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Which is the Best Queen Size Mattress for You?

Sleep is essential for maintaining proper mental functioning. It re-energizes you for the next day and helps build a strong immune system to keep ailments at bay. Hence, it is imperative to have adequate sleep to ensure good health.

When your sleep is so important, choosing the perfect bed to aid a good night’s rest is equally important. And why not? After all, an average person spends one-third of his life sleeping. Your comfort should always be the top priority when choosing your bed type. 

Different bed mattresses fit into bed frames of various sizes. Mattress size varies from single bed, twin, queen-size, and king-size. 

A King-size mattress can be a little big for certain rooms. But a queen-size bed mattress is ideal for two adults. It gives your room a cozy ambiance leaving ample space for adding more furniture or show-pieces to make it more homely.

The Best Fit for a Queen Size Mattress

You may have different sleeping habits or prefect a moderately sized bed to spread your arms and legs. A queen-size bed mattress can be your ideal choice. The queen size in inches varies between 72×60 in and 78×60 in. It is mainly popular because:

  • Couples can sleep comfortably with sufficient space to stretch
  • Single pet owners who allow their pets on their bed
  • Best fit for children’s room especially sharing a queen bed with a sibling can be comfortable
  • Hotel Rooms
  • Cozy up the guest room without taking much space

Queen-size beds are more convenient than their king-size counterpart. At the same time, they weigh too much on your budget.

Different types of queen-size mattresses depend on the construction material and their benefits. Choose a brand new queen-size bed by comparing its effect on your body and sleep patterns.

Types of Queen Size Bed 

Memory Foam Mattress

Memory foam for queen-size bed uses a layer of memory foam and adds another layer of material to it. This layer can be either a high resilience foam or a spring. 

Memory foam mattresses are also available as organic plant-based foam. Plant-based memory foam uses components derived from plants like soy for their construction. It makes good on the shortcomings of traditional memory foam like off-gassing and slow response rate.

Using a memory foam can give you the following benefits:

  • Perfect fit for your body’s contours to enhance comfort levels while sleeping
  • It remembers your body shape and thus cradles your spine the correct way every time you sleep
  • It is a queen-size mattress for back pain as it supports your spine and joints and relieves you from back aches
  • It is capable of reducing motion transfer from your restless partner
  • Maintaining body alignment is one of its most important features
  • Reduces creaking sounds to give you a sound sleep
  •  Low maintenance makes them cost-effective

Memory foam can be the best queen-size mattress to buy if you are looking for support to ease your back ache and other joint pains. If you have a restless sleeping partner, then a memory foam mattress is the way to go. 

Latex Foam Mattress

A latex foam mattress can be of three major types based on its constituent material:

  • Synthetic latex- Made up of rubber-like plastic called SBR (Styrene- Butadiene Rubber)
  • Blended latex- This hybrid latex contains 30% of natural latex and 70% of synthetic latex
  • Natural latex- It is eco-friendly and made up of milk-like sap of the rubber tree Hevea Brasiliensis fund in Malaysia

A latex foam mattress for your queen-size bed has the following benefits:

1. Hypoallergenic and Low Maintenance

It can be an excellent choice if you can’t spend too much time cleaning the mattress. Naturally built to repel microbes, they ease your efforts in cleaning.

2. Pain Relieving

If you are suffering from body aches, then look no further. Latex foam is the best queen-size mattress for back pain. With light contouring to relax your joints and lower back, the material is naturally capable of maintaining your spine alignment. 

3. Breathable and Comfortable

Its structure allows ample airflow, thus, providing a breathable experience. It keeps you cool throughout the night and makes for a comfortable sleep cycle.

4. Durability

With the ability to bounce back to its original shape, a latex foam mattress is sturdy and lasts up to 15-20 years.

If you are someone who suffers from allergies or are approaching old age and risk facing back aches, a latex foam mattress is the one for you.

Futon Mattress

Futons are Japanese-style mattresses. They are usually low-laying and can be set up on the floor without needing a bed frame. A queen-size futon mattress can save you much space and can be easily rolled up after use.

Some studies prove that sleeping on a relatively harder surface can help you overcome back problems. It is because a harder surface can help align your body better. 

With a queen-size futon mattress, you would not have to worry about your children falling off the bed. Their high affordability makes futon mattresses the ideal bed at the best price

How to Decide on a Queen Size Mattress?

When presented with so many options, having a pick can be a little confusing. However, do not run after a cheap new queen-size mattress replacement. Make an informed choice based on your comfort and support requirements. 

Please consider the height of your mattress and the firmness it provides to maintain a good posture while sleeping. To enhance your sleeping pick a queen-size bed mattress that gives you the correct spinal support and reduces motion transfer for peaceful sleep. 

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Bottom Line

A queen-size bed mattress is an investment in your comfort and better sleeping habits. With one-third of the adult population suffering from sleep disorders and body aches due to sleep deprivation, it has become crucial to make the right decision to lead a healthy life.