What questions should you ask when buying a mattress

No matter how exciting it may sound, buying a new mattress may tend to take a toll on your pocket. But what’s important is important. If there is a need to buy a new mattress you should not make any further delay and start thinking about it. Therefore, before making such a significant purchase, you should certainly do some research. Out of numerous retailers available in the market, you should first find the most suitable one and then focus on contemplating your needs and preferences. But making haste research is as good as not researching at all. Therefore, we’re here to put in some resources and efforts on your behalf. Here are some important questions that you should ask before buying a new mattress.

Asking the right questions before you buy a mattress is what will make your next 7-9 years an interesting and comfortable endeavor. Below are some most important questions that you should tackle before buying a new mattress.

1. What should be the size of the mattress?

There are chances that the last time you bought a mattress it was a single mattress but now you may want a double bed mattress or probably a more comfortable mattress. The size of your mattress makes a lot of difference. You can buy two single mattresses as well, to ensure that you and your partner make the most of the options available in the market and get the best suitable mattress. This can be ensured only when your vendor understands the significance of the right-sized mattress and has a lot of options available too. One such amazing vendor is Livpure. Livpure offers the best most suitable-sized mattresses that will cater to your needs and make your sleeping time more peaceful and comfortable.

2. What level of firmness of the mattress you must aim for?

Irrespective of the money you spend to buy a new mattress, you will not be able to sleep well if your mattress is too firm or too soft. The firmness of your mattress is important as a too-firm mattress or a too-soft mattress can cause health issues such as back pain or pain in the hips. This can be solved by understanding more about the materials used such as innerspring, spring coils, gel-infused mattresses, latex mattresses, etc. Livpure knows how to ascertain the perfect firmness for you. Therefore, choose the most appropriate and comfortable mattress by exploring the wide range of mattresses from Livpure.

3. What are the setbacks of your current mattress?

Another deciding factor could be the shortcomings of your current mattress. You can make a note of the faults of your current mattress and mention them to your mattress vendor to avoid the same troubles while sleeping in the future. Your current mattress’s material, size, firmness, height, etc. everything can be used as a parameter to analyze the qualities that you would like to avoid in your new mattress.

4. What are the qualities of your current mattress?

Just like the drawbacks of your current mattress becomes a parameter for buying a new mattress, similarly, your preferences for your current mattress will also act as a deciding factor. When buying a new mattress you should be clear about what you like in your current mattress so that you don’t skip any points and get the best suitable mattress for yourself. You can also get the more updated version of your old mattress.

5. What is the budget?

No matter how enticing buying an expensive mattress may seem, you should not buy a mattress thats over your budget. Before commencing your purchase, you should keep a price range in your mind and then purchase the mattress within that price bracket. This will make your purchase more satisfying and you’ll not have to compensate for other necessities. Therefore, buying a mattress has to be strictly within the budget.

6. When should I replace my old mattress?

Although the answer to this question is subjective, you should change your mattress if it’s outlived its normal lifespan of 8-10 years. But even if you bought your mattress just 5 years ago and it’s saggy or too firm, then you should not think twice before replacing it. Using an outdated mattress can cause health issues in individuals and further disrupt your sleep cycle. Therefore, you should replace your mattress when it shows signs of wearing out.

Now that we know the questions that one should ask when buying a new mattress, we should make a note of all the points and act accordingly. Remember that the main reason behind buying a new mattress is to ensure that your sleep cycle is regulated and you sleep properly. You should further focus on buying a mattress that might help you in avoiding health issues such as back pain, hip pain, migraine, etc.

Your mattress is an important part of life as you spend almost 8-10 hours on your bed. This has to be the perfect and most comfortable spot in your house. Therefore, you wouldn’t mind spending some more if that’s not adversely affecting your budget. You should not compromise on the quality of your mattress.

Why are Livpure Mattresses the best?

Livpure mattress is the best mattress in India. Made up of the finest quality materials, Livpure mattresses come in various options such as orthopedic mattresses, herbal mattresses, latex mattresses, etc. Backed up with the latest technology and finest quality of materials, Livpure mattresses support your entire body thereby maintaining an ideal posture of your body and inducing sound sleep. The sleep quality of the customers has improved and as per the customers, health issues such as joint pain, migraine, insomnia, etc have been under control.

Livpure offers a 100 days trial period and is delivered right to your doorsteps which makes it one of the best mattress providers in the market. Livpure mattresses are made up of the finest quality latex, herbs-induced, and supportive which makes them an interesting option for its customers. From queen-size mattresses to king-sized mattresses, single bed mattresses, and double bed mattresses, Livpure offers a wide range of mattress size options which are essential to ensure that Livpure mattresses are accommodative and comfortable. 

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