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Warning Signs Of A Bad Mattress

Have you had a lousy sleep for the past few nights? Is it affecting your everyday productivity?

It could be your mattress’s fault. There are various warning signs of a bad mattress—some are visible easily, while others can only be experienced. Recognizing the ill effects of a worn-out or expired mattress will save you money and prevent health consequences in the future.

A mattress can lose durability after 7-8 years of usage or be a breeding ground for many diseases due to unhygienic sleeping practices. If you face one or multiple signs of a bad mattress, it may be time to upgrade to a better mattress for a quality life. 

These are some warning signs you must take seriously for adequate spinal support and sound sleep. 

7 warning signs of a bad mattress

Not getting quality sleep could have various reasons behind it. Try reducing coffee and alcohol late in the evening. If that doesn’t work, you can check your mattress. If you face any or all of the following problems, it’s time that you clean your mattress or upgrade to a new one.

1. You always feel tired

Do you sleep for 7-8 hours a day, yet find yourself yawning and going to bed at odd hours during the day? It might be poor quality sleep due to the wrong mattress type. If none of your symptoms are solved by the prescribed medication or wellness practices, it’s time to change your mattress. 

2, Your lower back hurts

Lower back pain and stiffness may arise from a mattress with poor spine support. If you sleep on a bed mattress too soft, your spine does not get the necessary support because your body sinks. On the other hand, you can develop hard bed mattress back pain from the zero elasticity of the memory foam. 

You can find medium-firm mattresses in the best bed mattress deals.

3. A sagging mattress

If your mattress is not horizontally even throughout, it might be sagging. Since your body weight constantly puts force on the foam and coir inside the mattress, they sag over time. This puts uneven support on your pressure points and will lead to body soreness.

You could try flipping the mattress or buying a new one. Avoid innerspring mattresses, as they have the highest tendency to fall.

4. Your mattress is 7+ years old

Did you buy your mattress seven years ago? It might be time for a new cot bed mattress. However, if you maintain your mattress by regular vacuuming, using a protection pad, and allowing proper air circulation, you could use it for another 2-3 years.

However, you must not use a mattress for more than 10 years.

5. You are developing skin rashes and infections

There might be a pool of dust mites and bugs inside your mattress. Yes, you heard it right. If you notice that your skin is itchy, you have watery eyes or a runny nose; your bed might be to blame. Get rid of that mattress immediately.

Moreover, consider buying a new base for the new mattress for additional protection. Watch out for the best bed mattress deals online or at your nearest store.

6. You are sleeping on a wrong-sized mattress

When buying a mattress, go for a size bigger than your height, with ample space between your toes and the mattresses. If you have a smaller mattress than your size or height, you will slouch while sleeping. If you sleep like this for longer, you will develop severe spinal deformities. 

A larger mattress did no one any harm!

7. You cannot fall asleep easily

If you find yourself twisting and turning for more than an hour before you finally doze off, your mattress might be degrading. When you keep changing positions until you find a sweet spot, you can develop pain and stiffness in your body. In such cases, you must upgrade to a new cot bed mattress by all means. If you sleep with your partner and children, check for a double cot bed mattress price.

Pro-tip – Try to limit yourself to scrolling through your Instagram feed or watching videos before going to sleep. That may be a reason why you can’t sleep well.

Buy these mattresses to enhance sleep quality 

If you suffer from hard bed mattress back pain, it’s time to shift to a spine bed mattress. If you live alone or have a child who suffers from poor-quality sleep or body pain, consider buying the best single-bed mattress for back pain. You can find the number 1 bed mattress in India in offline and online stores. 

Consider these before you purchase a suitable mattress based on your needs.

  • Back and hip pain – Old age comes with many challenges. Back pain is inevitable in today’s times. However, a spine bed mattress will provide relief to your body. A luxury bed mattress with spine support will be a godsend if your daily tasks involve a 9-5 desk job.
  • Poor sleeping patterns – You might not be able to go to sleep quickly or even keep changing positions in the middle of the night if you sleep on the hardest bed mattress? If you resonate with this, you must buy soft cot bed mattresses that are not too jumpy. 
  • Firmness – Is your bed mattress too soft? Chances are that your body is not getting the support it needs for effortless sleep. Although some people swear by a soft cot bed mattress, your body might not be in tune with the softness. Go for a medium-firm luxury bed mattress for a luxurious vacation quality sleep.
  • Size – The ideal mattress size is a queen-size bed mattress. However, if you or your partner like to take up ample space while sleeping, you can buy a king-sized bed and mattress. For smaller rooms like a kid or guest room, the best bunk bed mattress should be on your list.


A bad mattress will not only ruin your mood but also affect your everyday relationships and work-life balance. Since you now know the warning signs of a bad mattress, you can help yourself and others.

The most important tip is always to avoid the hardest bed mattress, even if your elders recommend it. Both extremes—a hard bed mattress or a bed mattress too soft—are bad news for your back. You might not notice it when you are comparatively young. But, as they say, “Prevention is better than cure.”

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