The Mattress is Super Soft in Quality and Crafted for Better Sleep

Sleeping on beds that give you a soft, cloud-like sensation sound like the perfect idea for comfortable rest. If you like sleeping on your side or having soft support for your spine to give you a cradling feeling, then sleeping on a soft mattress is the ideal choice.

Side sleepers need extra cushioning to protect the shoulders and hips, and soft mattresses allow you to remove the pressure from your joints. Thus, giving you a comfortable night’s sleep. However, your soft mattress must maintain a balance to deliver support and firmness.

While having a super soft mattress may be your comfort, your bed must be well-adjusted to match your body weight, medical conditions, and sleeping position to provide optimal sleeping essentials. Also, understand that soft beds may be suitable for different body types, but there is no one-fit solution for everyone. The following guide will help you decide what to look for in your soft beds.

Who should sleep on a soft bed?

The quality of your bed can affect the quality of sleep that you are getting. A good quality mattress can have a positive influence on your sleep patterns. How do you determine if soft mattresses are the ones for you?

If you prefer to sleep on your sides, the cradling sensation of the soft beds can make for comfortable sleeping arrangements. In comparison, if you sleep on your back or stomach, choosing a medium to firm mattress will give you the desired support and help maintain your joints’ alignment.

However, Seema Bonney, M.D, the founder of Anti-Ageing and Longevity Centre, stresses that your bed should have an appropriate plush or firm side as mattresses that are too soft or firm can trigger pressure points on your body.

When choosing a soft bed, one proven method is to use the Goldilocks technique. You can lay on various mattresses and test them out before picking your ideal choice.

Factors You Should be Looking for In Soft Mattresses

No matter what your personal preferences are, there are some factors that your mattress should maintain to ensure better sleep. Your bed mattress should provide the following:

1. Mattress offering Back support

As humans spend almost one-third of their life sleeping, it would be best to choose a mattress for better sleepThe wrong bed can cause stiffness and pressure on your soft tissues and joints.

Even if you prefer to sleep on a soft bed, ensure that it offers ample support to your back and joints to minimize tissue damage and relieve pressure from injuries. Sleeping on a plush high-resilience or memory foam mattress can help maintain the natural alignment of your spine.

When infused with HR foam, memory foam can provide the best combination of softness and contouring of your body with appropriate support.

2. Mattress aiding You to sleep without Disturbance 

It would be best if you had a healthy sleeping cycle to wake up rejuvenated for the following day. Thus, a mattress should ensure that you have a disturbance-free sleep. A Memory foam mattress is soft and cushions your body when you sleep.

Memory foam is built to resist motion transfer. Therefore, it restricts motion transfer from a restless sleeping partner so that you can complete your rest without waking up in the middle of the night.

3. Durability and Bounce back Capacity

Ensure that your soft mattress is durable and can endure long years of continual use. While memory foam is excellent for cradling your spine when you sleep, its continual usage puts pressure on the bed and causes it to mold itself into a definite shape.

It will cause you discomfort when you change your sleeping position. Thus, a cost-effect and durable alternative are investing in a latex mattress. Latex beds have an impeccable bounce-back capacity. Once you get out of bed, latex foam returns to its original shape quickly. Thus, proving to be durable.

Types of Soft Mattresses

While various soft mattresses share some characteristics, some features are unique to a particular foam mattressmaking it stand out from the rest. While looking for a mattress online, acquaint yourself with the unique features of bed mattresses to make your best pick.

The following are various foam mattress types that can be used in your soft bed:

1. Memory Foam

Memory foam gives your body the best “sink-in feeling”. It is designed to take the shape of your sleeping form and offer maximum comfort when you rest. The motion-resistant feature makes the memory foam mattress a preference for many side sleepers.

However, the most significant disadvantage of memory foam is that it does not trap heat. It can cause you discomfort on sweltering nights during the summer.

2. Latex Foam

A latex mattress is similar to memory foam. It offers adequate support to your back and joints and helps to relieve pressure. Natural latex foam is made from the milk-like sap of rubber trees, making it 100% biodegradable and eco-friendly.

The most significant advantage of a latex mattress is its hypoallergenic properties. Thus, latex foam is low maintenance and cost-effective. However, you may find latex beds firmer than their memory foam counterpart.

3. Hybrid Mattress

Owning a queen-size mattress with hybrid foam can help you check all the boxes of comfort. A foam layer infused with a coil or innerspring mattress can make your bed sturdier while keeping up with the softness requirements.

Hybrid mattresses with memory foam and gel foam can help absorb some of the body heat when you sleep, thus, keeping you breezy throughout the night.

Bottom Line

Investing in a mattressis a task that requires thoughtful consideration. You should look for a bed that meets all your comfort requirements and easily supports your weight. Browsing through Livpure’s Regal mattress range can help you decide on a soft bed according to your preference.

Livpure offers exciting deals and discounts accompanied by customer reviews and a warranty period to aid you in finding the most affordable mattress.