The Next Big Thing in Mattresses

Sleep is often overlooked and uncared for until it starts to trouble you. However, it is a vital part of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. You can develop a healthy sleep cycle by fixing your sleep hours, going to sleep, and waking up accordingly.

Inculcate healthy sleeping habits like avoiding looking at screens hours before you sleep, going for a brisk walk to induce better sleep, and avoiding taking heavy meals before bed. You may listen to an audiobook or soothing music to help you sleep better.

While taking care of such habits is essential in your capacity, the mattress industry is coming up with inventions and new technologies to help you sleep better. The industry is working tirelessly to improve the existing mattresses and develop new products for your perusal.

With the developing industry and new mattresses being launched, you must pick the best mattress according to your preference. Selecting your bed should be based on the mattress size, back and weight support, firmness or softness needs, and overall comfort. This article will help you understand some of the advancements made in the bedding world to help you get undisturbed hours of sleep.

What is new in the Mattress World?

Humans, on average, spend one-third of their life sleeping. Hence, ensuring the most comfort when resting is essential to help you recuperate from stress and re-energize for the following day.

The following advancement in the foam mattress types have been at the centre of the mattress industry in recent times:

1. Memory Foam

The memory foam mattress has been the standard for comfort and support for decades. Memory foam gets its name from its ability to mould itself to the shape of your body. It gives a cradling sensation and helps maintain your spine’s natural alignment.

Memory mattresses support your back and joints, helping to relieve pressure from injured muscles and aiding you to complete a good night’s sleep. However, traditional memory foam mattress takes up too much space in warehouses and are difficult to pack when moving. The new memory foam beds are made from a kind of third-generation foam, making it easier to compress and fold the mattresses for longer without the fear of ruining their quality. At the same time, these new memory mattresses provide much-needed support and comfort when you sleep.  

2. Hybrid Mattress

Hybrid beds have been all the rage in the past decade as they offer a technological mix of support, comfort, and durability. A hybrid mattress is made up of different layers.

The layers in a hybrid bed consist of a base layer, a supportive core, and a pillow topper. It may have the top comfort layer added to it. A polyurethane or polyester foam makes for a good comfort layer.

Choosing from the various pillow topper can add softness to your hybrid mattress. The hybrid mattress also allows you to customize its layers according to your preference to give you the ideal comfort you need.

3. Adjustable firmness to match Your Needs

While getting comfortable sleep is necessary for maintaining good health, the idea of comfort varies from person to person. Depending on your body type, sleeping position, and medical conditions, you may feel comfortable in a firm or soft bed.

Therefore, an adjustable firmness mattress can be the best mattress giving you the best of both worlds. You can adjust its softness or firmness depending on what you are in the mood for. The mattress has an insert designed to accommodate changes in the bed firmness depending on your preference.

You can share an adjustable mattress with your partner as it is designed to respond to the varying firmness requirement of both of you. Its flexible features make it easier to pick your setting without disturbing your partner.

4. Gel Foam Mattress

The most significant disadvantage of memory foam is that it cannot absorb your body heat, causing discomfort on hot nights. The gel foam was designed to battle this disadvantage of memory foam.

Known as the Third-Generation Mattress, a cool gel mattress can absorb your body heat and trap it in its gel beads. Thus, helping to keep you breezy throughout the night. It enhances your sleep quality.

5. Sleep Sensor Mattress

Sleep sensors are built into some of today’s mattresses. A sleep sensor can be installed in any bed, from the gel mattress to the orthopaedic mattress. Sleep sensors help to monitor your heart rate and track your breathing while you rest. Sometimes, a sleep sensor is also designed to count the times you leave the bed at night. You can monitor these data from the comfort of your bedroom and help you understand your sleep cycle better. Sleep sensor mattresses can also detect when a person has stopped breathing and alert their close ones with an alarm.

6. Nano Foam Mattress

With the technology advancing to provide you with the best comfort, the nanofoam mattress is the newest addition to the mattress industry. Nano foam works like memory foam and commits your body’s natural curves to memory.

The breakthrough nanotech uses a thin sheet of material known as the nano-fibre. The nano-fibre can show high tensile strength, meaning that the fibre can be stretched into the light fabric to comfort you throughout the night.

Bottom Line

The advancement in mattress technologies makes maintaining a healthy sleep pattern in such a hectic lifestyle easier. Technological progress is not only helping to upgrade the quality of mattresses, but it is also helping you monitor some health parameters like brain waves and breathing rate.

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