mattresses sink

Why do mattresses sink in the middle?

How to make out if it’s the right time to part ways with your mattress? For this, you need to ask yourself how comfortable you feel when you sleep on it. When we talk about the sinking of a bed from the center, we must consider two cases – ‘visible’ and ‘virtual’. If you notice a sinking feeling as you lie down on your bed, that means your mattresses have poor back support. On the other hand, another scenario will be when you can visually tell that your bed has sunk inside from the middle portion.

This understanding is extremely important when it comes to differentiating the quality of the mattress, especially in the case of checking its warranty. If you notice a change in the shape within the warranty period, you can return it and demand a replacement. However, for this, it is essential that you go through the instructions and return policy on the website before making the purchase online. 

When this deformation in the bed happens over a long period of time. Then we need to understand the average lifespan of a regular mattress. The bedding industry has changed its game drastically over the years. With newer technologies, high-quality raw materials, and research-driven products, there are numerous high-quality sleeping solutions that meet every need. However, each mattress has an average lifespan of 12 – 15 years. The newer versions of mattresses are made to last long, however, only 3 – 5 years can be extended based on the advancement.

This extension of life is based on the low quality of the padding material on top of the mattress. However, this also leads to the sagging and sinking in the product. As the top of the mattress is heavily padded with cushiony material, this results in the sinking in the center. This is because they do not have the structure to hold the heavy padding on top. 

The sagging or sinking of a mattress has been on the rise due to the use of low-quality material. This can be attributed to back pains, posture, and spine alignment issues, and can to serious health concerns as well. 

Health concerns related to sinking mattresses

This can lead to a number of health problems. It is wise to fix it as soon as possible in order to prevent developing these conditions:

  1. Back or spine pain
  2. Potential cause of neck pain
  3. Poor quality of sleep

Replace/Return your mattress based on manufacturer defects

The physical defects are covered by the warranty. Sagging is one of the most prevalent mattress flaws that affect its physical character.

When yours sinks over a certain point visibly, it becomes a warranty issue – meaning that no one is required to sit on it. He or she only needs to take a quick glance to know.

Most top manufacturers have a 5 – 10 year warranty for a replacement policy based on manufacturing defects. But how to know that your mattress has sunken? 

To do this place a string on the surface of your bed from one edge to the other, and then use a ruler to measure from the bottom of the sag to the string. You will know how much your mattress has sunken from the center. 

As a result, your mattress must comply with the following measures in order for you to return it. Following the terms and conditions of the brand, if your warranty covers the return/replacement of your product, opt for that to fix the sagging issue. 

How can you fix a sagging mattress

1. Look for a mattress helper

The use of Mattress-Helper addresses the sinking issue. However, it is viewed with skepticism by many people. It does work! It helps repair the drooping parts of your mattress with the right assistance, you may restore its luxurious feel. It gives you the necessary comfort and alignment by providing the missing support from beneath.

2. Consider a mattress topper

A mattress-topper is always a great investment whether your bed is sagging or not. It only helps in preventing the sagging of your bed but also gives that extra layer of comfort to your back. The sagging can be fixed by using thick toppers in all locations, not just in the center. Comparing the cost of this procedure to buying brand-new bedding.

3.  Always choose an anti-sagging mattress with lumbar support

While looking for a suitable bed for your family, make sure to choose one with optimal support. Search for the best mattress for back pain online while purchasing the product online. You will find a range of orthopaedic mattresses based on your search. Narrow down your search based on the size of your bed. If you are looking king bed size, you will find a number of options that will fit your cot perfectly. Do pay attention to the features before making the purchase. Further, narrow your search based on the type that your wish choice – memory foam mattress or latex mattress. Make the right purchase for your back and overall health depending on your budget. However, 

4. Using plywood to support your mattress

Many people like to use plywood to fix their bed when it sinks from the middle. Placing plywood beneath the mattress can really increase the support and prevent it from sinking. This is also one of the most effective ways of fixing the sagging issue. Finding the appropriate plywood and cutting it to your bed’s dimensions should do the trick. Consider having two plywood pieces, depending on the size of your bed. However, this method can be tricky and may not give you the desired results. 

Please note that these hacks only extend the life of your bed to a few years. However, we do advocate you look for an appropriate mattress online based on your budget and requirements. If you are facing a particular problem with your bedding, do let us know in the comment section. We’ll try to cover the topic in our next blog. Till then stay tuned.