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The Best Mattress for You: Why King Size?

Without a good night’s sleep, no one can function properly. Ample rest is not just necessary to recharge your body for the next day’s challenges, but it is vital for the healthy functioning of your brain. You are bound to lose focus without proper sleep and get irritated at the slightest inconvenience.

The most crucial step toward sound sleep is the choice of bed. Your bed frame may be of different sizes. However, the right choice of mattress to support your body according to its needs is equally important.

Mattresses come in different sizes single, twin, queen or king. While choosing the perfect size, keep your sleeping habits and comfort in mind. And if you like to share your bed with your kids or cuddle with your pets, then a king-size mattress size may be your perfect pick. 

Why King Size Mattress?

Your most comfortable king-size bed would be incomplete without a king-size mattress. Bigger than any mattress available on the market, it gives you ample space to share it with your partner and your children. 

Sized at 72-84x 72 inches, you can choose a width aligning your bed frame. Live life king’s size with your king-size mattress, allowing you sufficient space to roll around and sprawl over. 

It is a perfect choice if:

  • You have a big family
  • Your family enjoys a Sunday brunch in bed or have a gossip session over a cup of coffee.
  • Your partner like to have their own space while sleeping
  • You are a pet owner and like sleeping and cuddling with your pet

You can choose from different kinds of king-size mattress depending on your comfort requirements and budget.

Types of King Size Mattress

Your king-size bed is available in different types. Depending on their construction, they can be cotton-filled or comprise innerspring, coir, foam, and latex. 

When deciding on the best king-size bed to buy, take note of each offer’s benefits and choose the one matching your prerequisites. The various types of king beds to choose from are the following:

Air Bed

As the name suggests, air or inflatable beds use air for support. These easy-to-pack beds are ideal to be carried on a camping trip or used as a hospital bed. Apart from this, king size air bed can be used for temporary bedding provision when you have guests coming over.

Air beds provide you with various health benefits. They can relieve your body pain and help contour your body better. Air beds are easy to maintain, affordable, and durable. 

Usually made from vinyl, plastic, and rubber, the king-size air bed comes with an adjustable inflation level. It allows you to customize its firmness accordingly to improve blood circulation. Unlike sleeping bags, the easy to pack and carry air beds, you do not have to worry about sleeping on hard surfaces.

Foam Bed

Foam beds vary depending on the foam type, ranging from soft, latex, memory, and high-resilience foam mattresses. King-size bed foam isn’t merely about the size but offers a comfortable sleeping experience to your body.

If you are a heavy sleeper or prefer sleeping on your stomach, a foam bed is the best king-size bed to buy. A simple foam mattress gives you medium softness, much needed for good sleep. A study found that medium softness is the most suitable for relieving pain and allowing sound sleep.

The high-resilience foam bed allows better support for your body, at the same time, is durable. 

When choosing a foam bed, consider the king-size mattress price and your preference for a softer or firm surface. If you weigh a little over the average person, avoid using a very soft king-size mattress, as this might affect your posture. 

Memory Foam Bed

A memory foam mattress takes the shape of your body. With its ability to adjust according to your body contours, you can sleep like a baby. When maintained properly, they can last up to 15 years, and in their best condition can give you comfortable sleep for up to 30 years.

Made to support your body’s natural curves, memory foam mattresses have the following benefits:

  • Support spine and provide relief from back pain
  • Support other joints like neck joint and shoulder joints
  • Relieving pressure points help reduce body ache
  • Does not let motion transfer in case your partner is a restless sleeper

Thus, a memory foam mattress allows you a calm, uninterrupted sleep. However, keep in mind that the constant use of memory foam can form permanent dips on your bed according to the contours of your body, thus making it challenging to switch positions.

Latex Foam Bed

Usually made from the sap of the Rubber tree, latex foam bed outperforms most other mattresses. Its most significant advantage is the breathable material which provides you with the dual advantage of durability and support. 

Latex foam for king size mattress will keep you comfortable throughout the night and relieve pressure to reduce body aches.

If not cleaned regularly, mattresses can attract microbes and dust particles and risk growing moulds. You have no such fear with a latex foam mattress. It is antimicrobial and won’t allow allergens or microbes to gather on your king-size bed foam.

Gel Mattress

The king-size gel mattress is the newest addition to the family. Similar to a foam mattress, it is made of polymer. The heat diffusing property of a gel mattress keeps you cool and comfortable throughout the night. 

Retaining lesser heat than memory foam, king size gel mattress can either be infused as a top layer of a foam mattress or come as a stand-alone layer. They provide a cool surface, keeping you breezy in your sleep. 

How to Choose Your King Size Mattress?

After understanding all mattress options for your king-size bed, choose a mattress that suits your need. Your preferences can vary on your softness or firmness requirements, comfort level, and the weight of the mattress itself.

A king-size mattress is an investment not just in money but also in your comfort. Consider what your body is used to before making any drastic changes. Make sure you buy a king-size bed and mattress that supports your body weight, is breathable, and is hygienic. 

Final Musings

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