What Causes A Mattress To Sag

Sleeping on a saggy mattress is like taking a nap on a quicksand. The way a sagging mattress sinks under your weight and causes body pains—it’s pretty frustrating. 

Just within a few nights, you will start clutching your back, wondering whether you need to see a doctor or get a massage for relief. But let’s not resort to one-time solutions and forget to get to the root cause.

Just find out why your mattress is sagging and fix the sag. Simple enough?

Before we get to the tips to prevent sag, it’s imperative to know the reasons causing the indents in the single mattress

Let’s find out!

Top Reasons Why The Mattresses Start To Sag

Believe it or not, mattress sagging is one of the most common issues people face.

The memory foam mattress or any other mattress starts to sag, loses evenness and dips down. Most people don’t realise that sagging is almost permanent if ignored for too long. It creates a lasting impression on the mattress due to its age or lack of maintenance. 

Sags occur mostly under the body’s heaviest part, such as the lower back and torso. A saggy mattress can mess up your spinal alignment and interrupt your good night’s sleep. The common causes of sunken beds are:

1. Inferior quality material

Got a cheap mattress? Well, an inexpensive bed may seem like a dream deal. But it’s better to get the first-rate quality Livpure smart mattress and rest assured for years. Inferior quality materials used in an economical bed quickly lead to mattress sag.

Sub-standard materials lack the durability and longevity required to handle wear and tear over the years. 

2. Lacking proper support

The sunken mattress may often result from the lack of foundation support. Your mattress requires proper support in the middle part of the bed. Big-size beds with king and queen mattress carry more weight. Hence, solid base support holds the mattress together and prevents sinkage.

3. Regular wear and tear

Don’t you want your mattress to last forever? Unfortunately, even the premium and the best mattress don’t last. The materials will eventually wear out, whether it’s a latex mattress, foam or spring mattress. 

The springs of the mattress lose firmness to recoil after prolonged use, leading to the sag under your weight. As for the memory foam or latex mattress, the foam continues to soften and create indents in the mattress.

Best Ways To Fix Your Sagging Mattress

Even a quality mattress will eventually sag. Though you can’t fix a sagging mattress, you can surely minimise the dip effect. Also, remember that prevention is better than cure for beds. 

Use the tips below to prevent it from sagging as early as you notice a little dip. It will also extend the lifespan of your foam mattress

1. Consider getting a mattress topper

A mattress topper stays on top of the mattress, which adds an extra soft layer of fabric over the bed. These Livpure mattress toppers are 2-5 inches thick and available in various materials like latex, foam, wool or feather. They help to reduce sagging effects by providing a smooth surface to sleep.

Toppers are apt to even out the surface of the mattress for better comfort. Get your hands on the best mattress toppers that match your bed size and enjoy a restful sleep without worrying about sag for a long time. 

2. Check the bed foundation

Sometimes, your bed needs extra support to prevent the mattress from sagging. After all, a poor bed foundation is the biggest culprit for mattress sagging. If you have slats within your bed’s foundation, ensure that those are evenly spread out. 

Also, even the most robust bed foundation can wear and tear. Keep an eye on the bed’s foundation and see if any damage needs repairing. Replace the bed if it’s getting worn out. Remember, just like your body needs support from the Livpure mattress king-size, your mattress needs help to stay put.

3. Rotating your mattress regularly

Looking for an easy and quick solution? Make a habit of rotating your mattress regularly. Since sagging is caused by constant pressure from your body weight, turning the mattress once every three to six months helps to even out the tension. 

If your mattress is two-sided, you can even try flipping the mattress to change the pressure points. This simple trick prevents sagging and prolongs the life of your mattress Livpure.

4. Add the support of extra pillows

Adding a few pillows underneath the mattress where the mattress is sagging allows you to reduce its effect. However, if there is only a minor dip, you can put cushions under the hips, back or legs to retain the shape and get extra support.

Also, avoid using pillows if it’s creating more unevenness in the mattress. It can further aggravate the sag and leads to more discomfort. 

5. Get rid of your old mattress

It’s hard, but sometimes the only way to get rid of the saggy mattress is to let it go. Say goodbye to your old bed if you are sleep-deprived on most days due to a sagging mattress. It is not worth playing with your health. Most memory foam or other mattresses have a life span of 7-10 years.

While you can extend your mattress’s life with the above solutions, you can’t do much if it sagged beyond help. Moreover, the material degrades over time, and the dip will never disappear. That’s when it’s time to get a new mattress online

The Bottom Line

The key to getting a peaceful night’s sleep is the necessary upkeep of the mattress. You may want to use the above tips to reduce the dips until possible. To that end, you can get the most out of your mattress. 

However, once the sag is quite noticeable and none of the above tips seems to work, find your new sleeping partner – Livpure smart mattress. A good quality mattress lets you get enough sleep and help you wake up fresh and energetic.