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Which Memory Foam Mattress Is Best for Side Sleepers

Memory foam mattresses are a popular item in the mattress industry. Many people praise it because it effortlessly supports your body in various sleeping positions. While memory foam mattresses are a safe bet for any individual, you have to consider certain factors before buying your fit.

These include firmness, size, and physical conditions like sensitivity to specific materials, body pain or sleeping positions.

Usually, side sleeping allows maximum air circulation inside the mattress as the sleeper utilises lesser space. Hence, side sleepers should look for the best memory foam mattress to achieve 100% body contouring while sleeping.

What is memory foam body contouring?

When you lie down on a memory foam mattress, the body heat softens the memory foam and adjusts to your body’s shape. The body no longer sinks inside the mattress, so your spine alignment is maintained.

You can easily fall asleep when an optimum pressure level is reached, and your body is relaxed. This body contouring has made memory foam a star in many Indian households for people with sleepless nights and back pain in adults and the old generation.

Factors to consider while choosing a mattress by side sleepers

Every person sleeps in different positions; some even change their sleeping postures continuously throughout the night. Further, one does not have control over these often. However, side-sleepers must take note of these four aspects when buying a memory foam mattress.


There are three types of sleepers: back, side, and front. Ideally, it would help if you slept on a medium-firm memory foam mattress for optimum spine support. For side sleepers, the shoulder and the hand take all the body’s pressure.

Hence, side sleepers should sleep on gentle or soft memory foam mattress for deep pressure relief and spine alignment. If you sleep on a hard mattress, it will not maintain the spine’s natural curve. Further, there are exceptions like your comfort level for soft, medium or high firm mattresses.

It also depends upon physical conditions like sensitivity towards the mattress firmness. For example, old people have higher sensitivity towards firmness, so a soft-firm mattress is a good choice. Further, people with back pain may be sensitive towards soft mattresses.

Hence, the best memory foam mattress in medium or hard firm will do the trick.

Bed mattress size

The bed mattress size matters for side sleepers because of the sleeping position. Side sleepers usually take up more space than back sleepers. They tend to put their thighs up to the stomach level on whichever side they sleep on.

Hence, even if you sleep alone, you should check a double mattress size, a small double mattress or a queen-size mattress. If you are a lean person who sleeps sideways, you can go for the single mattress, which is the best memory foam mattress.

However, you should go for bigger bed/mattress sizes if you have kids and/or a partner. Buy a king-size mattress for comfortable sleep even while sleeping sideways. If your kids sleep sideways, you can go for the best mattress in either of the two sizes – a single mattress or a queen bed size made of memory foam.

However, make sure to for medium firm as there will be 3-4 people sleeping on the same bed.


When you sleep sideways, a mattress’s most important role is supporting your body and spine. It should relieve pressure on pain areas and allow you to go into a deep sleep. Hence, it would help to be picky about the mattress material.

The memory foam changes shape and adjusts softly around the curves of your body to provide maximum support. This allows for a comfortable and sound sleep. Further, some of the best mattress include a latex mattress.

Latex foam is a natural foam that is derived from the sap of a rubber tree. You will find artificial latex mattress as well. You will find memory foam and latex mattresses in various sizes- single bed mattress, queen bed size, small double mattress, and double mattress size.

Back pain

Many people suffer from back pain, which has decreased their quality of life. Mattress-related back pain occurs when it cannot support the weight of your body. When you sleep continuously on a mattress with low spine support, your spine will bend every night.

If you are a side sleeper, your spine needs to get slightly lower than your body to maintain curvature. When the spine goes beyond the natural alignment, it is called bending. An orthopedic mattress made of memory foam or natural latex can help alleviate or eliminate spine bending and any stubborn back pain.

The body contouring quality of a memory foam mattress coupled with 3-5 pressure relieving zones for the upper, mid and lower back provides quality sleep within a few days. You can find a Livpure mattress with embedded bio crystals to induce deep sleep.

Further, the curved support provides deep muscle relaxation and recovery. People with back pain will feel relaxed and feel an improvement in their body pain after regular usage.

Wrapping Up

No matter what problems you are facing regarding sleep, a memory foam mattress can help you. You can buy a Livpure mattress made of memory foam to fulfil the sleeping needs of your children, your parents or your spouse.

Further, there are various sizes available – single bed mattress, queen size mattress, and king size mattress. The memory foam mattress is an all-rounder mattress, also available as an orthopedic mattress specially designed to solve upper and lower back problems.

You can check out the Livpure official website for your mattress needs. Further, memory foam mattresses act as a saviour for people who are side-sleepers. If you sleep sideways on an innerspring mattress or a regular foam mattress for a longer duration, you will notice the mattress sinking.

Over time, the coil tension or the elasticity of the foam decreases. When you sleep on such mattresses, you will soon develop back pain or disturbed sleep. Hence, a memory foam mattress should definitely be on your list if you are a side or a back sleeper.