Should plastic covers be used on mattresses?

Have you ever pondered whether or not the plastic covering that comes on a brand-new mattress should be removed before using it? Would this improve and enhance the pleasure of sleeping on your mattress? The same misunderstanding was held by a lot of individuals, and I’m here to set the record straight on what happened. Yes, it is necessary to take the new mattress out of the plastic bag it arrived in as soon as possible. Not only will this assist break in the new mattress, but it will also help ensure that no one’s health will be put in jeopardy and that everyone will remain safe. A lot of care and attention has been put into new mattresses, particularly when people are getting ready to utilize them in their homes. However, before we go into it, let’s first talk about why there is plastic covering a mattress in the first place.

What is the Function of the Plastic Wrap That Is Placed Around a Brand New Mattress?

The purpose of the plastic substance that covers a mattress is to prevent the mattress’s surface from becoming worn down by friction. The process of constructing or manufacturing it up to shipping and delivery can exert a lot of stress on the mattress, and if it isn’t properly protected, it can get scratched. This can happen at any point in the process. The experts agree that the first line of defense against getting dirty or getting damaged while in transit is a flimsy sheet of plastic that is placed on top of the mattress. It is very similar to the packaging of many other things that you buy, which often consists of plastic or carton wrapping to protect the product from a variety of potential problems.

Why Should the Plastic Wrap Be Removed Before Using a New Mattress?

It’s a common myth that a new mattress can be kept in like-new condition by leaving the plastic wrap on it, but is this the case? To put an end to the debate, the answer is no; it does not. The sole function of the thin layer of plastic that is typically found on top of mattresses is to guarantee that the top of the mattress remains in place and is shielded from unintentional damage such as scuffs, dents, and abrasions.

1. Creates Obstacles During the Initial Breaking-In Period

Did you know that using a mattress speeds up the process of breaking it in? Mattresses need to be used at least once before they feel comfortable. It’s possible that sleeping on them night after night will help them soften more quickly and completely, but doing so while the plastic is still attached will have the opposite effect. As a result of the fact that the plastic material might restrict the flow of air through the mattress, the process of breaking into the mattress could be prolonged and slowed down. Because it protects it, it would make it much more difficult for someone to break into your mattress.

2. The development of mold, mildew, and bacteria

Plastic wraps undergo chemical processing; thus, their exposure to the environment, friction with the fabric, and oxygen can encourage the growth of bacteria, moulds, and mildew, which is something that we all despise. Plastic wraps should be avoided at all costs.

There won’t be any recycling or circulation because the mattress won’t be able to breathe properly. After all, it has a plastic cover over it. Because of this, everything will be confined between the mattress and the plastic cover.

3. The Experience of the User Is Not As Comfortable As It Could Be

Have you ever tried lying down on any substance that has properties that are comparable to those of plastic?

Some of you would think that it’s perfectly fine, but to tell you honestly, it’s not. The plastic mattress cover uses material that is sticky, gets heated fast, and can lead to perspiration, all of which are conditions that are ideal for the growth of bacteria and germs. This may make the user feel uneasy, which is not a good thing for everyone involved.

4. Pillows and Linen That Easily Slide Around or Fall Over

The removal of the plastic cover that is typically found on mattresses is recommended for a number of reasons, one of which is to prevent your pillows and blankets from rolling off the bed.

5. It is not good for your health

The general knowledge that it is harmful to people’s health is the final point to consider, although it is by no means the least important one. Remember that this recommendation goes for both young people and older people. There are a number of factors at play here, and to help you comprehend the situation better, the following is the most common outcome that may be expected if you do not remove the plastic from your mattress:

It is possible for you to breathe in the dust and grime that is trapped by the plastic. Plastic is harmful to one’s health and should be avoided at all costs. There is a chance of breathing in or inhaling the chemicals that are included in the plastic.

Use the best mattress cover instead!

The main benefit of using a mattress protector is that it lengthens the mattress’s useful life. The money you have made in your bed is likewise protected, and stains are avoided by guarding against spills and allergy buildup. A high-quality mattress protector enhances comfort, which helps to improve the quality of sleep. If you are looking for the best mattress cover in India, consider Livpure best mattress covers. Sleeping on a plastic mattress would be very uncomfortable and unnecessarily unhealthy for you and your loved ones. Instead, invest in the best mattress covers by Livpure. You can have a look at Livpure’s mattress covers range online to find the perfect fit for your ideal sleep. Get a mattress cover to improve your sleep and maintain your mattresses with minimal effort! 

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