Everyone Wants A Mattress, We Give Them The Perfect One, Body Stretches

You Can Do These Body Stretches On Your Mattress

If you are a morning person, jumping out of bed to go to the gym could seem like the worst idea, especially on a cosy Saturday morning.

Working out keeps our body toned and helps us get healthy over time. But do you wish to work out without getting out of bed to tone and tighten your shoulders and abs? What would you do if you could work out in bed?

Here we have compiled a list of workouts you can do from the comfort of your bed. You can finish these super easy workouts before you brew your morning coffee. The magic glow is they don’t demand any gear or garments.

Benefits of body toning on bed

A majority of bed mattress(es) offers a slightly unstable surface unless they are made of concrete. Exercises in bed can help develop minor stabilizing muscles while working out big prime movers. This is similar to using an exercise ball or foam pad.

Unstable surfaces can help you develop your core strength, gain better balance, and tone your glutes and abdomen.

Let’s look at these super quick and simple bed workouts for a smoking body and toned muscles.

1. Complete body stretch

Reach your arms upwards, clench your fingers, turn your palms out toward the back wall, and push your hands away from you.

Keep your legs straight, and try to touch your toes with your fingers. As you exhale, release the stretch from the fullest extended posture after five counts. This goes for three rounds.

According to Ragan, “this relaxes tension across the entire body, which tends to build up during sleep.

A firm latex mattress (es) is the ideal surface for such workouts. The perimeter of this sort makes it easier for the body to lie straight, making it the best mattress for back pain.

2. The spinal twist

Wrap your arms securely around the shins, bending both knees into the chest. When you let go of your arms, make sure both your knees drop to your left. 

Turn your face to the other side of your bent legs and raise your arms into something like a T-position. Cross the right knee across the left thigh. This will enhance the stretch.

Feel your spine stretch and twist while holding this position for at least 30 seconds. You could even hear a few “cracks.”

Lift your knees back to the middle and twist to the opposite side using your abs as support. It would be best if you carried out this special workout t three times.

If possible, do this on a king bed size. As a result, you won’t have to strain to squeeze your legs inside the bed’s lengths and may stretch your body out comfortably.

3. Blend of bed and floor

Swivel your feet over the bed’s edge to ensure they are on the ground. Keep your legs bent, round your back over your knees, and slouch your head and arms to the floor. Hold with your hands and arms dangling to the ground for five breaths.

“This aids in extending the back and helps you awaken due to a fresh flow of oxygen reaching the brain,” explains Randi Ragan, a fitness instructor and author of “A Year of Living Mindfully: Seasonal Practices to Nourish Body, Mind, and Spirit.”

These booster body stretches can be done best on an orthopedic mattress, giving firm support to the hip region while correcting your spine for eight long hours of sleep. The single bed mattress can aid you in this exercise because it doesn’t require an enormous room.

4. The happy baby stretch

Bend your left knee while on your back and grasp the left foot with both hands. While maintaining a relaxed body and head, slowly move one leg toward the bed. For 30 seconds, hold this posture. Repeat the process on the opposite side.

This simple yet soothing exercise might remind you of a baby’s play position.  It is best for the back and spine, and the thigh and hip muscles experience strain. This tones and firms the muscles in your legs, thus making you healthier.  

This workout requires bed space, a little too much of it. Therefore, choosing a super king size bed would serve the purpose. The erect position and breathable bed space will aid in correcting the posture. The same is not possible in the case of short-height mattresses.

Are you worried about “Where can I find the best mattress shop near me“? Well, we have the best solution for you. You can buy such a mattress online now. Head to the Livpure website and get the best mattress delivered to your doorstep.

5. Become a ‘4’

Make the form of a ‘four’ by crossing your big toe over your left knee. Keep your left heel on your mattress or clutch it close to your chest as you slowly bend your left knee up toward the ceiling.

Try to hold this position, keeping your right leg bent out to the right. Hold for five full breaths before switching sides. According to studies, this stretch aids in lubricating the femoral, hip, and gluteal joints.

The ideal bed size for this exercise is neither too confined nor too roomy. A double bed mattress may help you in this exercise. 

Choose a Latex mattress or, better, an orthopedic latex mattress from the Livpure collection. Such a mattress will aid you in finer sleep and healthier life. Also, it is the ideal mattress for back pain.

6. Be the butterfly

Kneel on your back, feet together, and knees spread wide (imagine butterfly wings). Put your hands firmly into the mattress while keeping your arms by your sides. Place the feet on the mattress, raise the hips, and keep the knees in a wide stance. 

Drive your hips up once more as you crouch down but stop before your butt meets the bed. Target 20–30 repetitions.

Any bed size can help you perform this beautiful butterfly exercise. This will not only tone your thighs but also enhance your butts. The list of boons goes further as they carve the packs on your beautiful abs. 

Ideal mattress type, however, is a must in this case. Prefer getting a firm mattress. You can look for a Livpure mattress. The extensive collection of brands stocks the best orthopedic mattresses. These mattresses are ideal for such exercises, and also, they aid in postural corrections too.

Zipping up

Many trainers and fitness professionals would scorn the thought of you exercising on your mattress. However, our list, curated under expert recommendations and insights, will assist you in getting warmed up while curled up in bed. 

Above mentioned are a few bedxercises (bed + exercises) we recommend you do in your jammies to increase blood flow, stretch out a bit and tone your muscles.

When stretching muscles that haven’t been warmed up, remember to be careful and not push yourself too hard to avoid injuries. Wait no longer and start working while flumping your bed; we’re looking to get that hot shot body back in shape.