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Why does a good mattress matter?

A good mattress is essential for overall good health. Finding the proper one that offers you an excellent night’s sleep involves getting both the correct support and the right comfort level. There are many factors that affect back pain and the way you sleep, but a comfortable mattress is proven to create a positive difference in your sleep and your life; and if you have got an incorrect or a worn-out mattress, you will be in pain and discounting sleep more often than not.

If your mattress does not provide proper support for your body and reinforces poor sleeping posture, then it is not a good sleep mattress for you. If a mattress doesn’t meet your personal preferences then your comfort is compromised, leading to interrupted sleep that may leave you feeling tired and sore when you wake up.

Why Do you need a Good Quality Mattress

A good quality mattress is what you need for a good night’s sleep and a better day when you wake up. A bad mattress can not only destroy your sleep but also affect your physiological and psychological health in the long term.

Quality Of Sleep

It is a well-known fact that sleep helps to keep stress away and maintain sound mental health. Sleep is required for proper cognitive functioning. When you do not sleep, it can lead to many problems like no focus, memory problems, lack of decision making and rational thinking, reasoning, etc. Hence one should stay away from being awake and ensure proper sleep every night for seven to nine hours. The benefit of a good mattress outweighs the cost of spending on one.

Spinal Support

A memory foam mattress, irrespective of the way you sleep – back, side, or stomach – gives you proper posture, spinal and joint support for comfortable sleep. Proper posture and support are required for your body every night so that you can wake up pain-free and don’t suffer long-term pain and postural problems. When you are looking for a mattress, look for one that allows your body to completely mold into it and not leave any gaps. Livpure offers Ortho X memory foam orthopedic mattresses and Regal latex and memory foam mattresses, which are high-quality mattresses that provide optimal support and help solve the problems of spinal support.

Back Pain

Back pain is caused by either a too-hard or a too-soft mattress that cannot take the shape of the natural curvature of the spine, or that you sink into and your spine curves too much unnaturally. The right balance is required. Back pain can also be caused by a previously good mattress that has gone through wear and tear throughout the years and you know it is time to replace it.

Snoring issues

An old mattress can cause snoring as the wear and tear may have caused it to sag down, making you feel stuck in the bed. It cannot anymore support your body and sinks, making you sleep in an unnatural posture, causing your snoring. The most comfortable mattresses can take away your snoring if you do not have any medical problems.

Stress Levels

In a small study conducted in 2009, 59 healthy men and women slept for 28 continuous nights on their usual mattresses, then another 28 nights on brand new, medium-firm mattresses. They were asked to examine and judge their stress levels based on factors like worrying, racing thoughts, nervousness, irritability, headaches, trembling, etc. The new beds resulted in reduced stress according to the study, possibly because of the related increase in the quality of sleep and decrease in pain associated with the harder bed.

Why to Replace Your Mattress and How Do You Know when it’s Time

It is time to replace your mattress when you see these:

Sleeping Problems

If you are tossing and turning throughout the night or waking up with severe body aches and backaches every day, it is time to change your bed. A bad mattress or an old one can cause you to have many sleep problems, which can leave severe physiological and psychological scars behind if it keeps happening and you start suffering from sleep deprivation.

Frequent Allergies

Allergens can be a huge cause to why people cannot sleep properly every night on their mattresses and wake up with various illnesses. A person sheds dead skin, hair, and other body fluids when on bed and sleeping. It attracts allergens and if you are allergic to them, it leads to disturbed sleep and sleep deprivation. A mattress that is neat and clean, as well as kind of resistant to mites and allergens can be a good solution. A high-quality mattress will also have the option of washable covers and protectors that reduces dust and mites accumulation.

Wear and Tear

When should you get a new mattress? If your mattress is sagging unnaturally or is dipping too slow exactly where you sleep, it is time to get a new one. An old one can face wear and tear over the years, and a bad one can get worn earlier than you can imagine. If you find yourself not being able to sleep, think about getting yourself a new one.

How to Choose a Perfect Mattress for you

When you are shopping for a new mattress, it can be a huge hassle. If you can just follow a few steps that are mentioned below, you can see that shopping becomes much easier!

Do your research before buying a Mattress

Learn about different types – memory foam, high resilience foam, latex, innerspring, coir, etc. Mattresses are also rated according to firmness. Check with your sleep specialist to know what is best for you.


Budget is a huge issue while shopping for a mattress. While memory foam or latex can be really expensive, high resilience foam can provide similar benefits at a much lesser cost. When you fix your budget, you would know exactly what you need and what benefits you can forgo.

Choose the Best Mattress type that suits your needs

Choose the right type your body requires. How often should we replace it? Well, even if you want, you most certainly should not have to. A good mattress can last you anywhere from  8-12 years. If you dispose of mattresses quickly, not only it can cost a lot for you, it can also increase the landfills.


Now you know why a quality mattress is necessary for your sleep. With our tips on how to choose a good mattress, you can make a decision for yourself and choose one that suits your needs as well as lasts you. To know more about mattresses, visit Livpure’s Sleep’s website and shop for the best ones!