Top 10 Mattress Brands

Are you looking for a new mattress that can kickstart your journey towards more peaceful sleep? Perhaps a medical condition has influenced this decision? Whatever the case, one hard look at the market can overwhelm you as numerous mattress companies compete for your attention.

This guide will clear all doubts. Listed below are the top 10 mattress brands that are currently making a buzz in the country. Read on to see what each has to offer and what makes them a strong player in the market.

1. Livpure

A joint venture founded under the SAR Group, Livpure aims to create a safer environment for upcoming generations. Powered by over 1000 certified engineers, the company’s strong distribution network serves customers pan-India.

With over two decades of happy customers, Livpure has faithfully met the mattress needs of over one million customers. The company manufactures one of the best mattress for back pain, available in two Ortho X variants and one premium Ortho CurvX variant.

Other popular products include smart, reversible, natural latex, and regal hybrid mattresses. If you can’t find a nearby Livpure outlet, you can easily purchase a mattress online through easy payment and free shipping options.

2. Sleepwell Mattress

A flagship brand of Sheela Group, Sleepwell has been manufacturing mattress in India for the past five+ decades. The company’s mattresses are designed in 100,000+ square feet of factories, all solutions customised to suit the customers’ unique needs.

As and when client needs evolved, Sleepwell also advanced its research and innovation capabilities to meet those evolving needs adequately. The company’s mattresses are well-known for high cushioning, exceptional comfort, optimal pressure distribution, and plush feel.

Its most popular mattress products include Sleepwell Resitec Foam, Sleepwell Cellergise, and Sleepwell Air-O-Fresh.

3. Springtek

Claiming to be the single source for comfort solutions, Springtek designs mattress for bed mainly popular for the excellent air circulation they facilitate. However, the brand does not limit itself to manufacturing spring mattresses.

Some of its other widely popular products include the natural latex mattress, the latex pocket spring mattress, the tri-folding mattress, and the Supernova latex and memory mattress. Offering pan-India shipping and doorstep delivery, Springtek ensures each product is suitable for natural sleep lovers.

Some top reasons why this brand is popular among the Indian populace include a focus on superior comfort, factory-to-home products, customisable options, and affordable mattress prices.

4. Kurl-On Mattress

There is rarely an Indian household that is not familiar with Kurl-on and its legacy. Established in 1962, Kurl-on is one of India’s oldest mattress manufacturing brands. But this is not mainly the reason why this company made it to this list of top 10 mattress brands.

Kurl-on has made its name in the Indian market due to top-notch quality and product durability. The company is huge, with nine manufacturing units throughout the country and over 10,000 product dealers.

With 126 configurations available, some of the best mattresses developed by Kurl-on include foam, pure coir, and spring mattresses.

5. Hush

Hush mattress company has served the Indian people for the past two decades. The company aims to manufacture the best bed mattress that facilitates the comfort of body, mind, and soul.

The company manufactures mattress under different categories such as luxury, premium, orthopaedic, and online exclusive. Besides these, Hush also specialises in premium mattress protectors, covers, and comforters.

Some of its most popular products include PU foam mattress, ecofoam mattress, spine supporter mattress, and royal memory waterfall mattress.

6. Wakefit

Founded in 2016, Wakefit is among the new players in the market. With over 1,500 hours spent in research and development, the company has served over 8 lakh customers with its portfolio of 18 lakh+ products.

Wakefit’s mattresses are best known for their high degree of comfort, durability, and customisable options. Almost every variant is available – single mattress, queen size, and king size bed mattress. The mattress sizes are suitable for people of all age groups (and physiques).

Two of the most popular Wakefit mattress varieties include the 7-zone latex mattress and orthopaedic mattress.


Based in Kolkata, SleepyCat is also among the new players in the market founded in 2017. The company was established with a firm conviction that though the world outside is chaotic and stressful, sleep can still come easy.

SleepyCat has also revolutionised logistics by including a portfolio of only pure comfort products that can be delivered across India, be it obscure pin codes or narrow doors.

To keep the options few yet luxurious, the SleepyCat portfolio includes the Ultima mattress, the Original Spring mattress, and the Hybrid Latex mattress. They also specialise in soft baby mattresses.

8. Springwel

Springwel is the mattress brand that pioneers in terms of the Indian mattress spring technology. You can buy mattress online that is “sleeper-friendly” and offers optimal body support and comfort for a peaceful snooze.

Founded in 1996, Springwel has disrupted other mattress segments other than the popular spring technology. These include bonded, latex, memory foam, PUF, and the royal luxury mattress.

The company’s mattress comes in attractive designs and prints, is long-lasting, and offers much-needed comfort for the overall body.

9. Recron

Launched in 2022, Recron Certified is a consumer-centric initiative undertaken by Reliance Industries Ltd. The company was mainly established to offer premium-quality sleep solutions at affordable prices.

Given the motivation behind starting the venture, Recron mainly focuses on manufacturing mattresses that offer optimal back and spine support. It also deals in one reversible mattress variant that is firm on one side and soft on the other.

Recron’s mattress, besides promoting healing for the body, is washable and fire-retardant. However, the company does not offer many customisations.

10. Sleepyhead

Just like SleepyCat, Sleepyhead was established in 2017 with the ‘bed in a box’ concept. The company specialises in manufacturing mattress that is suitable for 90% of body types and sleeping positions.

Offering orthopaedic, latex, and high-density foam mattress options, the brand is known for top quality, supreme comfort, and customisation options. You can easily buy single, double, queen size mattress, or king size mattress as per your needs.

Get the Bang for Your Buck!

Mattress kinds have evolved over the ages. As technology advances and consumer needs broaden, mattress brands are labouring hard to offer sleep and comfort solutions that check every box.

Since a mattress is an investment in your health, both now and in the future, make an informed choice by considering some important factors such as your health condition, body weight, the size of the room, etc.

Make an informed choice and drift away into Slumberland whenever your head hits the pillow.