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The Best Mattress, According to The People

There is no doubt that a good mattress can do wonders for your posture. It can relieve you from backaches and other joint pains and back pain, thus, helping you refresh for the next day. 

It is estimated that at least one-third of the adult population suffers from sleep-related problems. The problems can range from chronic back aches and joint pains due to lumpy mattresses to sleep disorders due to bad sleeping postures. 

Thus, choosing the best mattress for back pain can solve your problem by providing much-needed support and comfort, inviting worry-free sleep. 

It is also crucial for you to understand that not any and every mattress aiding to ease back pain will work for you. Selecting a bed depending on your age, height, weight, and associated health conditions is very much the prerogative. 

Types of Mattresses to Relieve Back Pain

Know a little more about the benefits of the different mattresses catering to back pain to decide on the very best mattress to buy.

Futon Mattress

While high bed frames are the choice of most people, the traditional Japanese mattress is slowly gaining popularity among the masses. Futon mattresses have a low-lying frame and can be spread on the floor. 

Futon mattresses are easy to carry and can be rolled up after use to be stored away. Thus, you do not have to worry about taking up much space. While bed frames and heavy mattresses can be a hassle, a futon offers a soft touch to your sleeping body.

Some studies have shown that sleeping on a relatively hard surface can cure back problems, and futons can be your pick. Just look at the longevity of the Japanese people! 

Futon mattress is spread directly on the floor, thus offering a firm surface to keep your spine aligned and relieve back pains. Plus, its affordability makes it the best mattress for a cheap price that will soothe your back problems.

Memory Foam Mattress

The memory foam gets its reputation from remembering your body’s natural curves and contours while you sleep. It adapts to your body’s pressure and reduces any motion transfer that might disrupt your sleep. 

Memory foam is a top-rated mattress recommended to reduce pain from spinal or shoulder injuries and muscle pains. It gives you the sinking feeling that it cradles your body to provide optimal comfort when you sleep. It helps relieve sore joints.

Latex Foam Mattress 

Latex foam mattresses are available in three different types depending on their material: synthetic, hybrid, and natural. 

1. Synthetic Latex

Synthetic latex foam is made from plastic with a rubber-like quality. The styrene-butadiene rubber (SBR) is also used in making tires and conveyor belts and is relatively cheaper than natural latex.

2. Hybrid/Blended Latex

The hybrid or blended latex uses 30% of natural latex and 70% synthetic lax. Though less toxic than synthetic latex, blended latex is not as durable as natural latex.

3. Natural Latex

Biodegradable and eco-friendly natural latex foam is made from the sap of the rubber tree Hevea Brasiliensis.

Mattresses made from latex offer the same “sink-in” sensation as memory foam but are quicker to bounce back. Their structure allows ample breathability, airflow, and buoyant support necessary as you grow older.

Latex foam mattresses are harder than memory foam. Thus, they are recommended as the best mattress for lower back pain.  

Gel Foam Mattress

A newcomer in the mattress world, the gel foam mattress is already creating quite the buzz. A gel mattress can come as a stand-alone layer or be infused with other foam. Also known as the ‘Third Generation Mattress,’ it eliminates one of the most common complaints of memory foam: heat.

It provides the same benefits as memory foam, aligns your spine according to its natural contours, and relieves back aches and neck pain. Unlike memory foam, gel foam mattress does not absorb heat and maintain a cold temperature. 

All such features make a gel foam mattress ousts memory foam making it the best mattress to sleep on for back pain so far. 

Factors to Remember while Choosing the Best Mattress for Neck and Back Pain 

If you prefer to sleep on your back, then here are some points to be taken into consideration while choosing the best mattress for back sleepers.

  1. Personal Preference

Any mattress that completes the checklist of your preferences will be the best mattress choice for you. As no standards are bound to work for everyone suffering from back pain, choose a mattress that allows you maximum comfort and support when you rest. 

In case of any confusion, consult a specialist to recommend the best mattress according to doctors. Nonetheless, let the final say be yours. 

      2.Thorough Research About the Components of Mattresses

Different mattresses comprise different components. Therefore, they have other properties besides providing the support you need for your back pains. 

On the one hand, a latex mattress is made from biodegradable material and is environmentally friendly; a gel mattress can keep you breezy throughout the night. Keep in mind such additional features while selecting the best mattress.

      3.Budget in Check

Buying a mattress is both a long-term investment and a pricey one at that. Therefore, weigh all your options and take care of your pocket. 

A top-rated mattress to align your spine does not necessarily need to be expensive. With options like futon mattresses, you can have the required back support and comfort while taking care of your budget. 

Final Thoughts

Buying the best mattress for back pain might not be the most straightforward task. However, your job can be easy with countless Livpure mattress reviews and exciting prices and discounts. Visit the today and browse from the vast mattress collection.