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Which Mattress Is Good For Sleeping

Sleeping is the time that we completely dedicate to ourselves for the recovery of our body and mind. A mattress plays a huge role in facilitating good sleep after a long day. In today’s day and age, everyone is on their toes at least 9 to 12 hours a day, and sometimes work hours get stretched. This super hectic schedule that most professionals follow can have a strong impact on their sleep patterns. Your body makes up for the stress and pressure that your body endures throughout the day when you are sleeping. Therefore, a good mattress is essential to ease your body when you are sleeping. 

How can a good mattress affect your sleeping patterns? 

Sound slumber after a long day helps the body to rejuvenate and restores the body’s energy. There’s no denying what a deep slumber can do for your body. Research shows that lack of sleep can be detrimental to your body. Proper rest allows your brain to perform better, improves mood, and helps in overall health. One should get a comfortable mattress as soon as possible for many health and wellness reasons. However, before doing so, research various mattress options online. Here are some ways a mattress might impact a person’s health and quality of sleep:

1. Ease stress and tension: 

A good-quality mattress should allow you to have a restful slumber and improve your sleep quality. When you are well-rested, you can experience better energy and positivity surrounding you. Have you noticed how naps help in increasing your productivity? Sleep is related to your mental well-being. After a good night’s sleep, you may lower your stress levels and improve your mood to start your day on a good note. Contrastingly, poor sleep quality can impact your mental health. Severe lack of sleep can lead to sleep deprivation and disorders. Our Livpure mattresses contain the energy of Biocrystal that helps in relieving stress and inducing better sleep. When your mind and body are relaxed, you will experience a deep slump.

2. Best type of Mattress for back pain: 

If you are waking up with back pains and body aches every morning, it’s time to change your mattress. When your bed is not comfortable to sleep on, you end up staying up from your sleep time to time. This interruption in sleep cause affects the quality of sleep. In this situation, a quality mattress makes all the difference! With the right amount of softness and firm hold of an orthopedic mattress enables better sleep. It offers the best support for heavier parts of your body – back, hips, legs, and neck. Orthopedic support ensures the body is well-supported in the right places and the spinal is appropriately aligned. This promotes good posture and reduces back pains. With curved foam technology, RecoverX in Ortho CurvX allows your body to recover while you are sleeping. 

3. Sagging of mattress: 

The sagging or sinking of your mattress can be a big reason for back and body aches. Serious aches and pains can develop and remain if you utilise worn-out mattresses on a regular basis. People with persistent back pain frequently have disturbed sleep and exhaustion. While the discomfort and lack of support could make you toss and turn in your bed frequently, the distress can keep you awake at night. 

In the same way, a mattress that gives you the feeling of sinking is also uncomfortable to sleep on. You need a mattress with the perfect bounce and support to relaxingly sleep on your bed. 

4. Allergies and skin problems

To be healthy, those who have allergies or who run the risk of developing asthma should frequently clean their mattresses. It has been established that numerous illnesses, including acne, dry skin, nasal congestion, and runny nose, are caused by dust mites found in mattresses, which can have a major negative impact on health. Sneezing, feeling exhausted when you wake up, and irritation from facial inflammation are some of the most typical symptoms. A natural mattress is often prefered in such cases. Mattress made of natural latex keeps infections, allergies, and other such health risks at bay. 

Now, we have discussed the various reasons why a mattress is important for a good slumber. Let’s look at the best mattress in India from Livpure: 

1. Jeeva

Experience the healing power of nature with Jeeva! Jeeva is a perfect blend of nature and science, it brings nature into your home. With no harmful chemicals or toxic used in manufacturing, the quality of the latex speaks for itself.

  • Powered by the healing nature of Biocrystals
  • 100% Natural Latex
  • Plant Oil Based Foam
  • Citrus Essence Infused Foam
  • Premium Comfort
  • Natural Cotton Cover – Breathable & Natural Cooling

2. Ortho CurvX

The Ortho CurvX Mattress offers support like never before! It is ergonomically created with curved support foam for your comfort.

  • Embedded with Biocrystal and healing stones
  • Manufactured with Dow ComfortScience Technology to guarantee
    the best in class breathable foam
  • Recover while you sleep with RecoverX technology
  • 5 sleep zones built-in with 5D SleepTech
  • Removable Premium Fabric Zipper Cover

3. Regal

Enjoy year-round comfort in plushness. With Regal, experience the superior bounce of a spring mattress. It genuinely epitomises luxury.

  • Embedded with Biocrystal and healing stones
  • Manufactured with Dow ComfortScience Technology to guarantee the best in class breathable foam
  • Premium Latex foam powered by LuxeX technology
  • 5 sleep zones built-in with 5D SleepTech
  • Removable Bamboo Fabric Zipper Cover

We hope this article answers all your questions. There are tons of options out there. Pick one that fits your needs and preferences adequately. 

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