Better Sleep

Why is sleep important? Reasons for getting a good night’s rest

Sleeping well is a need. Yes, we are likely to get a  decent night’s rest when our daily schedules are less hectic. In actuality, you most likely have a hectic schedule for the foreseeable future, and vacations very occasionally occur during the year. You deserve to give your body a good night’s sleep every day. It will also be beneficial to your physique. It has been discovered that there are some really important connections between sleep and your health. Cutting costs is simply not an option. In actuality, a shorter lifespan has been associated with a lack of sleep over time. Even if you currently feel fine, years of poor sleep will eventually accumulate, making matters worse due to genetics, poor nutrition & lack of exercise.

Both the quantity and quality of sleep are crucial. According to a scientific study, deep sleep is required for bodily processes to be completed. Ineffective sleep habits include sleeping in and taking cat naps.

What is meant by good sleep? The specific linkages to each person’s overall health will vary depending on the response. For adults, it is ideal to obtain between seven to nine hours of sleep each night, although individual needs may vary. Quality is also important. Your health will suffer if you have trouble falling asleep.

Impact of poor sleep on health

  • UNBALANCED DIET– Poor sleeping habits can frequently have a detrimental impact on your hunger and diet. As eating and drinking in moderation considerably affect your mood and daily functioning, anything that throws off that balance might have more serious negative health impacts.
  • CARDIOVASCULAR DISEASES – Sleep wellness also has a connection to issues with cardiovascular diseases and high blood pressure. Instead of getting the required hours of rest has been linked to a “greatly elevated risk” for heart diseases, which can compromise heart rhythm and be a sign of heart attack or fatalities from heart disease.
  • IMMUNE SYSTEM– Increased levels of inflammation, which can lead to infection have been linked to sleep deprivation, The National Sleep Foundation claims that when we sleep, our body tries to manufacture more cytokines. These are hormones that aid the immune system battle various infections. Poor sleeping habits might compromise the health and strength of our immune system.

Impact of good sleep on health

  • SHARPER BRAIN – When you’re sleep-deprived, you’ll likely have trouble remembering and retaining information. This is so because memory and learning depend heavily on sleep. It is challenging to concentrate and learn new information when you are sleep deprived. Furthermore, there isn’t enough time for your brain to properly store memories for later recall.
  • MOOD– A well-slept person is more likely to be active, energized, and happy enough to seize the day. On the other hand, someone who is short on sleep may feel cranky and restless and experience more negative thoughts.
  • HEALTHIER HEART– When we sleep, our blood pressure decreases, giving our hearts and blood vessels a brief rest. The fewer hours of sleep we receive, the longer our blood pressure increases throughout the 24-hours cycle. High blood pressure can lead to heart problems which include stroke.

Types of mattress for better sleep and good health 

Livpure offers a wide range of mattresses, and different types of foam mattresses, including latex foam mattresses, soft foam mattresses, high resilience foam mattresses, and memory foam mattresses. A king foam mattress should be purchased for your body’s comfort and sleeping demands, not just for the size and space it offers.

To provide customers with the finest sleep possible, Livpure uses the best memory foam technology. It is made of non-toxic, highly sustainable, and environmentally friendly materials. To keep you cool and odor-free while you sleep, memory foam has been infused with cooling gel beads. A livpure memory foam mattress provides the ideal amount of firmness; they are neither too soft nor too firm for you to feel uncomfortable while you sleep on them.

Ortho-X memory foam mattress and the Regal hybrid mattress, which combines latex and memory foam. Both mattresses are appealing in their own ways. The Regal Mattress is suitable for royalty, even if Ortho-X is the finest option for persons with orthopedic issues.

It’s time to switch to an orthopedic mattress if you have problems falling asleep and wake up with neck, shoulder, or back pain. Ortho CurveX is the best orthopedic mattress for back pain if you’re wanting to buy one online. It offers even support for your body and cushions your head, shoulders, and pelvis while preserving your spine. By using an orthopedic mattress while you sleep, back pain problems can be resolved. Select the ideal mattress for back discomfort to get a good night’s rest.

People are looking for efficient sleeping solutions more and more as the value of getting enough sleep becomes more widely recognized, particularly in these times of high stress brought on by the epidemic. Because they are so comfy, offer more support than any other material, and have numerous advantages that other types of mattresses do not, latex mattresses are a unique type of sleeping aid. 

About Livpure

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