Top 5 Mattresses of 2022 & Reviews

If you want to buy a mattress online, you might be scratching your head because of the myriad options. There are different materials, construction types, densities, etc. The only way to pick one is based on your needs and the deliverable of the mattress. 

You can go for a Livpure sleep mattress, and you will find varying options based on your needs, like everyday use, back pain, children’s beds, etc. A good night’s sleep will increase your productivity, memory, and most importantly avoid any back pain. 

Through years of experience and testing, experts have created some of the best mattresses. For every need and demand, there is a mattress. You need to look in the right place with the proper knowledge.

Here’s what you need to consider before buying a mattress  

Firstly, the right mattress for you will vary according to your needs. So, determine your end user. The mattresses will vary for adults, children and the older population. You also have to put the size into consideration. 

Second, be clear about what you want with the new mattress – uninterrupted sleep, relief from pain, etc.

Third, you can filter out those out of the range if you have a budget. So, below you can check out the top 5 mattresses of 2022. 

Top 5 Mattresses of 2022   

Now that your goal is clear, much is still to be done. For instance, there are various options for mattresses for better quality sleep. Your purchase will also depend on availability, foam firmness, height, width, etc.

For standard sizes, online mattresses will fit like a charm. However, for custom beds, you might have to look harder and longer. One option is to order a custom mattress. Cut to the chase, here is a curated list of the best mattresses of 2022 –

1. Affordable foam mattress for daily use

Usually, people don’t expect a mattress with many qualities under a budget. However, there are emerging technologies that are making this possible.

The Lumbar: HR Foam Mattress With 3D Sleeptech is the first Livpure smart mattress with EGAPA technology. This helps neutralize toxic VOCs. Further, the Dow comfort science TM technology allows you to enjoy a cooling effect while sleeping by increasing the breathability of the foam.

This Livpure vital mattress is endowed with three sleep zones with 3D SleepTechTM. This provides uniform pressure on three pressure-relieving zones. You will sleep like a baby on this mattress. Customers have lauded this mattress for providing back support, safety, softness and, above all, being budget-friendly.

2. When in doubt, go for dual features

If you are confused between two mattresses, go for the ones that provide dual comfort. Usually, one side of the mattress is firmer than the other. You can sleep on either side based on your needs.

The Duos: Reversible Foam Mattress has all the qualities of the lumbar foam mattress. However, the striking feature is the duality that provides customers with the option to choose between the firm and medium firm sides. Additionally, this Livpure foldable and 5-inch mattress allows for a higher sleeping experience.

Customers who previously loved hand-made cotton mattresses changed their views after using this dual mattress. Moreover, some even claim that their back pain lessened after using Livpure’s best mattress regularly.

3. Memory foam mattress to relieve those sleep curves

When you sleep, memory foam mattresses adjust according to your body’s curves because of the heat your body produces. They regain their original shape later. This helps reduce body pain during sleep, and you wake up fresh the next day.

The Ortho CurvX: HR + Livpure Memory Foam Mattress with Curved Orthopaedic Foam is an all-in-one mattress. It is built using Dow comfort science technology with 5D pressure points and bio crystals.

This ergonomically designed mattress will provide orthopedic support along with recovery benefits. The crystals will help induce deep sleep if you find it hard to fall asleep.

4. Put your orthopedic worries away 

Orthopedic mattresses are a must for people with joint pain or someone recovering from pain like an athlete. The mattress should provide plush comfort and have relieving properties at the same time.

One such favourite among customers is the luxurious Regal: Latex + Ortho HR Foam Mattress with Bouncy Ergonomic Support. It has a premium bounce similar to a spring mattress. It has biocrystal TM and healing stones embedded in it.

This Livpure ortho mattress is built from premium latex foam powered by LuxeXTM technology and Dow Comfort Science TM Technology. Moreover, there are five built-in sleep zones to enhance deep sleep. Additionally, you will receive a removable bamboo zipper cover made from bamboo.

5. Get your night’s sleep in a Natural Mattress

A natural latex mattress will excite you if you are a nature person. Many people are conscious of what they use and what touches their skin regarding chemicals and unnatural products. Have you ever thought of a mattress that provides safety and comfort?

This Jeeva: Natural Latex mattress and its biocrystals will ensure a good night’s sleep. The foam is plant oil based and infused with citrus essence. You will experience premium comfort with a natural cotton cover that is breathable and provides natural cooling.

There is no better way to become one with nature than this mattress that comes from nature itself. Customers have loved this mattress and have claimed that there is no chemical scent that makes them feel connected with nature.

Why should you choose Livpure mattresses online?

  • 100-day no-risk trial so you can start feeling the benefits
  • All the products come with pressure point relieving technology
  • Strong customer support service
  • Dow comfort science technology for that cooling effect for deep and uninterrupted sleep
  • Attractive discounts

Pro-tip: Always read the terms and conditions before you make any purchase online.

Bottom Line

A budget plays a vital role in purchasing anything. However, a good quality mattress with the latest technology is a necessary investment. If you are on a tight budget, you can check online for discounts on Livpure sleep mattress prices or wait for an upcoming sale. 

Moreover, look closely at the sleep trials on offer and choose a mattress with a minimum of 30 days risk-free trial period. Livpure bed mattresses come with 100 day trial period. For offline purchases, you can search for a Livpure mattress store near me and get yourself that quality sleep today!