The Ultimate Guide to Finding the Perfectly Comfortable Mattress

The kind of mattress that you sleep on has a huge significance on the nature and quality of your sleep. The level of firmness, quality of fibre, and fill, along with the softness and comfort that it provides are some of the essential factors that you should keep in mind when searching online for the ‘best mattress near me.

Here are some of the options you should consider from Livpure if you are looking for the best and coziest mattress in the world!

  • Vital 5-inch Reversible Memory Foam Mattress

With soft foam on one side and high-density foam on the other, this mattress provides you the option to select and decide which side to sleep on. Isn’t it cool?

It also comes with a removable spacer fabric outer cover, underneath which is the medium soft layer followed by a Hard high resilience foam layer. The outer layer gives your mattress an additional layer of protection from accidental spills, dust, and mites.

The outer cover can now also be washed in cold/warm water for your convenience and now comes with a breathable anti-skid fabric so that it doesn’t slip off your mattress.

The two types of foam will assure maximum and 360-degree support to your body while also ensuring the spine alignment stays in place. This mattress is best suited for warm weather conditions while it also provides perfect lumbar support while giving a cushion-like feeling.

Along with this, the top side (softer foam) provides a firmness level of 7 on a scale of 1-10 while the bottom side (High-resilience hard foam), provides a firmness level of 9 for people who like hard foam mattresses to rest on.

It is the easiest and pocket-friendliest option which now comes in a box for quick transport. With the risk-free trial period, 7-year warranty, and customizable size options, you can not miss this mattress for sure!

  • Ortho-X Memory Foam Mattress (Basic)

This mattress is designed to adapt to your back to give you a sound sleep. It now comes with a breathable spacer fabric cover, an inch of cool gel memory foam, 5 inches of the high-resilience foam layer, and an anti-skid base.

This cool-gel-infused memory foam is a perfect fit for people having chronic back pain and posture issues. This mattress is the best solution for places experiencing high temperatures all year round and makes sure that you have a silent sleep without any sweat or odor. It ensures undisturbed sleep even when your partner moves around frequently. The hard foam layer will ensure that it doesn’t let you sink in too deep.

Get this mattress for single, twin, king, and queen bed sizes as it comes with customizable dimension options as well! Moreover, with a 10-year warranty period and a risk-free trial option, you can not get a mattress at a better price than this online!

  • Ortho CurvX: Curved Orthopedic Foam

This amazing amalgamation of technology, innovation, and luxury has given birth to the very new and most significant addition to Livpure’s long list of best and most affordable mattresses. Now, embedded with RecoverX technology that comes with a Curved Foam feature, helps you to recover your body while it takes the shape of your body by providing orthopedic support. Along with ensuring a natural spine alignment, it gives maximum muscle relaxation.

Finally, the 5D Sleeptech technology has divided the mattress into 5 uniform zones for the head, shoulders, hips, legs, and feet that relieve pressure and help to give you deep and undisturbed sleep.

The mattress now comes in single, twin, queen, and king bed sizes along with customizable options and a 10-year warranty period along with an option for a risk-free 100 days trial.

  • Regal: Memory Foam and Latex Mattress

This 8-inch memory foam mattress comes with cool-gel memory foam and a removable Kooltex cool-touch outer fabric that can be washed for your convenience. This mattress is best suited for the summer season and hotter climates. With a 6-inch High Resilience foam, and 1 inch-latex foam, and 1-inch cool gel foam, it also comes with an anti-slip base that keeps the mattress firm in its place. The Poly fabric inner cover also increases the longevity of your mattress.

It scores 8 on the firmness meter on a scale of 1-10 while also being the best mattress option for those suffering from chronic and back pain issues. This planet-friendly mattress keeps you and the mattress safe by being resistant to allergies and bacteria. The advanced version of this mattress comes with 5 inches of high-density foam, 1.5 inches of cool gel memory foam, and 1.5 inches of latex foam.

Now, with zero shipping cost, safe delivery options, and suitable to single, twin, king, and queen bed sizes, this mattress is available online with a 10-year warranty and a risk-free trial period.

  • Naturale: Ayurvedic Foam Mattress

This 6-inch Ayurvedic Foam mattress is India’s first Ayurveda-inspired mattress using chemical-free ingredients and is in fact, infused with the goodness of sandalwood in the latex foam and lavender in the cover.

It comes with a herb-infused excel fabric outer cover, pure cotton inner cover, natural memory foam, natural latex with pin cores, and an anti-skid base. This complete Made in India mattress has a score of 8 on the firmness meter, on a scale of 1-10.

This mattress is Livpure’s patent technology pending and comes with a 5-year warranty period and a 100-day risk-free trial option as well. You can avail of this Livpure mattress in single, twin, queen, and king bed sizes with customizable options available online.

About Livpure

With myriad options and sophisticated technology, Livpure’s mattresses are one of the best and coziest mattresses available at the best prices online! You cannot get mattresses at better prices than these near you and we are sure that after reading this, you are excited to check out the best Livpure mattress online on Livpure’s website.

Livpure mattresses are considered one of the best mattresses in the world! Exquisitely crafted in India, Livpure offers smart sleep solutions that can enhance your sleep to the next level. With zero shipping costs and a 100-night trial period, Livpure strives for the best mattresses online at the best prices.

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