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How to Fix a Lumpy Pillow Top Mattress?

Every time your head hits the pillow, it’s natural to want to wake up well-rested. After all, you purchased your luxury pillow top mattress to always enjoy a soft, “pillowy” feel throughout the night. However, reality can be grimly different at times. 

You may suddenly discover that the mattress is not as comfortable as it used to feel. It has developed lumps that not only affect your sleeping patterns but also serve severe back aches. This can be the case even with the best pillow top mattress to buy in the market, especially after years of usage. 

Just like any other fixture, a mattress also experiences wear and tear over time. It may sag to one side, develop a massive hump in the middle, or become lumpy. Though severe issues indicate that it’s time to replace the mattress, you can easily fix milder cases can. This article will discuss how. 

Common Causes for Lumpy and Saggy Mattresses

Let’s delve deeper to understand what exactly causes mattresses to become humpy, lumpy, and saggy. 

1. Sleeping Positions 

Whether yours is a single pillow top mattress on which you sleep all by yourself or one of the best king-size pillow top mattresses cozy enough for a family of four, the balance and shape will change over time. Given below are ways sleeping positions affect mattress shape –

  • You tend to spend most of your sleeping time on one side of the mattress, which could either be right or left.
  • In the case of a partner, it is likely that you cuddle or spoon, which again causes one point of the soft pillow top mattress to sink. 
  • Finally, if fur babies accompany you on your bedding, the point where they frequently sleep is likely to sink too. 

The mattress lumps or sagging will mainly occur in areas where your hips and shoulders lie (because of heavier body weight). 

2. Inadequate Support 

Mattress lumps or sagging are also possible due to inadequate support from the bed itself or the box springs. Even the best soft pillow top mattress succumbs to weak support, especially the queen and king-size variants that rely heavily on the support underneath. 

If you notice mattress lumps, ensure you check the box springs and bed frame strength. On discovering any wear-and-tear, get the bed repaired to avoid unnecessary strain on the mattress. 

3. Natural Wear-and-Tear 

Top mattresses for back pain are made of memory foam and a gel layer that offer proper body support, keep you cool through the night, and do not easily succumb to sleeping-based pressure. 

However, time alone is the victor because even the best gel top mattress, spring mattress or any other kind will yield to it. For instance – The gel layer will begin to soften, and the spring’s firmness will diminish. 

Hence, prolonged use (over 15 years) can lead to issues like mattress lumps and sagging. 

Ways to Fix a Lumpy Pillow Top Mattress 

Now that you know the different causes behind a lumpy pillow top mattress, let’s discuss ways to fix minor issues. 

The Beatdown 

The best pillow top mattresses in 2020, 2021, and even 2022 are available with either a removable pillow layer or an affixed one. In the case of the former, take the pillow layer out of the zipper pocket, hang it on a clothesline and beat it using a clean broom. 

If the pillow layer is affixed, allow the mattress to lie on the bed, remove all bedding, and beat it down using a broom. A good beating can straighten out the lumps and humps. 

Roll, Roll, and Roll 

If the former practice did not work, the rolling pin tactic should. You need to lie down on the soft pillow top mattress and roll yourself from top to bottom (with the bedding on). 

Just like a rolling pin straightens lumps in the dough, this trick can help remove lumps from the mattress. At least 10 minutes of rolling may be needed to get the mattress’ natural fibers back to their place. 

If you have children around the house, this is a fun project they would love to try. 


Unlike the top mattresses 2021 for back pain (made of memory foam and gel) that can be flipped, a pillow top mattress cannot. Instead, you can rotate the mattress from time to time to preserve its natural shape and balance. 

Once every couple of months (whether or not you discover lumps), let the side of the mattress that lay at the foot of the bed become the side that lies at the head and vice-versa. 

Wash and Fluff (with Exceptions) 

If your pillow top mattress includes a removable pad that is machine washable, you can apply yet another trick to get rid of lumps. First, wash the pad according to the manufacturer’s care instructions. 

Then, place it in the dryer along with a couple of tennis balls. This helps the pad to fluff up and removes all lumps. 

Once out of the dryer, hang the pad on a clothesline for air drying. While at it, you can either beat the pad using a broom or smooth it out with your bare hands. 

When All is Said and Done 

Perhaps you’ve tried all the above-mentioned tips, changing sleeping positions and adding necessary support under the mattress to straighten out the lumps, but nothing worked. 

This implies that the mattress is beyond recovery now, and you will need to replace it. Though such cases are rare and only happen when the mattress is too old, don’t leave the mattress neglected, as sleeping on one with lumps can severely affect your sleep and cause body aches. 

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