what mattresses do high end hotels use

Without a doubt, high-end hotel chains tend to select the best mattress and pure textures for your comfortable sleep. We often find soft and bouncy beds when we stay at high-end hotel chains. They use luxury and premium quality mattresses for the best experience for guests. Here are some characteristics that are preferable in the mattress selected

1) Support Technology

The primary reason for the extra and cozy comfort in hotel mattress is because of the placement of the springs. The springs are arranged in such a way that multiple gaps allow air circulation leading to minimum body heat accumulation. The thickness of the spring also has a role to play in its level of comfortability.

2) Antimicrobial Quality

The hotel mattress is used by multiple guests and there is always a risk of getting an infection from unclean bedding. Hotel chains thus prefer mattress with antimicrobial qualities that help maintain health and hygiene while keeping guests away from infection.

3) Pressure relieving technology

Memory foam has pressure relieving zones that provide support to your body and relieves pressure is ideal for the best sleep. Hotels thus use such mattress to help guests have a very good experience.

4) Material

The latex foam provides firm support to the guests and is made from synthetic or natural fiber. It is perfect for guests who need such a hardness level. Other fibers like cotton and natural fibers are also preferred by hoteliers for anti-bug and odorless properties. Hybrid mattresses, a combination of spring and memory foam are also chosen by hoteliers as there are multiple layers of comfort.

5) Type of mattress

The additional layer of padding on top is called the pillow top. They provide extra padding, more support, and comfort. They are also suitable for hotter climates and give a cool sleep.

6) Size

Since beds sometimes serve as the main attraction in hotel rooms, many hotels like to install huge super king-size beds wherever possible. Due to reduced movement transfer when their partner turns over, couples who sleep in these extra-large beds typically report better sleep. Being able to spread out across a wide bed also has a really upscale feel to it. Thus hotels keep this in mind when selecting a couple of mattresses about the size. Hence, bigger king-size and queen-size mattresses are selected and purchased. They also optimize the needs of the family and thus select parent mattresses that are wider and more comfortable for the parents and their child. These mattresses are wider to provide enough space for at least 3 people to sleep.

Livpure offers a wide range of mattresses with the exact same features that hoteliers are looking for.

Regal: Latex + Ortho HR Foam Mattress with Bouncy Ergonomic Support

This 8-inch tall mattress comes in a super breathable fabric cover made from bamboo. It is easy to wash as well for your convenience. 

The foam stays plush and bouncy all year round. The computerized 5D Contour foam is equipped with Ortho HR foam, Luxury bouncy Latex foam, and HR foam with 5D Sleeptech. The advanced microclimate technology comes with the Aeroscape Breathable Foams. It facilitates a temperature-neutral sleeping environment by improving ventilation and providing a cooling effect by minimizing the heat pockets. It also has optimal absorption and desorption properties.

With biocrystal stress relief technology, the goodness of 16 natural crystals is woven into the mattress which increases oxygen level and sleep quality while relieving your stress and providing relief in muscle tension areas. The Oeko Tex Certified Mattress fabric assures high-quality fabric made sustainably. The Dow comfort science technology ensures enhanced ergonomics, and improved sensation and well-being.

It now comes in multiple sizes with a 100-night risk-free trial period and a no-cost EMI payment option for up to 9 months.

Ortho CurvX: Curved Orthopedic Foam

This amazing intersection of technology, innovation, and luxury has given birth to the very new and most significant addition to Livpure’s long list of best and most affordable mattresses. Now, embedded with RecoverX technology with a Curved Foam feature, helps you to recover your body while it takes the shape of your body by providing orthopedic support. Along with ensuring a natural spine alignment, it gives maximum muscle relaxation, providing optimal comfort.

Excluding the premium fabric removable cover, this 6-inch mattress comes with three layers that include Memory foam, Ortho High resilience foam, and High resilience foam with 5D Sleep technology. The computerized 5D Contour Foam has pressure relieving zones that give you customized comfort and balanced support. The higher open foam cells give you a sweat-free, relaxed, and cool sleeping experience. The Biocrystal feature adds the goodness of 16 crystals and enhances your sleeping quality. It releases positive energy and gives mental and physical relief by keeping the mattress cool. For example, sodalite helps calm panic attacks while Jasper radiates zen and calmness among the other 14 crystals and their mind-relaxing qualities.

The 5D Sleeptech technology has divided the mattress into 5 uniform zones for the head, shoulders, hips, legs, and feet that relieve pressure and help to give you deep and undisturbed sleep.

The mattress now comes in single, twin, queen, and king bed sizes along with customizable options and a 10-year warranty period along with an option for a risk-free 100 days trial.

Jeeva: Natural Latex Mattress

Made with purity and natural materials, this mattress comes with a 1-inch natural fiber layer both at the top and bottom along with 4-inch plant oil-based foam, and a refreshing citrus fragrance is surely going to give you a taste of comfort nestled in the lap of nature and luxury.

The power of biocrystals blended on the top layer reduces your stress and anxiety. The eco-conscious foam is sustainable and the fragrance which releases upon coming in contact with the human body will add to the atmosphere giving you a pleasant feel.

About Livpure

Livpure mattresses now come in multiple sizes with a 100-night risk-free trial period and a no-cost EMI payment option for up to 9 months.

Livpure keeps in mind the best options and preferred mattresses for hoteliers and thus provides premium quality mattress for both the hotel chains and their guests who can experience the best night’s sleep while they are away from home. We ensures bouncy support and a relaxing feeling for the guests and thus keeps both sets of buyers and customers satisfied.

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