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The Pros and Cons of Buying This Mattress

If you are in the market for a new mattress, chances are you have got many questions. Many different bedding options are on the market today, and they all promise to deliver fantastic sleep. That is why it is almost impossible to trust what your eyes tell you when researching mattresses.

But before you narrow down all your preferences and choices to one final mattress, one question that pops up is, “what are the pros and cons of buying these mattresses?”

Fortunately, once you take the time to understand the pros and cons of any particular mattress, you can lock down your choices much faster than you would have thought possible. In this article, we discuss some of the factors that should help you make an informed decision about buying the best mattress.

Things to know before buying a new mattress

You have to consider so many factors when you go buy a new mattress. It is essential to go through them systematically. So, before you head to the store to buy a new mattress, keep the following factors in mind –

Sleep Type

Knowing your sleep type will make it easier to find the right mattress. For example, if you tend to wake up sweaty or restless, you should buy a bed with soft, breathable fabric to get a more relaxed sleep environment.

If you tend to wake up tired but with mild discomfort, you should buy mattresses with more support to get a more comfortable sleep.

Sleeping Environment

It is essential to know how your preferred sleeping environment looks. That includes the number of people in the room, temperature, bed size, pillows on the bed, and so on. The mattresses you buy should provide support and comfort while complementing your sleeping environment.

Mattress type

Choosing the best type of mattress for you depends on something other than your sleeping style, budget, and lifestyle. It is important to consider your health. For example, an orthopaedic mattress might be your best option if you suffer from back pain. Similarly, latex, a natural or organic mattress, are among the healthiest mattress if you suffer from allergies. And a soft bed might be a better option if you have high blood pressure.

Price and size of mattress

Price mainly depends on the quality, brand and type of mattress. Organic or natural fibre generally costs more. Innerspring beds are the cheapest among all, hybrid mattresses being the highest for their quality and durability.

Dimensions of the mattress are crucial for your body type and space. Generally, six mattress types are available with the manufacturers: king-size mattressqueen mattress, California king, Full size, Twin XL, and Twin size.

Pros and cons of various types of mattresses 

If you are interested in switching to another type of mattress and contemplating the same question – “what are the pros and cons of buying this mattress?” Here is a perfect platter of pros and cons for you –

Latex mattresses

These are most popular among heavy sleepers, lasting up to 20 years. It is made of an elastic material that absorbs body weight, thus reducing pressure points. Moreover, it is the best mattress for back pain and allergy sufferers.


  • Most durable mattress
  • Promotes pressure point relief
  • All Natural 


  • Heavy in size
  • Comparatively costly

Innerspring mattress

It consists of a few layers of spring coil surrounded by foam or another cushioning; it is most responsive (bounces back from bed) and has strong edge support.


  • Back support
  • Budget-friendly
  • Available in a wide variety


  • It provides less pressure relief
  • Comparatively less period

Hybrid mattress

It combines the best of the inner spring and latex bed mattresses. You get the durability of latex while enjoying the soft feel of the organic material. It is the best sleeping mattress for people who want the best of both worlds.


  • Promotes back support and pressure point relief
  • Does not retain heat


  • Comparatively expensive than innerspring
  • Poor movement absorption

Foam mattress

These are entirely made of polyurethane foam without any coil. You can find these in two types: gel memory foam and memory foam. Memory mattress is best known among these types and is best for people with pain issues and side sleepers. 


  • Joint and back pain relief
  • Longer lifespan


  • Most expensive among other types
  • Gel memory foam does not store heat

Pros and cons of Livpure mattress

Some of the pros of Livpure mattresses are that it comes with a ten-year warranty, a 100-night free trial, and is available in custom sizes. It helps to regulate temperature with gel memory foam and is the perfect combination of bounce and firmness.

Additionally, the cons of Livpure mattresses include – no availability of spring mattresses and the removable cover that does not come with all beds.

Pros and cons of buying a mattress online

You can consider a few pros and cons when buying mattresses online or offline.

The pros of buying mattresses online are that you can compare a variety of beds and the prices with offers and sales. It is the best option if you have no time to visit the shop. Also, you get to know a lot from already available reviews and ratings.

On the other hand, the cons of buying mattresses online include damages due to packaging or poor packaging. They are not always returnable or even refundable at times.

While buying offline, you have the constraint of options, and you might visit a few shops only. But here you can get the feel of real quality and avail warranty with easy return and exchange option.

Wrap up

A new mattress is a significant investment, so deciding on your best interest is essential. Choosing a new mattress that suits your sleeping needs and meets your budget is a worthwhile endeavour.

Once you find the right mattress, you will be glad you made this necessary purchase. There are several mattresses available that are both affordable and comfortable.