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Top Five Benefits of a Soft Gel Mattress

If there is one activity that can set straight every cell in your body, it is deep and stress-free sleep. Since sleep is your life support system, you should want to enjoy six to eight hours of non-negotiable good sleep each night Soft Gel Mattress.

While people make tremendous efforts to sleep well by drinking chamomile tea, using aromatherapy, and avoiding screen time before bed, one important aspect that gets swept under the rug is the mattress

Yes, if you feel like all else has failed you, perhaps the humble mattress is the ultimate answer to your sleep conundrum. And not just any mattress! A cool gel or soft gel mattress can restore your bio cycle. 

Read on to learn the top five benefits of soft gel foam mattresses

What is a Soft or Cool Gel Mattress?

A soft or cool gel mattress is a special kind of memory foam mattress. A basic foam mattress is made of a synthetic material called polyurethane that uses body heat to shape itself and adapt to the sleeper’s position. This distributes pressure evenly throughout the mattress, limiting movement transfer to small sections. 

So, if a partner is accustomed to tossing and turning through the night, the other is not disturbed. Cool gel memory foam mattresses come with gel pods at the top of the foam layer. Essentially, a cool gel foam mattress differs from basic foam mattresses in three ways – price, temperature, and bounce. 

The gel pods on top of the foam layer offer additional support to your neck and lower back. As a result, the pressure is much more evenly distributed. Since too many pressure points are not formed, you get a more relaxed sleep. 

Then, the gel pods allow the mattress to get back into shape faster, adding more bounce. Finally, the gel pods create open cells in the foam that facilitate increased airflow. This draws heat away from your body and keeps you cool overnight. 

For these reasons, a cool gel mattress queen or king size will be pricier compared to a standard cool gel memory foam mattress queen or king size. 

Top Five Benefits of a Soft Gel Mattress 

Now, let’s jump right into the top five benefits you can gain from a soft gel memory foam mattress. 

1. Pressure Relief for Back Ache 

A soft gel mattress is similar to a standard memory foam mattress in this regard. It is suitable for those suffering from chronic back pain and spinal issues. 

When you sit or sleep on a cool gel mattress, you will experience immense pressure relief as the gel evenly compresses to create a soft and smooth surface. This leads to balanced support that is customised to your body’s needs. Meaning, the mattress won’t give you a sinking feeling, but it will support the heavier parts such as the shoulders, back, and hips by relieving pressure points. 

Since the spine is susceptible to mild disturbances, such pressure relief goes a long way. 

2. Solid Motion Resistance 

Another top benefit of this mattress is that it is highly absorbent of movements. Sometimes, it is possible to get affected by slight tossing and turning of the partner, even on a king size mattress. However, the soft gel mattress limits motion transfer to small areas so that you can enjoy undisturbed sleep even with someone accustomed to changing their sleeping position multiple times through the night. 

For instance – on a king size gel mattress, your partner could even be jumping vigorously, and you would barely move from your side of the bed. This is beneficial not just for your sleep but also for your relationships. 

If your current mattress is in good condition, you can still avail of this benefit by purchasing a premium cool gel mattress topper India

3. Highly Personalised Comfort 

Mattresses may not be one-size-fits-all because some prefer a cool gel memory foam mattress king, whereas others may need a queen-size, twin-size, or single mattress. However, a soft gel mattress can always feel the same for everyone sitting or sleeping on it!

This is because of its ability to adapt or mould itself to every body. By cradling the heavier parts of the body and offering robust support to the lighter parts, a soft gel mattress provides that perfect balance for a night of sound sleep. 

Moreover, the soft gel provides at-par resistance to traditional memory foam. This means while you enjoy a well-cushioned surface, the mattress does not develop any dips or dents. It springs right back to its original form. 

4. Better Air Flow 

One standout feature of a soft gel mattress is that it is embedded with healing biocrystals during the manufacturing process. Each crystal is carefully selected because of the benefit it contributes towards a good night’s sleep – stress relief, calming action, pain relief, etc. 

Not only that, but these crystals also drive away surrounding heat so that the mattress becomes cool to the touch. This in itself contributes to better sleep. Research suggests that the body can better ward off insomnia when the sleeping surface is cool because it aids in melatonin production. 

Melatonin not just helps in deep sleep but also has anti-ageing benefits. This is not just beneficial but even much-needed in a hot and humid place like India. 

5. High Durability 

When it comes to purchasing new mattresses, most people allow the initial cost to be the deciding factor. But while a good-quality gel-based memory foam mattress leans slightly toward the pricier side, the gel beads increase the mattress’ longevity. 

They evenly distribute body pressure, and this helps the mattress bounce back to its original shape quickly. Soft gel mattresses are extremely easy to maintain, and they will last you for years down the line. 

Since a good mattress is an investment in the future, it is best to choose one that will easily last for years. 

Choose Livpure Soft Gel Mattress for Supreme Comfort 

You can now say goodbye to all back and spine-related sleep issues. Livpure brings you the ultimate level of comfort in the form of 10 gel memory foam mattress. Made using plant-based foam, the mattress features a quicker response and comes with no off-gassing issues. 

It will offer pressure relief to support your joints and spine. The gel layer embedded with healing biocrystals will keep you cool and sweat-free while you sleep. You can purchase the gel mattress in king, queen, twin, or single variants or invest in a good cool gel memory foam mattress topper

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