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Where can I get the right size mattress?

The common knowledge is that sleep is imperative for good health and well-being. Good 8 hours of sleep contribute to several health benefits — it improves the immune system, lowers stress and tension, aids digestion, and helps in the brain’s functioning. Lack of sleep can wreak havoc on your body and mind. Poor sleep can cause a number of problems including clouded memory, and affect your mood, and bodily functions. Given that people spend one-third of their lives sleeping, having a comfortable bed that meets their needs is essential to ensuring a good night’s sleep. Therefore, looking for an ideal bed must be carefully planned and thought through to avoid any blunders while purchasing. The online market is vast offering multiple options with different prices and benefits to the customer. But making a purchase for a crucial piece of furniture like a mattress on the internet can be perplexing. It is important to keep in mind some of the essential factors that will determine the efficiency of your shopping. You not only need to look at the price and aesthetics of the bed, but also focus on the utility and features of the mattress based on your cot/bed. But it is necessary to start with the fundamentals: determining the mattress size.

In this article, we will understand how to determine the right bed size and dimensions while looking to purchase a mattress online. In order to start shopping for a suitable mattress, you need to figure out the size of the bed. 

How to find the mattress size? 

1. Guide to standard bed sizes

The bed’s size should be proportionate to the size of the bedroom. The mattress size that will be used for the bed should be the perfect fit for the bed. It should not exceed or be too small compared to the bed. 

You must be wondering how to find out the queen size mattress dimensions. To figure out the correct size of the mattress, you must consider the size of the bed. Being aware of the possibilities, whether they be single bed mattress or double bed mattress size, is the first step in selecting the proper size bed. There are normally six standard sizes: Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King size mattress, and California King, though these may slightly vary depending on where you live. The chart below gives specifics regarding their breadth, length, and area: 

Bed Size Width(W) Length(L) Width * Length (W*L)
Twin Single 99 cm (39”) 191 cm (75”) 1.9 m2 (20 ft2)
Twin XL 99 cm (39”) 203 cm (80”) 2.0 m2 (22 ft2)
Full Double 137 cm (54”) 191 cm (75”) 2.6 m2 (28 ft2)
Queen 157 cm (60”) 203 cm (80”) 3.1 m2 (33 ft2)
King 193 cm (76”) 203 cm (80”) 3.9 m2 (42 ft2)
Califonia King 183 cm (72”) 213 cm (84”) 3.9 m2 (42 ft2)

Twin Bed: This type of bed is affordable and are mostly considered ideal for childern and teenagers. As children take little apce, it is ideal for them to sleep on a 7 by 9 feet bed. This is also a perfect choice for a small room 

Twin XL: Twin XL is a better choice for teenagers or childern who are taller. This one has enough room even for a average height adult. 

Full Double: Dull double mattress is larger than a twin bed and much cheaper compared to queen size bed. Great choice for young adults and couple who want to make the most of their bedroom space. 

Queen: Queen mattress has ample space for a single sleeper who enjoys the entire space. It can also be used by couple where no one is taller than 6 feet. This is alos good for a smaller room that can’t fit a king size bed.

King: Gives a family enough room to sleep together with any compromise. It is recommended that room that is least as large as 12 x 12 feet. 

California King: A California king is not quite as wide as a conventional king, but it is longer. It works best for tall single sleepers or couples with dogs who use the mattress as a bed.

2. Understand the size based on requirement

Prioritizing mattresses that is suitable to you and your family based on your requirements is crucial. This entails figuring out how many people, kids, or pets will be using the bed at once, as well as taking into account their sizes and heights. For instance, a twin-size mattress, which is frequently the lowest standard size and is usually intended for children and teenagers, can also be used by adults who live in compact spaces and are of average height or shorter. Typically, this type is used for bunk beds. Similar to twin beds, twin XL beds include an extra five inches of legroom, making them excellent for taller people. If you are someone who sleeps with a partner, you will also have to consider the minimum width of the bed. 

3) Measure the bed and plan your bedroom layout

Knowing the amount of space available for the bed is essential throughout the choosing process in addition to meeting user needs. A really large bed, for instance, is probably not the best use of a small apartment’s available space. Therefore, it is advised to first determine the room’s area (length x width = area). If the area is not square, it can be divided into smaller areas that must be joined together to form the whole. It is thus easy to calculate how much room will remain in the room by additionally knowing the dimensions of each mattress.


Mattress size is crucial aspect of purchasing a bed online. There are multiple factors that help you in choosing the right bed size and a mattress to go along with it. Choose the right bed based on your need and personal preference. If you are unable to find a particular size, you also have the option to customize your mattress. To know more about mattress, click here