Best Mattress for Side Sleepers, Staying Comfortable During Bed Rest

The Best way to Stay Comfortable during Bed Rest

Being assigned bed rest might seem like a dream to someone who has been knee-deep in the hectic woes of life. Is it really a pleasant feeling though? 

Spending all day in your room, binging your favourite shows, and having food brought to you sounds like the perfect weekend gateway. However, these plans will remain castles in the air if your bedroom is not a comfortable and relaxing environment for you. 

Whether you have been prescribed bed rest because of pregnancy, fracture, high fever or another medical problem, comfort is your foremost priority. Not only is it important for your fast recovery, but it can also help you spend your time smoothly. 

Luckily, there are several simple and practical ways to stay comfortable during bed rest. 

Let’s talk about the primary ones in a little bit more detail.

If Possible, Get an Adjustable Bed 

Adjustable beds might be the new talk of the town in the bedding world, but they have been around for quite some time in the healthcare sector. Hospitals, nursing homes, and other medical facilities feature adjustable beds for patients to offer superior flexibility and increased independence. And that’s what they provide to you as well when you are on bed rest!

Adjustable beds refer to mattress bases that can be adjusted for your lower or upper body. 

That said, they come with a ton of positives. For one, as mentioned, they provide you autonomy by allowing you to sit up or lower yourself without help. As movement occurs through remote controls, it is also easier and safer to get out of bed or switch to different positions. 

Besides, they improve blood circulation and help prevent blood clots and bedsores, all thanks to the constant position change and the movement they ensure. 

On the flip side, you might think it will affect your partner’s sleep. Well, here’s where you are wrong! Its new design comes with a separate mattress good for back pain and dual control, ensuring your movement doesn’t affect your partner’s sleep. 

1. Breathable Bedding is a Must 

Bedding items such as bed sheets and pillows are also an essential factor when it comes to your comfort while resting on the bed. Good bedding ensures insulation, warmth, and breathability. Thereby promoting a relaxing environment.

That said, you might be prescribed bed rest for weeks or even months. Breathable sheets allow air circulation and keep your temperature at the right level. Since air is permitted to flow through, your skin also does not become sweaty, and it’s easier for you to spend your time and find some peaceful moments of rest. 

Additionally, if your condition requires you to spend a lot of time lying down, ensure that your pillow supports your head and spinal alignment – not to become a victim of neck and back pain. 

2. Stick to Comfortable Mattress 

Nothing beats the importance of a comfortable mattress when you are confined to your bed for an unforeseeable future. A good mattress will gently support your body and keep your spine locked in a neutral position. 

However, there isn’t just one particular bed floor mattress that will be suitable for every single person. Any mattress that helps an individual sleep without discomfort, pain or interruption is the one they should bring home.

For instance, if you are a side sleeper, you are better suited with an orthopedic memory foam mattress – as it provides cushioned support to your hips and shoulders. For this same reason, anyone looking for a mattress for back pain can also find relief in it. 

3. Don’t Forget About Mattress Topper 

A topper will not only protect your new orthopedic mattress or back pain mattress but help you upgrade your old one if buying a new one is out of the question. However, buying a new mattress topper could cost you a bit more, especially for a king size mattress

Also, a mattress topper has its benefits, which can’t be ignored. Firstly, it takes some pressure down your bed, meaning it won’t tear down easily as the topper stands in the way of adversity. 

As such, when dining on your bed, you don’t have to worry about your food messing with your best orthopedic mattress for lower back pain. Because even if something spills or falls, you can take the topper out, wash it and put it back. Tadaa! The problem is solved. 

4. Look for an Electric Comforter 

If you are experiencing muscle or joint aches during bed rest, having the best orthopedic mattress for back pain with an electric comforter would be the perfect pain-relieving combo. 

Electric blankets or comforters are specifically effective in helping those who have arthritis, as the heat enhances the blood flow to the muscles around the painful joints. In turn, this leads to relaxation in muscles. 

Besides, this type of blanket also makes you feel warm without requiring you to pile blankets on the bed that restricts your movement or puts extreme pressure on you. 

5. Keep Your Books at Stand by  

A piece of advice don’t spend your entire time on bed rest binge-watching, as it will make you feel more tired and mess with your sleep. Shake your schedule a bit and keep your favourite reading materials on standby. Well, don’t forget that now might prove to be the perfect window to catch up with your reading list, so make the most of your time. 

The Bottom Line 

Staying in your room on the bed might seem fun at the beginning, but it is bound to get depressing and boring with time. However, bed rest is vital to your physical recovery—just as essential as any medication prescribed. 

So, instead of fussing and fretting, gather as much rest as possible so you won’t regret wasting this time when you return to your daily routine. That said, the above-given tips are here to help you!

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