The Greatest Mattress For suffer from Back Pain

The Greatest Mattress For Back Pain & Better Sleep Ever?

Do you suffer from back pain? Probably not, but you will. More than half the population will experience back pain at some point. If you’re lucky, it’ll be a short-lived occurrence that only makes you mildly uncomfortable. If you’re not so lucky, it could be a chronic condition that interferes with your sleep and your daily activities for the rest of your life.

In fact, back pains are quite common among people from all age groups. There is a rise in lower back issues even among youngsters. Not just in India, but all throughout the world, lower back pain is a common condition that is a major contributor to disability. Younger generations are beginning to exhibit symptoms of lower back problems, according to a Business Line survey.

Commonly, no one points the finger at their mattresses for back pains. But even after several visits to the doctor and medication, you still aren’t comfortable with back issues. You need to understand the root cause in order to get relief from constant back pains and body aches. Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Is your back pain chronic? 
  • Are you facing back pain when you wake up in the morning?
  • Are you uncomfortable with your back posture? 
  • Do get a tingling pain when your get from your bed? 

Troubled sleep can be the cause of your pain. This can not just lead to poor sleep patterns but also result in bad back pain. When you are sleeping for 7-8 hours, it is imperative that your bed backs your body correctly. So what is it that you should be looking for it a mattress? 

Why you should invest a mattress for back pain? 

A lot of strain and pressure on your lower back can make it worse. To prevent future harm to your health, it is crucial to exercise caution and good care. Your body will get the relief it needs from the ideal mattress.

1. Back up the body 

Facing back pain due to soft mattress? The right density of a mattress can be a deciding factor in determining your comfort level with your bed. Better back up and support from your bed ensures that you have a great posture while sleeping. A high-quality mattress will support your body’s natural curve, keeping your spine straight and evenly distributing your weight throughout your frame. All of which will contribute to restful sleep.

2. Health Benefits

If someone in your family is suffering from movement problems, back discomfort, hurting joints, inadequate blood flow, or insomnia, a good bed will help in their sleep. The right mattress for lower back pain is perfect for your back and body. Apart from this, a natural latex mattress will help you obtain a good night’s sleep if you experience night sweats, asthma, allergies, eczema, or are simply a light sleeper.

3. Customised to your preference

You need a mattress that gives you all-rounded comfort. Personalized comfort is what most of us are looking for in a bed. This preference can differ from person to person. Depending on your precise support requirements, there are now numerous mattress varieties available that provide a variety of benefits. Innerspring, memory foam, latex mattresses, and more options are available online for the customers to choose a bed based on their liking. 

Best mattress for back pain

1. Duos: Reversible Foam Mattress

5 Inches/12.7 cms

Features: Dual comfort | EGAPA FreshTech Filter | Manufactured with Dow ComfortScience Technology | 3 pressure relieving zones | Premium cotton fabric cover

This dual comfort mattress from Livpure ensures the ideal support and comfort for sleepers. It gives the customer option to pick a side with optimum comfort. The foam manufactured with Dow ComfortScience Technology is breathable and has higher open cell technology for cooling. With 3 pressure relieving zones, the mattress backs up the body perfectly in the right places. In-built EGAPA technology ensures a refreshing and toxin-free sleep environment.

2. Ortho CurvX: HR + Memory Foam Mattress

6 Inches/15.24 cms

Features: Manufactured with Dow ComfortScience Technology | 5D Sleeptech Technology – 5 pressure relieving zones | RecoverX | Curved Foam for comfort | Embedded with Biocrystal | Premium cotton fabric cover

One of the best orthopedic mattresses available in the market, Ortho CurvX is the best mattress for lower back pain. The hardness of mattress is firm, but not too hard for the body; a combination of HR + Memory Foam ensures medium-firmness. Manufactured with Dow ComfortScience Technology makes the foam is comfortable for all weather with additional benefits. RecoverX technology in the mattress provides the relaxation your body needs after a long day. It helps the body recover by giving optimal support and pressure. 5D Sleeptech imparts 5 sleep zones for better comfort and pain relief. The presence of Biocrystal helps sleepers relax and dive into a deep sleep. 

3. Regal: Latex + Ortho HR Foam Mattress 

8 Inches/20.32 cms

Features: Manufactured with Dow Comfort Science Technology | 5D Sleep tech Technology – 5 pressure relieving zones | Embedded with Biocrystal | Luxe technology for ideal bounce and comfort | Removable Bamboo fabric cover

Regal mattress is manufactured with Dow ComfortScience Technology to provide heavenly comfort while sleeping. The built-in Luxe technology ensures superior bounce and softness in the bed. The HR + Latex foam is infused with Biocrystal to impart stress-free sleep without interruption. With unparalleled bounce, you also get incredible pressure relieving due to the 5 pressure relieving zones in the mattress. Makes your sleep extra special with natural bamboo fabric cover.