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Your Sleeping Position Says a Lot about You as a Person 

It’s that time of the day (or night) when you ritualistically follow your bedtime routine, unwind, and snuggle inside your cosy bed. As you curl up on your mattress, you make no conscious choices. 

Sleeping positions are ingrained into everyone. There are all kinds of sleepers – back, side, and those who prefer to sleep on their stomachs. However, did you know that your sleeping position speaks volumes about your health and even about you as a person? 

Keep reading to gain insights on it. 

1. The Freefaller Sleeping Position 

Some people tend to sleep on their stomachs, even on a semi-firm foam mattress, with their hands spread wide over their heads and their heads turned to one side. This position is even known as the skydiver sleeping position. 

It is believed that freefalls cannot handle criticism well and tend to be loud and outspoken. From a health perspective, sleeping on the stomach may benefit people suffering from chronic snoring and sleep apnea, but this position does put unnecessary stress on the abdomen and neck. 

This stress can easily throw the spine off its natural alignment. Hence, the best mattress for stomach sleeper would not be a super-soft one. They should choose a sleeping bed that ranks higher on the firmness meter. 

2. The Fetal Sleeping Position 

This sleeping position is much more common among women than men. A type of side-sleeping position, the fetal involves pulling up the knees toward one’s chest, hands tucked in between the legs, all curled up like a baby in their mother’s womb. 

People who tend to sleep frequently in this position are considered to be sensitive at heart. They may come across as introverted and shy. This position is also not a recommended one from a health viewpoint. 

Given the spine’s natural curvature, the fetal position may put intense strain on the neck and back, causing extreme discomfort. Moreover, this position also restricts the diaphragm and may obstruct breathing. The matter is not about using a firm memory foam mattress or a super-soft, bouncy spring bed. 

This position can be made more comfortable by keeping the posture loose and relaxed, with the legs fairly extended. 

3. The Yearner Sleeping Position 

This sleeping position is also one of sleeping on the side. More common among Baby Boomers, this position involves lying down on your side with both arms outstretched before you and the legs extended and relaxed. 

People who usually sleep in the yearner position are complex and open-minded. They are also very decisive but not in the stereotypical sense. Their decision-making process may take time, but the outcome is always resolute. 

The side-sleeping position, in general (one that is more relaxed and outstretched), is recommended by health experts. This is mainly because it is believed that this position improves digestion and offers respite from chronic snoring. 

Even so, right-side sleeping is not recommended. Despite the best-quality mattress, this position puts unnecessary strain on the digestive system. One may face complications such as acid reflux. But left-side sleeping protects against concerns like heartburn. 

In any case, the best mattress for side sleeper is one made of memory foam as it allows them to easily switch between positions without putting too much strain on the spine and neck. 

4. The Log Sleeping Position 

Another rare side-sleeping position, this may also be a little uncomfortable. The log sleeping position involves lying down on the side (fairly relaxed) with both arms stretched straight down. People who naturally sleep in this position are considered to be happy-go-lucky individuals who are trusting of others. 

From the health viewpoint, this sleeping position does get thumbs up from the experts. The log position is said to minimize chronic snoring and is good at naturally aligning the spine. If you tend to sleep in this position and are looking for a suitable sleep bed, opt for the best foam mattress

Nonetheless, you can also choose a plush mattress, as this should be adequate to offer you the back support you need. But if you already suffer from some spinal issue, stick to a firm bed. 

5. The Soldier Sleeping Position 

This is another not-so-popular sleeping position that involves lying on the back with arms outstretched toward each side. This is also the sleeping position in which most people start out but later end up switching to side-sleeping or other positions. 

People who usually sleep in this position come across as reserved and quiet. They are also those who hold themselves and others to high standards. Infants are often put to sleep in this position, but it may not be recommended for adults. 

This is especially true of people suffering from a serious medical condition called sleep apnea which leads to breathing difficulties. Lying on your mattress on the back can make breathing more difficult. Not only that, but this position may be bad for your spine even if you sleep on a back pain mattress

6. The Starfish Sleeping Position 

This sleeping position is much more common among men than women. It mainly involves sleeping on the back with arms stretched upward on the pillow. People who usually sleep this way are considered to be selfless and giving. They always offer a helping hand and a listening ear whenever possible. 

However, being a back-sleeping position, starfish is also not recommended for people with sleep apnoea and chronic back issues. The best mattress for starfish sleepers would again be one made of memory foam. 

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