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What is Coir Mattress?

Mattresses play such an essential role in our daily lives. There is a direct link between the quality of the mattress and how well you sleep. If you don’t have a good mattress, you won’t be able to sleep at night, will be uncomfortable, and will wake up sleep deprived.

Therefore, you should think about getting a comfortable mattress for yourself. Did you know that a mattress made of natural materials exists? Everything was produced naturally in the past, but this is now uncommon. Everything is manufactured in factories artificially.

But a coir mattress is made from natural materials. It is made of natural coir, the fiber extracted from coconut husks. It is very durable and resists compression. These mattresses are also considered more comfortable than others.

India is where coir mattresses first appeared and have since gained enormous popularity.

What are the types of coir mattresses?

There are two types of coir mattresses. They are distinguished based on the secondary material in them. They are:

Hybrid Coir mattress

Hybrid mattresses are all made of coir. It is similar to a coir foam mattress because the core material is coconut fibers, and the secondary material is foam.

These mattresses are durable and better than memory foam mattresses since they do not sag over time.

Rubberized coir mattress

Have you ever wondered, ‘What is a rubberized coir mattress?’ It is an eco-friendly, biodegradable, and 100% natural product. It is made from vegetable derivatives like coir fiber and natural rubber. Its primary material is coconut fibers, and the secondary material is latex or rubber, thus making it an organic latex mattress.

Advantages of coir mattresses

They are hygroscopic

When you sleep, your body releases moisture, but the amount released varies from person to person. When too much moisture is released, it can affect sleep quality, so getting a mattress that absorbs moisture is essential. 

A coir mattress is the best mattress for this. Coir is naturally hygroscopic, which will help you sleep well and wake up fresh. 

It offers the right ventilation

During the summer, when it’s humid, falling asleep can be challenging. Tossing and turning all night doesn’t help when you’ve got to work the next day. Coir mattresses have ventilation, allowing for maximum airflow within the mattress. 

This keeps you comfortable while sleeping and keeps you cool. Coir also exudes a necessary sense of calm.

They are eco-friendly

Using environmentally friendly products has become popular, which is beneficial when considering climate change and global warming. A coir mattress is 100% natural, so you are encouraging the use of natural products by buying one.

Since they don’t contain any chemicals, they are safe for your health and improve your sleep quality. 

Allergy resistant

Your mattress is prone to allergens and is considered a typical breeding ground for them. If the mattress is not properly maintained, dust mites and bed bugs may infest it. Allergies, skin infections, and other health problems may result from that.

Fortunately, coir is dust-resistant, keeping dust mites at bay for allergy sufferers to feel secure.

Disadvantages of coir mattresses

Though the coir mattress has many pros, there are a few cons. They are: 

  • Not durable: Coir mattresses do not last long. After about three years, they begin to sag, worsening back pain. 
  • They do not remain firm: The mattress begins to lose firmness after a few years of using it. This can make using it uncomfortable.
  • Hard compared to other mattresses: A coir mattress is much harder than other mattresses because they aren’t made with foam or spring. Those who need a soft bed to sleep on will be unable to use this. 

Coir Mattress Vs. Foam Mattress

There are many types of mattresses, but let’s see the difference between coir and foam mattresses. 

  • A foam mattress is made from synthetic materials, while a coir mattress is made from 100% natural materials.
  • The lifespan of a foam mattress is 8-10 years, while it’s only 3-5 years for a coir mattress. 
  • Foam mattresses provide medium back support, while the coir mattresses has a soft texture
  • During summer, a foam mattress might make you feel uncomfortable, while the coir one will ensure you sleep peacefully

Coir Mattress Sizes

The coir mattress is available in all sizes – king and queen size mattress. If you look up ‘queen size mattress near me, you can find a coir mattress online. On the Livpure website, you can see the queen mattress size in inches, which will help you see if the measurements fit with your bed frame. Also, you can opt to get the queen-size pillow-top mattress.

How do coir mattresses help reduce back pain?

Most often, back pain is caused by the mattress you sleep on. When you use a coir foam mattress that is made from a natural material, it provides support to your spine. This helps to maintain your natural spine alignment.

The coconut mattress is considered the best bed for lower back pain as it prevents the body from sinking. They are the best for back pain because they:

  • Provide the needed support: Coir mattresses are comfortable and breathable and provide the right back support.
  • Remain cool: Unlike a memory foam mattress, the coir mattress doesn’t heat up. These are hypoallergenic and stay cool, even during the summer.  
  • Inexpensive and eco-friendly option: Since it is made from natural materials, it’s an eco-friendly, affordable mattress. Besides that, it provides the best back support.

Livpure coir mattress is the best mattress for back pain

Coir mattresses originated in India in the 11th century and have become very popular worldwide. You can also call them coconut mattresses because of what they’re made of. Since they provide excellent back support, they are the best bed for lower back pain.

You can buy a coir mattress online. You can find the different types of mattresses on the Livpure website. Coir mattresses do not last very long. Over time, they sag and can disorient if exposed to water. So, it’s best to replace them every three years.