Using your Smartphone Before Sleeping? Stop Right Now!

People spend an average of eight hours per night on their super-soft mattresses. This means we spend around one–third of our lives sleeping! Undoubtedly, sleep is essential for your overall health and well-being. It gives your brain and body much–needed time to rejuvenate and energize themselves.

Every night of solid sleep on the best mattress helps you strengthen new neural pathways and consolidate the ones used recently. Though you may not be conscious of it, all the little things your body does while you are asleep majorly impact your long-term health and quality of life.

Our internal body clock also regulates itself depending on how much time we spend in natural light or darkness. It affects your circadian rhythm, which is essential to controlling your sleep pattern.

Keep reading to know why you shouldn’t use your smartphone before sleep.

If you’re using your smartphone before going to sleep, here’s why you shouldn’t

Smartphones have become an indispensable feature of our lives. This can also be seen as a double-edged sword. While it has revolutionised how we communicate with each other and the world at large, it has also manifested as a significant source of addiction, procrastination, and increased stress and anxiety levels. Research shows that 90% of teens and 60% of adults sleep with their phones next to them after using them right before they go to bed. Keep reading to know the adverse effects that using your phone before bed can have:

Blue light

Digital devices emit a particular blue light which may affect your sleep by disrupting your natural sleep cycle and causing insomnia. It suppresses the production of melatonin, a hormone that runs low in your body and can make you feel tired, exhausted and irritated.

Your circadian rhythm is attuned to the presence of natural light or darkness in your surroundings. Blue light makes it difficult for you to fall asleep as your body activates itself in the presence of the light. Over time, prolonged exposure to blue light can also affect the vision of your eyes.

Reverses the body’s alertness levels

Both light and darkness have their respective impacts on our bodies. When exposed to phone light at night, your brain gets alerted, whereas it is supposed to relax in the night time.

Using a phone before sleeping can also reduce the quality of REM sleep you get and cause chronic sleep deprivation. Furthermore, only keeping your phone away from your sight is not enough. The constant buzzing of notifications also keeps your brain alert subconsciously, preventing you from getting that much-needed deep sleep.

Your smartphone radiates electromagnetic fields

Your sleep is often interrupted by the electromagnetic fields (EMFs) emitted by your device. High-frequency EMFs can affect your brain activity during sleep. Even being in the presence of a weak EMF can disrupt your sleep, putting you at a higher risk of mood disorders, anxiety, and depression. It can also cause early onset of ageing.

Research suggests that these electromagnetic fields can increase the risk of brain tumours (especially on the side of the brain where the phone is kept). In women, prolonged exposure to these rays is known to impact fertility.

How a mattress can help improve your sleep

Snuggling in the comfort of the super soft mattress can help you slip into deep sleep easily. Innerspring, latex mattresses, and hybrid and foam mattresses are some types you can choose from depending on your sleeping habit and style.

The memory foam mattress is best known among these types. These are best for side sleepers who have a habit of tossing and turning in the night. If you want to purchase one, the Livpure foam mattress is the best memory foam mattress out there.

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Steps for healthy sleeping habits

Scrolling through your smartphone before going to bed is one of the most significant factors that prevent you from achieving a healthy sleeping routine. Here are a few steps to cut and alter your phone usage for a better sleeping experience:

  • Consider buying a mattress: Buying the best mattress for yourself is the first step towards inculcating healthy sleeping habits. Research shows that sleeping on a medium to firm mattress can promote proper spinal alignment, increased comfort, and good quality sleep.
  • Monitor phone addiction: Install a mobile activity-tracking app and analyse your phone usage. You can limit the time on social media apps and control excess usage. You can also turn off notifications before going to sleep and keep your phone at a distance at least half an hour before sleeping.
  • Practice a consistent nighttime routine: Following a specific nighttime routine daily can help develop consistent habits. Over time, practising these habits on time will trick your body into wanting to fall asleep, thereby promoting better sleep daily. You can take this opportunity to incorporate a skincare routine. You also take a bath or apply a face mask to relax yourself further and sink into your best memory foam mattress.
  • Engage in relaxing bedtime activities: You can indulge in reading a book or doing meditation on your soft mattress before sleep. This will help calm your mind, relax your body, and will help you sleep soundly.

Final words

If you have been trying to quit the habit of using a phone just before sleeping, but are struggling, here is what you can do. An unconventional solution like the one above might just be the answer you need. Research has shown that a lack of sleep can seriously affect your health and well-being. Choosing the best mattress can be your first step toward peaceful rest.

So, start your journey to developing proper sleeping habits. Book your 100-night sleep-free trial with the Livpure mattress now!