What is the difference between gel memory foam pillow and memory foam pillow

You may always come across statements that claim that your mattress is the sole culprit behind your early morning neck and shoulder pains but that’s not absolutely true. While your mattress does play an important role in determining the quality of your sleep quality, your other sleep partners such as your pillow, quilt, room temperature, bedsheets, etc. also play an equally important role. Therefore, blaming the mattress will not solve the purpose, to get a night of better sleep you must dig deeper into the problem. In this article, we’ll discuss how a good pillow must be selected. We will further discuss the difference between a gel memory foam pillow and a memory foam pillow.

What is a memory foam pillow?

A pillow made up of polyurethane material which tends to use your body heat to take the shape of the sleeper is known as a memory foam pillow. These are further divided into two types: traditional memory foam and open-cell memory foam pillows.

While a traditional memory foam pillow is made up of polyurethane by-products, the material tends to trap heat and doesn’t let it escape therefore, making it difficult to sleep during summer, on the other hand, the open cell memory foam pillow has open cell which lets the heat to escape thereby making it cooler than the traditional memory foam pillow. 

What is a gel memory foam pillow?

A gel memory foam pillow is more or less like a memory foam pillow but has an additional layer of gel pods over the foam layer to make it more comfortable for the customers. These gel pods make the pillow extremely comfy and provide extra support to your neck and shoulders thereby avoiding any discomfort while sleeping. The further use of these pods made up of gel is to ensure that the pillow is ultra-bouncy and provides a cushion-like experience to the customers.

What are the similarities between a memory foam pillow and a gel memory foam pillow?

Here are some common similarities between a memory foam pillow and a gel memory foam pillow:

  • Provide support to the Head and Neck: Both these pillows are an upgraded version of a particular foam pillow that provides support initially but loses its shape after a few days. However, this is not the case with either of the pillows, be it gel based or not, they both will provide support to your neck and shoulders and will retain their shape even after years of use. These pillows are super comfortable. 
  • Pain relievers:  While a normal foam pillow may become the cause of several joint pains in your body, a memory foam pillow and a gel memory foam pillow will always be the savior. They will prevent any pain by providing adequate support to your neck and further ensure that your body posture while sleeping is maintained.
  • Durable: Both of the above-mentioned pillows are durable and super easy to clean. They will not lose their original shape when cleaned. Also, both pillows will last longer than any normal pillow.

What are the differences between a memory foam pillow and a gel memory foam pillow?

Here are some notable differences between a memory foam pillow and a gel memory foam pillow:

  • The temperature of the pillow: While gel-based foam pillows are cooler in nature, normal memory foam pillows have a bit of a hot temperature. This is because the memory foam pillows trap heat in them and don’t have open pores to allow the heat to escape. On the contrary gel memory foam pillows have gel pads which makes them a bit cooler and they also have open clogs which allow the heat to escape easily.
  • Bounce in the pillow: There are second thoughts about the fact that gel memory foam pillows are more bouncy than memory foam pillows, as they have a layer of gel pods in them. These pillows bounce back to their original shape faster. The memory foam pillows, on the contrary, take longer to bounce back to their original shape and are less bouncy in nature.
  • Price of the pillows: Since gel memory foam pillows have an additional layer of gel foam and provide more comfort to the buyers, these pillows are costlier than memory foam pillows. This doesn’t mean that the prices of a gel memory foam pillow are extravagant. The prices are exactly proportional to the comfort and other features that the pillows have.

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