What Is the Best Position to Sleep in During Neck Pain?

What Is the Best Position to Sleep in During Neck Pain?

As said about many things in life, a little prevention is much better than life-stalling neck pain. It’s true that when it comes to gruesome neck pains some of the main causes are regular wear and tear hardly under one’s control, but other than that quite a few reasons are contributing to it such as bad posture while working or sleeping and the lack of flexibility. If you’re a victim, start by looking into your sleeping positions and if the mattress is updated to what your body demands.

 Two sleeping positions don’t put a strain on your neck i.e on your back and your side. If you’re a specific position sleeper like on your back look into the variety of Livpure mattresses to suit your body best, this variety includes orthopaedic mattresses that are very handy for sound sleep that too at affordable prices.

With the fast-paced lifestyle, where everyone has various gadgets and screens to keep them company, sore or stiff necks are more common than we’d think, so much so that they’re as common as disabilities like arthritis and bone fracture according to the World Health Organisation. Believe it or not but the comfort of your body is highly interlinked with the quality of your sleep, which can be kept in check by keeping a mattress of choice. It is only when the neck is not stressed that the neck freely relaxes. Most people move around at night, which makes the quality of the mattress more important than we think it to be. Nobody in their busy schedule has the time or wants to go mattress shopping, which is where Livpure online mattress shopping comes into play. Now there’s no reason to procrastinate comfort!

Sleeping on one’s back helps maintain the natural curve of the spine. This position allows you to use a thinner pillow than if you sleep on your side. Raise your head slightly so that it is at the same angle as when you are standing. A neck support pillow or memory foam pillow can help support your head and neck. If you snore regularly or suffer from sleep apnea, try sleeping on your side instead of your back. The spine naturally bends in three places. Curved forward at your neck and hips. Bent backwards at the top of your back. Arranging your bed with a mattress to maximize these natural curves can help minimize neck and back pain. For many people, memory foam can help relieve neck pain. A 2019 study found that combining viscoelastic polyurethane memory foam pads with orthopaedic properties was more effective than chiropractic care alone.

 Let’s shine a little light on the precautions you can take during neck or back pains.

  • Using a less-fluffy pillow: A thin pillow helps keep the upper spine in a natural position and slightly forward curve.
  • By following the natural curvature of your neck: going for a neutral position for a long span ideally 8 hours is something the doctor would order.
  • By paying attention to the mattress: we never want a sinking mattress for more than 10 minutes. If you have a mattress too soft, you might have noticed how your sinking rounds your back, pressuring one point of your spine.
  • Try using an incline: if you’re a side sleeper try using a few pillows to keep your legs at an incline and that shall help with the alignment.

A 2015 study found that people with chronic neck pain were less likely to recover from poor sleep quality. Sleeping well is one of the best ways to cure neck pain and there’s only so much ibuprofen that can help with! Some home remedies also include putting heat and ice, one can always alternate between what gives them more relief. A gentle movement of the neck when you’re about to sleep or when you’ve woken up or when you’ve been in one position for too long is an everyday remedy against any sort of neck or shoulder pain.

Let’s talk more about what else one can inculcate in their lifestyle to avoid being in painful, difficult positions:

  • Stretches seem to work great for the body, keeping your muscle active is a wise choice. A healthy lifestyle includes 10 rounds of rolling your shoulders, squeezing your shoulder blades together, and bringing your ear to your shoulder.
  • Posture goes a long way, more than how much attention everyone pays to it. One of the major preventions of back and neck pain is to maintain one’s posture.
  • To keep the weight in check, with a wrong body mass index pains are bound to happen as the posture is rarely ever correct.
  • Stretching regularly helps with the body’s flexibility. Hence, there should be short breaks to move around if your body has been resting in one position for too long.
  • It is a wise choice to look into your choice of bags as well, do not go for a heavy bag with straps as gravity comes into play creating more pressure on your shoulder and neck than what the bag weighs.
  • Try holding your phone in front of your face at a convenient angle than looking down at the screen, it puts a lot of pressure on the neck further stressing the body.

The takeaway from this, apart from the remedies and must-not is that almost everyone in life has experienced or will experience bodily pains, What we must learn from them and keep in our mind is the attention our body needs, we must treat it like the other machines that work tirelessly and require maintenance, the only way of providing ample maintenance to make it a fully oiled machine is just a sound sleep in a mattress best chosen to your liking, it all starts and ends in bed.

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