coir mattress

Why should You Consider Investing In Coir Mattress

We spend 7-8 hours in our beds every night. This is when your body is restoring and repairing all the cells. You can now imagine how important your bedding should be because you need those hours of uninterrupted sleep. 

Our mattresses play a huge role in providing quality sleep, so you wake up the next day with energy and vitality. However, a poor-quality mattress will leave you groggy and disturbed. You might even get sick in the long run because you will disrupt your circadian rhythm. 

It is the body’s natural internal process that regulates our sleep-wake cycle. Hence, mattresses built to induce sleep and provide back support are necessary for sound sleep. One type that a lot of people swear by is the coir mattress for back pain

Moreover, Indians love the spine bed mattress made of coir because the weather is prone to heat and humidity most of the months.

What is a coir mattress?

The Coir Mattress is made from coconut fibre combined with foam or latex. These mattresses are firm yet comfortable. This is why many people opt for coir mattresses that suffer back pain or recover from any injury.

Coir mattresses are affordable. However, the number of layers and the type of foam used will vary, hence the price. Moreover, if you are new to the concept of coir mattresses, you have to learn a little more about them before spending the money.

Types of coir mattresses

 Coir mattresses are of two types – 

  • Hybrid Coir – These mattresses are made with a coir-foam combination. Manufacturers ensure proper ventilation (not too tight) so you don’t wake up drenched in sweat the next day.
  • Rubberised Coir – These mattresses are developed using a coir and latex combination. It brings great comfort and support.  

There is no difference in their quality. The only choice you have to make is between foam and rubber, based on your preference.

Benefits of Coir Mattress

  • Eco-friendly – The natural fibres from coconut make coir mattresses eco-friendly and sustainable. Further, no toxic chemicals are used to extract the coir. Hence, it’s good for the skin and health.
  • Temperature control –Air circulation is easier because of the mesh in the coir. There is no heat trapped, and it can also absorb the user’s sweat to keep them cool. Hot air can easily flow through the mattress and keep the mattress moisture-free. A coir mattress is your perfect buy if you are a sweaty sleeper.
  • Resistant to Dirt, Dust and Moths – Coconut coir naturally resists dirt and dust. Moreover, it has anti-allergic and anti-bacterial properties. Thus, you can stop worrying about moths, bacteria and other bugs developing on your mattress.
  • Bounce – Don’t we all love the bounce in our mattresses? Regular foam bed mattresses have springs in them. However, coir goes through a two-month curling period, making them slightly springy. This bounce is not synthetic and is good for the body.
  • Affordable – Coir mattresses are budget-friendly because it is a naturally occurring substance. You can find high-quality coir mattresses at decent rates. This makes it an economically viable option for many people.
  • Body support – Coir mattresses are high-quality eco-friendly mattresses that provide back support while sleeping. The foam and coir layer though bouncy keeps the spine in alignment. This helps relieve back pain, especially in older people. 
  • Balanced firmness and softness – Coir mattresses hit the sweet spot between being firm and soft. People love the soft gel foam mattress and, at the same time, benefit from the firmness. 
  • Sleep in any position without pain – Many of us tend to sleep in different positions throughout the night. Are you one of those who sleeps on one side and wakes up on the other? You must have indeed gotten up with a sore body the next day. Forget about your sleeping reflexes with this mattress.

Things to consider to buy a coir mattress?

Different coir mattresses have various features and specifications. Let us focus on every angle before you can invest in the best coir mattress

Analyse level of comfort 

Your sleep quality depends upon your comfort level with the mattress. You have to try and test for yourself. The rubberized coir has been a comfort provider for a long time. 

However, always go for high-quality rubber mattresses. They are made up of coconut fibre and unprocessed rubber. It aids in proper air circulation and keeps the temperature under control. 

You can choose a soft or hard coir mattress based on your choice. Further, the best foldable mattress is the softer one.

Check water-resistant capacity

Be sure to enquire about the water-resistant capacity of the mattress. Coir mattresses usually have high water resistance, just like the natural coconut fibre. It will give you ample time to wipe off any accidental spillage.

Moreover, if you are a new parent who shares the bed with a newborn, this mattress comes as a life-saver. Ensure to buy the best soft plush mattress for the baby’s comfort.

Determine the durability

Coir mattresses are a mix of firmness and softness. This quality ensures the durability of mattresses. Moreover, you should also check for the stitching quality and the cloth material used to produce the mattress. 

If you can see that the coir mattress is firm yet soft, well-stitched and has a cotton cover (or any other high-quality material), you can go for it. Moreover, the firm gel memory foam mattress is more durable.

Pay attention to price

Coir mattresses are made from natural fibres, so they are usually affordable. However, you have to keep an eye out for expensive coir mattresses. You have to check whether the quality of the product conforms to the price of the product.

If you want to go for the highest quality foam or rubber, that may add up to the final cost price. For e.g., a king-size mattress price will be more compared to a best price single bed mattress.

Bottom Line

The quality of sleep matters more than the amount of sleep. Some people sleep for just 6 hours and yet are fresh as the morning sun. Some feel lethargic throughout the day despite completing their sleep quota. 

One of the main reasons is the lack of quality bedding. The best part about coir mattresses is that they are eco-friendly and solve many people’s most significant pain point – back pain. You can choose from single soft memory foam mattress to a queen-size bed mattress.

Moreover, the comfort and support it provides in incomparable in terms of budget. Get the best coir mattress for back pain today!