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What’s The Difference Between Hybrid And Memory Foam

When you go mattress shopping, you must have heard of hybrid and memory foam mattresses. But have you wondered about what they mean? Well, as the name suggests, memory foam mattresses are made of foam only. Foam is a petroleum-based substance called polyurethane. It is a high-density polyurethane that has a visco-elastic quality. This is why they spring back slowly to their original shape a few seconds after you wake up.

On the other hand, a hybrid bed mattress is a mix of two types of mattress materials. Generally, hybrid mattresses are made of springs and a comfort layer like foam, latex, gel-infused foam, cotton, or memory foam. The bottom layer consists of innerspring coils and is layered with other materials like latex or memory foam. 

This hybridity supports a wide variety of sleeping positions and body preferences. For example, a hybrid mattress with layers of polyfoam on top of an innerspring reduces motion transfer. 

What Is It Like To Sleep On A Memory Foam Mattress?

Memory foams are usually soft and compress easily after sitting or lying down. When you sleep on it, your body will sink a little. They take the body’s profile along the curves with only the necessary pressure. This ensures spine alignment, and your body relaxes, leading to a sound sleep.

Further, people with back pain can benefit from sleeping on memory foam, providing optimum pressure on required areas and spine support while sleeping. You can buy a livpure mattress in a king or queen bed size for optimum spine and body support.

What Is It Like To Sleep On A Hybrid Mattress?

When you sleep on a hybrid mattress, you’ll feel the spring coil’s support and the foam’s softness. However, the experience depends on the foam layering. For example: if there is minimal foam, you will experience more bounciness, and your partner might get disturbed when you change positions. 

If the foam layering is thicker, the bed will be less jumpy.

Memory Foam vs. Hybrid Mattresses

Memory foam and hybrid mattresses serve similar purposes but in different ways. They provide a comfortable space to sleep in while providing the needed support for your spine to avoid developing back pain.

However, they differ in construction, affordability, level of comfort, etc. Let us look at them one by one.

1. Construction

Memory foam mattresses are made up of foam only. There are various layering of foams for the perfect pressure and sinking. However, hybrid mattresses are made up of two types of material. 

They are designed with one layer of spring coils, and a foam or latex is placed on top. It could be memory foam, cotton, gel-infused foam, etc. 

2. Affordability

Memory foam mattresses are affordable since only foam is used to design them. However, hybrid mattresses are costlier than memory foam mattresses because the design uses two different materials.

However, this is only sometimes the case. High-quality memory foam mattresses may cost highly depending on the viscosity and the brand. 

3. Support level

Memory foam mattresses provide spine support by keeping them aligned while sleeping. It only lets the body sink as required. On the other hand, hybrid mattresses have coils that act as extra support for heavier people. 

Most hybrid mattresses have sturdy edges that allow sleepers to use maximum area with minimum sagging. Further, they offer more support for back sleepers and stomach sleepers. You can go for a king-size mattress or double bed mattress in either memory foam or hybrid.

4. Breathability

Memory foam mattresses change shape according to the body and can trap heat. The sleeper may feel hot and encounter disturbed sleep often. However, the coils in hybrid mattresses make space for airflow. 

Further, gel-infused foams, particularly in hybrid mattresses, are an added cooling mechanism to keep the body temperature down. It is helpful for people with high BP or who generally produce more heat.

5. Body contouring 

Memory foam cradles and takes up the body shape with a hugging sensation. This evokes a cosy feeling and can induce deep sleep. Further, this reduces or prevents pain in specific pressure points. Hence, it is an ideal choice for people with back pain.

However, hybrid mattresses will only provide body contouring if the top layer has a thick enough foam. Also, there will be no proper contouring if the top layer is latex or other natural material like cotton or wool.

Which Mattress Is Better: Memory Foam Or Hybrid?

While there is nothing like the best or a better bed mattress, there certainly is your best fit. Every person needs a different mattress type depending on their choices, physical conditions and sleeping positions.

Memory foam and hybrid mattresses play different roles, and you must know when to buy which mattress according to the following factors.

  • Size: For multiple people sleeping together, one can pick a king mattress size for a king bed size. For two people, a queen bed size mattress will work fine. Further, an inflatable mattress works best if you have guests coming over.
  • Budget: You have to consider your budget since good quality memory foam or hybrid mattresses cost high. If you are still deciding whether to invest in a king-size bed, you can buy a single-bed mattress for a trial.
  • Material: Many people like the memory foam feel, while others like the feel of sleeping on a coil mattress. However, hybrid mattresses are bouncier and have noise and motion transfer potential. If you do not want these two factors, a memory foam mattress will be your best fit.
  • Back pain: The best mattress for back pain is a memory foam mattress in most cases. However, you might not like the feel of sleeping on complete foam. Hence, you can go for a hybrid mattress with a thicker top layer of memory foam to reap the benefits of coil and contouring. 

Wrapping Up

Both memory foam and hybrid mattresses are vital in helping people get quality sleep. However, they differ in many aspects because of the materials used and the level of comfort they provide. You can check out livpure mattress in these sizes – single mattress, double bed mattress, queen mattress, and king-size mattress.

You can also find the best mattress for back pain in these sizes – king mattress size, single mattress, and queen mattress. If you want to buy for your child or yourself, you can use memory foam or a hybrid single-bed mattress under the free trial policy.

Finally, list all the things you want in your mattress like body contouring, proper spine support, temperature control, etc. Tally those with the list in this article, and you are good to go.