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What Happens To A Mattress After 10 Years

Has it been years since you first bought your latex mattress? You’ve probably had many cozy nights and some amazing memories in it. But now, your mattress isn’t giving the same comfort years later. The fabric is starting to tear, the springs are beginning to show, you feel the lumps and it provides no back support.

So, what do you do? Can you keep your mattress around for another 10 years?

Old Mattresses Are Dangerous

The Sleep Council warns that germs like staphylococcus, enterococcus, norovirus, and even MRSA can thrive in mattresses that are 10 years old or more.

Old mattresses can be quite dangerous to your health. They can harbor dust mites and other allergens, which can cause asthma and other respiratory problems. They can also be a breeding ground for mold and other harmful bacteria. So, if you want to keep your bed around for a few more years, you’ll need to work towards cleaning it and keeping it safe. 

To keep your old mattress in good condition, you’ll need to vacuum it regularly and clean it with a mild disinfectant. Air it in the sun every few months. You could have a mattress protector, which protects your mattress from spillage, dust, sweat, etc., but make sure to wash it often. And if your mattress is starting to sag, you can try flipping it over or using a mattress topper to add support.

When To Replace An Old Mattress

Even with regular maintenance, your old mattress will eventually reach the end of its lifespan. You’ll know it’s time to replace your mattress when it feels lumpy or uncomfortable or when the springs poke through the fabric. If you’ve had your mattress for over 10 years, it’s time to start shopping for a new one.

When choosing the best beds, it’s important to find one that suits your sleeping habits and preferences. If you are a side sleeper, you’ll need a softer mattress that conforms to your body. You’ll need a firmer mattress to support your spine if you sleep on your back. People with medical conditions, such as arthritis or back pain, must choose a mattress that provides the right support level.

A well-cared-for mattress can serve you well for decades. But eventually, even the best-made mattress will reach the end of its lifespan. When that time comes, it’s important to know when to replace it. Investing in a new mattress might be a good idea if you have any allergies or respiratory problems.

Here are 5 signs to determine if you need a new mattress:

1. Your mattress is too old

One of the first things to consider is how old the mattress is. If you are not good at keeping records, the mattress tag is the perfect place to note the date of purchase. Typically, it would help if you waited 7-10 years before getting rid of your mattress. Many consumers who have invested in a mattress with a 20-year warranty may find this surprising. The warranty is only meant to cover the quality of the materials and construction (springs), not the overall quality of the mattress.

2. You wake up unrested

After a restful night’s sleep, you should feel revitalized and ready to take on the day. If you’re not suffering from another sleep issue, like sleep apnea, and you’ve noticed that you’re waking up weary and feeling drowsy during the day, it may be because of all the tossing and turning you do in a double mattress size bed. If there were a comfortable sleeping position, your body would discover one right now.

3. You wake up with backaches

Do you feel stiff and exhausted every morning when you awake? If so, it’s time to shop for a new bed mattress. When the top layer of an old king mattresses size bed has worn down to the point where you sleep directly on the springs, you will experience painful pressure points. 

Your spine, which is your body’s heaviest region, will sink into the mattress as the comfort layers lose compression. Pain in the neck and back upon waking that subsides with the day’s activities may indicate that your current mattress is too soft or that you need a firmer one.

4. Your bed isn’t comfortable anymore

You should consider getting a new mattress if you’ve started sleeping on the couch or in another room rather than your bed. The same holds if you discover that you sleep better on a hotel super king size bed when away from home. 

Sleeping on a mattress that both relaxes and supports you is important. Allowing your body this time to rest and recuperate is in its best interest. Studies show that replacing an outdated mattress can improve sleep quality and duration for those who have trouble falling asleep at night due to pain.

5. Mattress or box spring squeaks

The king bed size mattress’s support capabilities are directly related to its foundation. If you have a relatively modern mattress but still feel like something is wrong with your bed, it may be time to inspect the box spring and the frame. Box springs worn out or broken might compromise the mattress’s comfort, support, and overall form. A similar phenomenon can occur when a mattress is supported only on two sides by a frame, causing even a brand-new mattress to sag in the middle.

Wrapping Up

The size of your mattress plays a role in how long it will last. A small double mattress can last up to 10 years, while the best king size mattress can last up to 15 years. If you feel like keeping your memory foam mattress around for as long as possible, there are some things you can do.

Replacing an old mattress is important not only for your health and comfort but also for the environment. This waste could be avoided if people knew when to replace their mattresses. With a little care and maintenance, you can keep your bed in good condition for years. If you have any allergies or respiratory problems, investing in a new mattress might be a good idea. Whether you decide to go with a livpure mattress, mattress king or shop around for something of a more affordable mattress price, make sure that you get a warranty.