Vital Mattress

Vital Reversible Mattress

Are you someone who is never able to decide what you want? Or just confused between two things? No need to break your head over it anymore. Livpure brings to you Vital Reversible mattress- two comforts in one mattress. With medium and comfortable foam on one side and high-density resilient foam on the other, the Vital mattress is the best of both worlds. Get maximum support and be assured of utmost comfort on both sides of your bed with this reversible mattress. It comes with a breathable outer fabric, which is removable and washable for your convenience. It is also layered with anti-skid fabric so that it does not slip off your bed. 

Mattress Features 

This reversible mattress has 1 inch of medium soft foam on one side and 4 inches of high resilience foam on the reverse side. It gives the cushion feeling on the first side, just like the best memory foam mattress available in the market, but it is much pocket friendlier than the other. On the other side, it is a little firm for people who like harder beds to sleep on. It provides good spinal alignment when one sleeps on this mattress, giving as good lumbar support as any expensive mattress on the market. 

It has a removable cotton cover, washable, and keeps the mattress clean and extending its life. It also keeps someone who is sleeping on it, cool. The 3D mesh construction of the fabric is specially made for a calm sleep even on warm nights. This mattress is good for Indian climatic conditions. 

Mattress Foam type

This mattress has two kinds of foam- one side it is medium-soft for a cushiony and snuggly feel and on the other side it is a hard high resilience foam layer for people who like to sleep on harder surfaces. It is just magic- you have the best of two worlds in one tight package of layers. This reversible mattress comes with both so that you can flip between what and when you want. 

Mattress Outer cover

It has a removable spacer fabric outer cover- for easy cleaning. You can remove it and wash it for better upkeep of the mattress. The spacer fabric cover also increases the breathability of the fabric and soaks in vibrations- to keep you cool all night. This mattress hence can be used comfortably in warmer climates as well. 

Why high resilience foam?

High resilience could be made of polyurethane that encompasses much higher responsiveness than memory foam, which features a slower response. Thanks to this, those who enjoy more of a bounce in their mattress will gravitate towards this sort of foam.

High resilience foams are much less popular than memory foam mattresses, but they create important layers of the many popular mattresses. Oftentimes the transitional layer or base layer of memory foam mattresses will contain high resilience foam at high densities. This provides a more even feel across the mattress and has less stress than memory foam alone would have, which increases the longevity as well. Hence, high resilience foam can very well stand alone for the test of comfort. It is not only a great support for others, it is just enough on its own too. 

Trust in Livpure 

Livpure has proved its position in the market by delivering excellent products over the years- having sealed its place in the minds of Indian people. Livpure also has come to understand consumer’s need for quality sleep now. Hence, a manufacturer of water purifiers, air conditioners, air coolers, air purifiers, and other home-focused smart solutions, has jumped into the sleep and wellness market to launch an array of sleep products like mattresses, bedding linens, and other home products that promise a better quality of life through better snoozing at night. Livpure Sleep, a flagship brand of SAR group, brings to the consumers, nature, and technology together for the home through its sleep products. The company has always thought about the best for consumers, and Livpure Sleep will continue the legacy. With all products crafted in India, one can surely trust in the quality and sustainability of our products. 

Smart sleeping solutions

Backed by 20 years of innovation, research, and development, Livpure Sleep has come up with an array of products that are equally fancy, plush, comfortable, and pocket-friendly. Understanding the Indian market, Livpure has always manufactured pocket-friendly products without compromising on the quality. 

When consumers are shopping for a mattress, most prefer buying it after feeling it. But, if you are the one to shop for foam mattresses online, our website is the place to go- one will find many more options than any other company. Even a physical shopper will become a convert after they see the advantages of these mattresses. With mattresses, one gets a 100-day risk-free trial so that it can be tested out before making long-term decisions, and money will be returned if not liked. With excellent customer service, we continue to keep the legacy set by the parent company. 

The Livpure advantage

This is the most diverse yet pocket friendliest option in the market, and we bring this right to your doorstep- one can shop for this foam mattress online. The mattress is delivered in a box for easy and quick transit. It also comes with a 100-day risk-free trial, 7 years warranty, and easy exchange options. 

With us, find easy payment options. The company has partnered with Sezzle for no-cost EMI options. Also, find Credit Card EMI payment options with Kotak, ICICI, Axis, and HDFC banks. Livpure has been making people’s life easy with money’s worth of things for our consumer’s homes, and now has jumped into providing good sleep and tension-free payment options as well. 

Livpure’s promise to protect the environment

What is the most responsible way to use anything at home to help save our nature? One of the most helpful things people can do to save nature is to reduce buying new things, reuse old things and recycle whatever they can. Our products, any product a customer buys, do not only come with the assurance of longevity, but it also comes with long warranties so that consumers can sleep in peace without having to worry about replacing the sleep needs for a long time. We lead the way in manufacturing naturally responsible products which not only helps you to be away from any harmful chemicals and allergens, it also helps nature by producing less waste over the years. Any mattress you buy comes with a few years of warranty. Now that’s a long time!


If it is time to change the mattress but not to create a hole in the pocket, invest in our Vital mattress and give a gift of sleep to yourself. Try not to produce too much waste by throwing away substandard sleep products. With Livpure’s products, one not only gives back to the environment but also feels one with nature- all the products strive to be the best for human beings. With Vital, get the dual comfort of two kinds of mattresses in one.