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The Role Mattresses Play in Your Health

Health conditions such as arthritis, insomnia, varicose veins, and abdominal and back pain, among others, have become commonplace. Every other person, especially those past their middle age, seems to suffer from one or more such ailments. 

In the race of our sedentary lifestyles, we often forget that such afflictions are not normal, and the solution might be simpler than we’d imagine. A simple mattress change can help deal with these issues. However, do not fall for “miracle beds” claims that are only there to swindle your money. 

Nonetheless, the role mattresses play in your health cannot be ignored. This article discusses all of it.                                               

Can a Bad Mattress Really Affect Your Health?

Let’s say you’ve had a long and hectic day at work and want to return home and unwind. You play some relaxing music, munch on some healthy snacks, take a shower and prepare yourself for bed. However, tossing and turning is all you can do no matter what you try. 

Out of the many nights you couldn’t sleep despite being sleep-eyed, how many times have you wondered, “Is this the right mattress for me?” It’s time to blame your mattress when it begins to affect your health in the following ways –

1. Severe Back Aches

One vital aspect of sleeping comfortably and peacefully is to have proper spinal support. The human spine is composed of interlocking bones that curve naturally. Even a slight push or pull can trigger the interlocking system out of place, leading to severe aches. 

Such pains are often the results of an old, sagging mattress or one that is not firm enough. In such a case, you can invest in an orthopaedic mattress, usually composed of a solid memory foam layer. Such beds are firm enough to offer your spine and back the support they need through pressure-relieving zones. This is precisely why the orthopaedic variant is the best mattress for side sleeper

Even an ortho latex mattress is a good choice, especially if you also need temperature control. Such mattresses support heavier body parts such as shoulders and hips whilst keeping you cool through the night, even during scorching summers. 

2. Head and Neck Pains 

A relevant mattress for back pain is one of many health considerations to make. Even your head and neck should be well-aligned while you sleep. Tipping your head backward or forward can lead to chronic head and neck pains.

Though pillows are usually the key to such aches, even a lumpy mattress could be the underlying problem. In this case, a mattress which is good for health would be one without any lumps or dips. If you experience sagginess or a general sinking feeling in specific areas, switch sleeping positions and rotate the mattress frequently.

If even that fails, you may need to purchase a new mattress for bed. If you do not need an ortho mattress, consider investing in a natural latex variant that is comparatively soft and gently cradles your body through contouring. 

3. Allergies 

While good mattresses are low maintenance, you still must follow specific preventive measures to keep them clean and hygienic. If eating on the bed has been a common practice, change it immediately as this can attract pestering dust mites. 

Like ticks and spiders, one slight difference is that dust mites are microscopic. These boogers love to feed on dead human skin, which the mattress has in abundance. 

Dust mites will not let you enjoy deep sleep if you’re already allergic to dust or have asthma. You will regularly suffer from a runny nose, cough and cold, constant sneezing, and itchy eyes. Thankfully, hypoallergenic mattresses are available that keep dust mites at bay. 

Plus, many come with anti-bacterial and allergic-proof covers. If you don’t want to change the mattress, invest in an excellent hypoallergenic cover. 

4. Excessive Sweating 

Though common during the summers, it is possible that you may sweat excessively as you wake up in the morning all year round. If this is the case, even if you sleep alone or share a mattress for king size bed with a partner or children, the bed may be the problem. 

Now, if you’re wondering how a mattress could contribute to sweat, it can depend upon the material used. Dense mattresses usually trap the body heat that is released as you sleep. Because the heat cannot escape, it circulates your body, leading to sweating. 

You will find a memory foam cool gel mattress online with cooling technology. The gel absorbs the trapped heat, keeping your body cool through the night. Moreover, if the bed comes with a breathable outer fabric, all the better! 

5. Joint Aches 

Though a firm mattress is suitable for offering optimal body support, a super-firm one has its share of cons, one of them being joint pains. Even an overly firm mattress creates pressure around your hips, joints, back, and shoulders, leading to severe aches. 

On the firmness meter, mattresses ranging between 6 and 8 are ideal, depending on whether you need an ortho mattress or not. If your bed is not that old and cannot be changed immediately, purchase a mattress topper that offers the plush feel your mattress cannot. The toppers provide superior comfort and additional support, so a plush topper can quickly solve the problem. 

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