What Makes Hotel Beds So Comfortable

What Makes Hotel Beds So Comfortable?

If you have visited a hotel recently for a vacation or a work trip, you must have been treated like royalty for most of your stay. Hotels are dedicated to providing their guests with the best service to make their stay pleasant and comfortable.

Hotels take care of everything from curating idyllic visiting spots to providing stellar services and other luxuries. However, one of the essential elements of the hotel industry is providing you with a comfortable bed to sleep in at the end of your long, busy day.

Sleeping on a comfortable bed mattress after spending a day sightseeing or attending meetings allows you to unwind for the day. Thus, hotels and resorts take utmost care that as long as you stay with them, you sleep like a baby and wake up re-energized. 

The hotel industry invests a lot of money to ensure that the quality of their mattresses is top-notch, giving you an unforgettable experience that makes you want to return. Do your mattresses at home not feel the same way? Keep on reading to know why!

What factors do hotels take into consideration while constructing their beds?

Hotel mattresses are built to provide a luxury experience to customers with different body types. While travelling, you are not only sleeping in an unfamiliar location for the first time but are bound to be exhausted after a long day with a hectic schedule.

Hotel beds are built to offer back and shoulder support while also providing a cosy and bouncy feel. The mattresses used in hotels differ from the beds in your homes in density and thickness and use particular materials that alleviate both luxury and back support. Some elements that set apart hotel beds are as follows:

1. Support 

Any top-tier hotel invests in quality luxury mattresses for its establishment. The beds are not just pretty looking but relieve vital pressure points on your body. A hospitality mattress is mainly designed to regulate temperature and isolate movement to enhance sleep quality.

Although hotel beds are softer than most others, they must also ensure that the mattresses lend excellent support to the body. Hotels prefer an innerspring system to add appropriate support to ensure the durability and quality of their king-size bed.

The innerspring system can either be a pocket coil or a Bonnell coil system. However, pocket coils are better for offering support for an extended period and accommodating the needs of different body types. 

Innerspring mattresses have excellent bounce and ventilation features to keep you cool throughout the night. Even the memory foam mattress used in hotels can regulate temperature and absorb body heat in its layers.

2. Comfort

Most hotel beds prefer high-resilience, memory, or PU foam as they are light and offer ideal comfort. 

The hotel beds come in different sizes, from double bed size, king size, and queen mattress to even single bed mattress, depending upon the room size or package. The mattresses are built such that the level of comfort remains uniform despite the varying lengths.

3. Soft Sheets

Hotel beds also top their mattresses with premium quality sheets to enhance the experience. You will generally find the hotel sheets to be made of light, silky, and breathable materials like silk and Egyptian cotton. 

The soft plushy sheets are comfortable and smell heavenly, all thanks to the hotel staff working tirelessly for you. 

4. Overall Experience

The hospitality industry makes your pleasant overall experience their priority. Thus, an orthopaedic mattress helps support your back, neck, and shoulder. It also helps to relieve pressure from your joints and can be dubbed the best mattress for back pain.

Hotel beds ensure your spinal alignment and help to maintain a good posture. 

What are some of the Common Features of Hotel Mattresses?

Hotel beds use various raw materials for their construction, each having specific properties that add to the sleeping experience. Some of the properties of hotel beds include:

1. Fire Resistance

The bed mattress used in the hospitality industry needs to be fire-resistant. Hotels cater to all types of clients and are often posed with the risk of a fire hazard. From electrical sparks to cigarette butt, fire hazards can be caused in many ways. Therefore, hotel beds use fire-retardant materials to construct mattresses and minimize damage as much as possible.

2. Using Sleep-grade Foam  

Non-sleep-grade foam is cheap and cannot withstand continual wear and tear. Thus, they are not cost-effective and must be replaced frequently. 

Sleep-grade foam like memory foam and rebounded foam are high-density foam, making it easier for the bed mattress to retain its properties. The best memory foam mattress uses fewer chemicals and reduces the chances of off-gassing. 

In addition, memory foam is motion resistant and prevents motion transfer from your restless partner. Thus, you can enjoy a sound sleep after a hectic day.

3. Durability and Easy Maintenance

Hotel mattresses need to be durable and resilient. To endure the durability test, beds undergo tests to accommodate temperature, humidity, dust and other allergens. 

A latex mattress is a great choice that satisfies these requirements. The natural latex foam is made from rubber tree sap, making it eco-friendly and biodegradable. It is also infused with anti-allergenic properties.

Latex foam beds keep you cool through the night, give you a gentle sink-in sensation when you sleep, and can quickly bounce back to their original shape. 

4. Customer preferences

Several hotel chains prefer to customize their mattress softness or firmness according to the feedback provided by their customers.

Bottom Line

The hospitality industry works tirelessly to ensure that you have a memorable experience during your stay at the hotels. 

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