The Role Of Sleep For Good Mental Health

The Role Of Sleep For Good Mental Health

Nearly 400 years ago, the renowned literary author and playwright – William Shakespeare – described sleep as “nature’s soft nurse.” Little did he know then that nothing could be closer to the truth.  A sound sleep of at least six to eight hours each night is not just an option but vital to the proper functioning of the body  health especially the mental health faculties. While stress and the modern sedentary lifestyle are two major contributors to insomnia and restless sleep in adults, many people experience this crisis solely due to a poor mattress.

Want to know how? Keep reading as this article reveals that and much more. 

Sleep and mental health: A close relationship 

Many people know the physical and physiological effects of poor sleep. While the Centre for Disease Control (CDC) advises that an average person should receive at least seven to nine hours of sound sleep every night, most settle for less than the bare minimum. 

The results? A compromised immune system and digestive system. Lack of adequate sleep combined with emotional or binge eating is one of the main factors contributing to obesity. If left unchecked, seemingly minor issues such as insomnia and high blood pressure may take more dangerous forms, such as heart disease, diabetes, and poor cognitive functioning over the months. 

Yes, sleep is essential for your central nervous system. Going without it altogether or less than what is needed may result in a number of mental health issues, including –

  • Increased anxiety 
  • Depression 
  • Paranoia 
  • Impulsive Behaviour 
  • Extreme Mood Swings 
  • Suicidal Thoughts 

If these consequences aren’t enough, chronic sleep deprivation can even lead to memory loss. During sound sleep, neural pathways are formed that help in retaining information. Your brain becomes so worn out from lack of sleep that it cannot perform at its best. If it goes on long enough, it may even result in mania or hallucinations, which are the perception of sights or sounds that are not actually there.

Finally, the sleep-deprived often experience episodes of micro-sleep wherein they fall asleep involuntarily throughout the day for some seconds. One can only imagine how life-threatening such a scenario can be in the case of driving. Hence, sleep is vital not just for your physical organs but also for your mental sanity. 

Role of Livpure in protecting your mental health 

In light of the abovementioned mental abnormalities, you should want to enjoy sound sleep each night. Most people go to great lengths, such as creating the right dim atmosphere, setting up aromatherapy lamps, shutting off phones to limit screen time, and more. 

But they don’t make a simple mattress switch, which may solve more than half of their problems. Perhaps even you were unaware that a good mattress could maximise sleep unlike any other. If so, Livpure offers you a broad selection of sturdy, natural mattresses that are suitable for your specific requirements.

They not only ensure sound sleep but mould themselves to your body’s unique needs. Listed below is the collection –

1. Livpure ortho mattress 

The Livpure orthopaedic mattress is a one-of-its-kind innovation backed by science. This bedding, which has a cool gel memory foam layer, a high-resilience foam layer, and an anti-skid base, is primarily appropriate for people with chronic back and joint problems. It is available in three variations: Basic, Advanced, and Premium.

This Livpure memory foam mattress price mainly varies due to the cover, which is available in spacer fabric for the Basic and natural bamboo fibre for the other two. The bedding is comfortable enough to withstand a partner’s constant tossing and turning during the night while still being supportive enough to support your back and shoulders.

With this, sound sleep for those with spinal issues comes as easy as ABC. 

2. Livpure regal mattress 

The Regal mattress Livpure is also advanced bedding that comes with a cool gel memory foam layer followed by a latex foam layer, a high-resilience foam layer, and a final anti-skid base. While this Livpure sleep bedding is also suitable for chronic spinal issues, it is even ideal for the sweltering summers. 

If you live in an extremely warm part of the country and the main reason you cannot fall asleep is the heat, it’s time to choose better! The regal mattress will offer you the coolness and comfort that you seek. 

Even the outer fabric cover is a Kooltex Cooltouch fabric that is best-suited for the summer season. 

3. Livpure smart mattress 

Equipped with the latest advancements in sleep engineering, the Livpure smart mattress uses computerised 5D contour foam that offers customised body support and comfort. There are three premium layers – the topmost memory foam layer, the Ortho HR foam layer, and the HR foam layer with 5D Sleeptech. 

By facilitating deep muscle relaxation, the bedding naturally aligns your spine and even helps your body recover and rejuvenate while you sleep. With this bedding, sound sleep is all that you’ll get! 

4. Livpure natural mattress 

The Jeeva is a Livpure sleep mattress available with three premium layers – 100% natural latex, a plant oil-based layer, and the final, anti-skid base. It comes with an organic cotton cover, and the plant oil-based layer also consists of healing biocrystals that work toward calming your mind and inducing deep sleep. 

The natural ingredients are a bonus. But, the most potent role is played by the natural latex and 16 biocrystals. The latex keeps the Livpure bed mattress’ temperature neutral, whereas the crystals are scientifically proven to relieve anxiety and stress. 

Let Livpure take care of your overall well-being

Your mental health is too precious to be tampered with. While the chaotic world outside threatens to pull you down through stress and anxiety, deep sleep can restore it all the same. 

Buy a Livpure mattress online and let it work its magic on your sleep patterns! Choose your ideal pick based on specific lifestyle and health requirements. The mattresses are available in different sizes – Livpure king mattress size, queen size, twin size, and single size. 

Through easy payment options and pan-India shipping, you will have no trouble receiving your mattress at the earliest. Choose the Livpure advantage today!