designed for superior comfort and support, they ensure better sleep for a better you!