Livpure launches Travel Neck Pillow

Livpure launches Travel Neck Pillow

Have you ever thought how uncomfortable it is to sit throughout your journey when you travel by airplane, car, bus, or a seater train? But you always think about this a tad too late. When you are traveling, it is very important to ensure that you are going to be comfortable throughout. Traveling by air is considered one of the most uncomfortable travel experiences, especially if you are on an economy seat on a budget airline. The seats are close to each other, and there’s almost no place to move. Traveling in a car or a train is no different than an airplane. However, there are certain things you can do to make your travel comfortable, like wearing comfortable and airy clothes and carrying a travel neck pillow for comfortable neck support.

Having said that, due to the current situation, we are not getting to do a lot of traveling. A travel neck pillow or a neck pillow has many advantages while being used at home as well.

Here are some of the advantages of buying a travel neck pillow. 

Travel neck pillow : your favorite companion

Horseshoe or U shaped pillows are mainly designed for use in a vehicle to help support the head and neck while you are traveling. These pillows are supportive and can make traveling easier on your neck and shoulders. These travel pillows can also be used at home for reading, watching TV, or reclining. Not just for travel or sitting, many of these pillows can be used laying down on your back, relieving the pressure from your neck in certain positions. They usually consist of lobes around a half-circle and they are used with the lobes facing down around your shoulders, however, you can experiment with the lobes facing up to find the perfect support while you sleep.

Best ergonomic support- your WFH buddy

With work from home these days due to the pandemic, we are having to sit and work all day long at home. Most of our homes are not suitable for working. Maybe we have a desk or we sit on the bed to work, but any which way, our back, and neck always take the burnt of the hectic schedules. The neck pillow can give you support while you are sitting on the bed or your dining table chair. With a neck pillow, you can also invest in a back pillow made for sitting as well. Together, they will reduce a lot of muscle stress while sitting in uncomfortable settings at home. Find both these pillows only on Livpure Sleep’s website. 

Mimics your Normal Pillow

Travel neck pillows are made from supportive memory foam. Memory foam adjusts to the shape of the neck. The memory foam will adapt to any movement you make. Livpure travel neck pillow is not only made from the best memory foam but is also moisture-wicking and thermally resistant. It will keep you cool throughout your journey. 

Prevents stiff neck and fatigue

You may have been in a situation many times where you wanted to turn in your seat, but couldn’t because of lack of space. The Livpure Travel neck Pillow has a comfortable all-around memory collar. Now with this, you don’t have to turn. You can just rest your face on either of the side supports and you are all set for good sleep without any strain on your neck. The U shaped pillow is the best support you can get while traveling. 

Easy to maintain and durable

Livpure travel neck pillow can be cleaned easily. The removable Kooltex cover on the neck support is washable for easy maintenance.  It eliminates the risk of germs and improves the life of the travel pillow. The inner Lycra cover gives it a premium feel. 

Travel neck pillow reduces sleep apnea and snoring

A memory foam travel pillow keeps the neck straight when you are sitting. It means, your airways are not obstructed in any way, preventing sleep apnea and snoring. If you have ever woken up due to someone snoring on a bus or an airplane, you will appreciate this benefit.

Size matters

Size definitely matters when you travel, because you want to fit as many things in a small space as possible. One major benefit of the Livpure travel neck pillow is that it is of a very travel-friendly size. This means you can pack them up to the size of a small tiny purse or even hang them outside your carry-on luggage. Keep it accessible for your needs all the time. Size also matters when it comes to your comfort and getting the most from your U shaped pillow en route.

Make sure that the contours fit your body perfectly, with little to no space between you and them. It should hold and support you in the seat of a plane from take-off to landing. Since that seat is probably well worn from frequent use, you need that extra material to keep you comfortable. The Livpure travel neck pillow comes in an excellent and ergonomic size, which gives a snug fit for all adults. Enjoy the perfect balance of softness and support for your neck with the travel pillow.


We hope to have you convinced to buy a travel neck pillow with all the great advantages we just mentioned. It is a great travel companion and can be used when you are at home for ergonomic support. During these times, your travel neck pillow is also going to be your best friend at home, by giving you neck support while you sit and work on your bed mattress or your uncomfortable dining chair. It is just a good investment to make. So, what are you waiting for!