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What is Coil Mattress?

‘Comfort’ is inevitable when it comes to mattresses. Even a top-notch mattress that costs 50 grand is not good if it is not comfortable to sleep on. No matter what the type, style, fabric, or cost of a bed is, customers are looking for a relaxing sleep experience at the end of the day. There are several options available in stores or online. It can be puzzling to know which one to choose. With so many options in terms of price, thickness, density, foam, organic latex mattress, and more, it can be a challenge to a mattress that works for you. The important thing is a bed is often purchased for home, keeping in mind the requirements of a family. One may favour the pressure-relieving properties of a bed and another might want proper back support for greater comfort. Many people have preferences in even different types of mattresses – latex, memory foam, innerspring, and coir foam mattress. One of the mattresses that are quite common is a traditional coil mattress. Some people prefer them over other types of mattresses.

These mattresses mainly have coils/springs to support the framework of a mattress. They are great for lending optimal support to the body. Mattresses built with coils often have good responsiveness and durability. They also do not trap heat inside them because the coils allow for better airflow. The level of support offered by coil-based mattresses might vary depending on the kind, gauge, total number of coils, and overall design of the structure.

What is a coil mattress? 

A coil is a metal spring that is used to create support inside a mattress. They have a foam strong and durable base on the surface of the coil mattress. When greater pressure is applied to the mattress, they are intended to flex in reaction, offering progressively firmer support to the body. These coil-based beds are also called innerspring mattresses. 

The coil structure is generally combined with innerspring and high resilience foam to enhance the comfort of the bed. These coils can be seen in both innerspring and hybrid types, stabilising the bed and aiding in maintaining a straight spine.

The majority of coils in the bedding industry are made of tempered steel. In order to increase the coil’s resilience and enable it to continue restoring its natural position despite heavy use, this method repeatedly heats and cools the coil.

The best feature of this mattress is that it is cooler in comparison to its counterparts. The reason for this is the coil in the mattress structure allows for better breathability and airflow. Due to the structure of the mattress, someone lying on top of it will feel the support that springs impart to the body. 

Another reason for its popularity is that it is more reasonably priced. Even though the mattress has fewer features, it is preferred by some. Due to the lack of too many features, the product is, therefore, less expensive. Nevertheless, it has decent ventilation. Additionally, coil mattresses perform better than memory foam in supporting heavier weight, in some cases.

Types of coils: 

Mainly, there are four types of coils: 

  • Bonnell coils: Bonnell coils are shaped like an hourglass, with the top portion and bottom being broader than the centre. The thicker portion can withstand greater pressure, while the thinner portion is made to bend in reaction to light pressure. Each coil has a knot at the end, and a network of tiny, helical wires in the shape of a spiral connects it to the coils next to it.
  • Offset coils: With their hourglass form and coupled helical wires, offset coils are a descendant of Bonnell coils. Offset coils resemble their predecessors in appearance, but they differ in some ways that make them more responsive, cosy, and quiet.
  • Continuous wire coils: One wire is used to create rows of loose coils that are joined by helical wires to build continuous coils. This simple design is low-cost and incredibly robust.
  • Pocketed coils: The smaller coils that makeup pocketed coils are each separately covered in fabric. Each spring can exist separately within its fabric casing thanks to the sewing or glueing that connects the fabric sleeves. Pocketed coils, also known as Marshall coils, are particularly prevalent in hybrid mattresses.

Benefits of coil mattress

Coil-based mattresses primarily support your body weight optimal and distribute it evenly. Moreover, this also helps in ensuring better back support and postures. However, it is important to note that it does not provide pressure relief unlike a memory foam bed. 


  • It is easier to move on a coil bed due to its firmness. 
  • Firmness and responsiveness to the body. 
  • Provides optimal support to the back and lumbar.
  • Ensures a fair amount of spinal alignment. 
  • Distributes the body weight uniformly over the surface.
  • Coils form a durable and firm surface on the top. 
  • Gives good bounce to the sleepers. 
  • The coil structures enable airflow inside the mattress. 
  • Better airflow helps in lowering the temperature. 

Disadvantages of coil mattress

One of the biggest disadvantages of coil mattress is that it loses it shape and structure easily over time. Being one of the most traditional forms of mattress available in the market, they fall back in supporting the latest technology in the mattress industry. 


  • The bed will sag after a few years.
  • Does not help the pressure points of your body.
  • Not effective in reinforcing the neck and back pains.
  • The coils will lose their firmness over time.
  • Can be noisy after a couple of years.
  • Lacks the ability to conform to the body.
  • Does have the latest technologies to improve sleep.


A coil mattress can be your top choice if you want to buy a mattress at a reasonable price. However, the cheaper one lack advanced features that your body needs while sleeping. We spend a lot of money and time on our mattresses. Therefore, they play a vital role in our health and wellness. Customers looking for high ergonomic support and performance can choose a memory foam mattress. They come in various types and fit every budget. Check out some of the best mattresses online here